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The Slut Who Got Ugly and Sad: The Manosphere’s favorite fairy tale

Manosphere dudes want every story to end like this.
Manosphere dudes want every story to end like this.

Gather ‘round the fire for yet another retelling of what may be the Manosphere’s favorite fairy tale. You know, the one about the evil ladies who have lots of sex with “bad boys” in their early twenties, only to panic a few years later and desperately try to attach themselves to hardworking beta schlubs once they realize that their looks are fading. You know, like that lady riding the rooster that alternates with the mammoth in the Man Boobz header graphic.

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Women created the patriarchy in order to enslave men, and other news from Upside-down-and-backwards land

Women: Constanly plotting to enslave men with their tears.
Women: Constantly plotting to enslave men with their phony tears.

Today, some Deep Thoughts about men, women, children, empathy, mini-vans, and patriarchy, from the inimitable Men’s Rights activist and proud misogynist Rob Fedders, whom I found being quoted with approval and even some relish by MGTOWer elder MarkyMark on his little blog today.

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We’ve Reached a New Low in Misogynistic Self-Righteousness

The kitties are not impressed with your argument, Mr. Anonymous
The kitties are not impressed with your argument, Mr. Anonymous

So our excitable old friend MarkyMark (not the actor-singer) just put up a not-very-original rant of the “women are worse than Hitler because of abortion” variety. More interesting than his post — which is frankly not very interesting — is this comment from an anonymous fellow that takes misogynistic self-righteousness to a whole new (low) level:

This is one of the reasons that I use women for my convenience. They can kill with impunity – nothing I do to them comes close to that level of evil. So they are for my pleasure, then I ditch them although I do come back sometimes. (They aren’t very bright which is what makes it workable.)

Yep: He’s not just a self-righteous prick; he’s self-righteous about being a prick.

I can only hope his own “evil” is mostly of the “slept with a woman and didn’t call her back” sort — or is just imaginary internet boasting —  because his “logic” could pretty much justify anything short of violent murder.


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MarkyMark: “How blatantly MATRIARCHAL TV has gotten.”

Our dear old friend MarkyMark (not the actor/singer)  is back with more of his unique perspective on contemporary popular culture, which has apparently gotten way too friendly to the ladies. Here’s Marky:

[H]ow blatantly MATRIARCHAL TV has gotten.  I was watching the NASCAR race at Loudon, NH today … when the predictable commercials and TV show promos came on.  There was one show being promoted that, as far as I could tell, had all FEMALE characters; they were all women!  There were no main, male characters I could see in the promo.  The show was called Political Animals, and it’s on the USA Network.

Here’s an official promo picture for Political Animals.

I think Marky may need to get new glasses.

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Empirical & Prima Facie Evidence That MarkyMark the MGTOWer is a Nitwit

Christina Ricci was cursed to be in this thoroughly mediocre werewolf movie.

Empirical means “derived from or guided by experience or experiment.” Prima Facie, in legal terms, means something that is self-evident.

So I was intrigued when Man Boobz Man Boob All-Star MarkyMark recently promised, in the headline to one of his blog posts, to present “Empirical & Prima Facie Evidence Women Should NOT Vote.”  I’m game, MarkyMark. Where exactly do you find the empirical evidence for this evidently self-evident proposition?

In a vast collection of empirical observations called “The Bible.” Specifically, the book of Genesis (not the one with Phil Collins in it).

If you remember Genesis 3 in the Bible, you’ll remember that God gave men & women their respective curses after The Fall. For men, it was to “labor by the sweat of their brow all the days of their lives”; IOW, men were cursed with work. Women were cursed “with pain in childbearing.”

So far this empirical evidence is pretty powerful. MarkyMark continues:

Now, what feminism sought to do was, in ADDITION to having their own curse, was secure for women the curse of men too. And women FELL for it-real smart, Ladies! Not only did you swallow the feminist bullshit hook, line, and sinker; it looks like you ate the rod, reel, and line to boot! Only women could do something so foolish, idiotic, and STUPID.

And now he comes to the nub of his argument:

Though many arguments could be made against women’s suffrage, though many arguments could be made against giving women the right to vote, this situation right here provides both empirical and prima facie evidence that women are NOT smart enough to vote; they do not have the mental wherewithal to vote. I mean, come on! How stupid do you have to be to DOUBLE your cursings from God? …

Seriously, men do NOT go around seeking to add to their curses in life. Have you ever seen men CLAMORING to experience child birth, and all the pain that goes along with it?! No, you have not. …

In closing, though many arguments could be made against women’s suffrage, we don’t need many arguments; we only need one: women, not men, chose to DOUBLE their divine curse; women, not men sought to ADD to whatever pain child birth brought into their lives; finally, women did this eagerly, accepting men’s divine curse with gusto as they STAMPEDED into the world of work. That alone shows us that women cannot think causally, linearly, logically, or for the good of others. Therefore, women should not be allowed to vote-end of story.

After all this talk of divine curses, I thought I would share with you a Divine blessing. Here’s Divine, with her 1983 club hit “Love Reaction.” I think they call her Divine because she sings like an angel. And yeah, the song does sound an eensy teensy little bit like “Blue Monday” by New Order. Her producer was sort of known for completely ripping off other people’s songs.

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