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Meet the Joe Biden Golf Truthers

Dead Man Golfing?

During the 2016 campaign, you may recall, the right-wing disinfo squad was trying its best to convince the electorate that Hillary Clinton was not a well woman — indeed, that she was in such ill-health she could keel over at any moment.

Well, long story short, but she didn’t, and she hasn’t since then.

Five years later, some on the right are trying to do the same thing with Joe Biden, suggesting that he’s so old and so decrepit that he’s unfit for office. A month ago, Biden stumbled several times while climbing up the stairs to Air Force One, and they haven’t shut up about it since then.

Now they’re trying to use Biden’s first golf outing as president as proof that the administration is trying to hide the truth about his allegedly frail condition.

He didn’t fall down on the course or anything like that, so the newly hatched Joe Biden Golf Truthers are claiming there’s something fishy about the photo that Politico used to illustrate their story on the president’s golfing trip.

Sophie O’Hara of took aim at Biden’s “Golf Game” — she put the words in scare quotes — in a post on Friday.

Here we go again with the “Biden Tricks” from the media…it’s a never-ending propaganda show.

This time the media is using Joe’s so-called golf game today to create the illusion that Joe is a strong, agile leader, who is healthy and fit, just out for a golf game like a sprite young man.

Sprite? I think you mean “spry.”

Does anyone believe this nonsense?

Just yesterday he was too “sick” to come down and greet the Prime Minister of Japan, but now suddenly he’s Tiger Woods?

Uh, maybe update your cultural references a little? Tiger Woods is currently recovering from a car crash that really fucked up one of his legs.

Anyway, her proof that Biden’s “Golf Game” deserves scare quotes: Politico used an old file photo of Biden golfing to illustrate its article.

And here’s the kicker….Some in the media are dutifully printing their stories about Biden’s big “golf game,” but they’re using a photo of him golfing from 2016.


I’ll match your “what” with one of my own, because I have no idea how this is proof of anything nefarious — or really anything at all.

Check out this Politico piece. Look at that sprite man, …

Uh, again, the word is “spry.” He’s not an elf or fairy.

Look at that sprite man, taking that tough swing on a hill, just steps from the water…what an athlete, right?


The picture is 5 years old and Joe as declined quite a lot in 5 years.

It’s just a goddamn file photo.

A lot of people were wondering what was going on.

Just another day in the “Biden Show.”

Her proof that “a lot of people” were wondering about this? A handful of Tweets, including one from a Twitter influencer called CatTurd. As well as this “just asking questions” Tweet from another anonymous Twitterer.

O’Hara asked her own questions:

So, if Joe was really out there on the course “golfing” why did Politico use a sprite, active-looking photo from 2016?


They couldn’t find the actual photos of Joe golding? They’re out there. I found one…and it’s much less flattering than the one Politico used.

Here’s the pic she found of Joe, er, “golding.”

Here’s the one Politico used, which they noted was from 2016.

I dunno, they both just look like generic pictures of some old dude playing golf. Joe seems to have put on a few pounds since 2016 but, come on, who hasn’t?

I think we all know why Politico used the more active/young photo.

Because that’s what the handlers want us to believe Joe is.

Ignore your eyes and ears, and just believe the handlers when they tell you that Joe is strong, fit, smart, and a great leader.

And if they need a few 5-year-old photos to sell that story to a low-info public, so be it.

What a sham.

I don’t know. It seems to me that someone using a smear tactic from five years ago shouldn’t really be complaining about five-year-old photos..

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21 replies on “Meet the Joe Biden Golf Truthers”

Ah, yes: CatTurd. Fitting screen name; I have sifted better arguments—and better character—than that individual displays out of litter boxes.

Also, I’m pretty sure that playing golf isn’t actually an indicator of spryness or lack thereof. The one of my grandfathers who regularly played golf had a physique similar to that of Drumpf. The one who didn’t looked like Biden – he played tennis and definitely looked better in his tennis whites than a certain former usurper of of the presidency.

This time the media is using Joe’s so-called golf game today to create the illusion that Joe is a strong, agile leader, who is healthy and fit, just out for a golf game like a sprite young man.

Yes. Because when I think of golfing, I think of young, fit dudes only. It’s definitely not something old men would or could do. You won’t find retired old men congregating on any given golf course on any given sunny day. No way.

At least they believe he’s alive. I’ve seen conspiracy theories where he, Obama, Hillary, and a bunch of other prominent liberals are dead and have been replaced by actors. Or clones. Or robots. Because the eeeevil globalist overlords couldn’t be bothered to find new puppets, I guess?

Also, we have a long list of presidents who were old and not in the best of shape. Including the last guy. Why is this suddenly a problem?

For the last question : I hasn’t, and actually lost ~5kgs. (changing habits does that to me quite often).

That being said, just the stress of being a president would probably get me to gain weight.


I’ve seen conspiracy theories where he, Obama, Hillary, and a bunch of other prominent liberals are dead and have been replaced by actors. Or clones. Or robots.

Or pixies, brownies, or leprechauns.

Wait, you mean it’s the actors who are gobbling down all that adrenachrome from babbies? Not Hillary, Obama or Tom Hanks (has he been replaced by a different actor? Qinception!)?

Is golfing a pursuit all US presidents have happened to like or is it just something they are expected to do over there? As long as I can remember presidential golfing has been a thing you see in the news.

I think I can get on board with a conspiracy theory of a secretive and elite band of sprites leading humanity to destruction so the fae folk can reclaim the earth. And for some reason Biden does speak to me more as a mischievous pixie than old wise wizard. Donald of course was just a malevolent ogre.

Maybe it’s just that nobody could be bothered to spend the whole day trying to get a photo of Biden golfing when they had one ready in the archives. The president’s current golf form is hardly the most pressing issue, anyway.

Not about Biden directly, but related:. There’s a YouTuber, Penguin 6, who lives in DC. He films his walks around the Capitol area. He takes requests from his viewers – film such-and-such.

I had a peek at his commenters…what a bunch of Q-Cumbers. Talk about grasping at straws. I don’t know how many really believe these bizarre conspiracies, or are just trolling, but my god.

Some of them seem to believe that Biden’s media appearances are filmed at a studio in California. Oh, and that’s not really Biden, but an actor. Others are asking about the steam coming up from the street – I guess they don’t know about the Metro, and they believe these are the tunnels where the trafficked kids are kept.

US politics is all about trivialities and emotional signifiers because there hasn’t been a significant policy initiative here since the Civil Rights Act, so there’s really nothing else to talk about.

@lollypop Taking up golf is essentially a requirement to go past a certain level in our political class. It’s because golfing is the venue for a huge percentage of the informal dealing and networking used to build soft power.

So wait: when Obama played golf, that was proof he wasn’t doing his job and was unfit to be president. When Biden allegedly doesn’t play golf, that’s also somehow proof that he isn’t fit to be president. And of course when Trump played golf it was good.

They’re not even trying to approximate consistency.

Donald of course was just a malevolent ogre.

With an army of redcaps at his command.

Moggie said

The repeated use of “sprite” just makes me think of lo-res graphics.

It makes me think that the author might also believe that the President consumes too many carbonated lemon-lime drinks?

As I recall, Jeff Sessions (former Senator and, briefly, AG) was obviously a Keebler elf. Perhaps the fae folk have been the ones fomenting division all along, to hasten humanity’s downfall.

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