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We’ve Reached a New Low in Misogynistic Self-Righteousness

The kitties are not impressed with your argument, Mr. Anonymous
The kitties are not impressed with your argument, Mr. Anonymous

So our excitable old friend MarkyMark (not the actor-singer) just put up a not-very-original rant of the “women are worse than Hitler because of abortion” variety. More interesting than his post — which is frankly not very interesting — is this comment from an anonymous fellow that takes misogynistic self-righteousness to a whole new (low) level:

This is one of the reasons that I use women for my convenience. They can kill with impunity – nothing I do to them comes close to that level of evil. So they are for my pleasure, then I ditch them although I do come back sometimes. (They aren’t very bright which is what makes it workable.)

Yep: He’s not just a self-righteous prick; he’s self-righteous about being a prick.

I can only hope his own “evil” is mostly of the “slept with a woman and didn’t call her back” sort — or is just imaginary internet boasting —  because his “logic” could pretty much justify anything short of violent murder.


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Suz: 99 innocent men to 1 rapist? Really? So the fact that false reports of rape occur about as often as false reports of any crime (around 2-5% if I recall correctly) means that 99% of all rape accusations are both false and deemed true. Dat math. Mind blown, Sudsy, mind blown.

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