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New Year’s Eve/Day Open Thread: It’s 2016 Already Updated Edition

Hanging out in the champagne room
Hanging out in the champagne room

Have some eggnog and hang out for a while.

Here’s to a new year better than this one!

No MRAs/trolls/etc.

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Minecraft is fun. 🙂

You’re definitely not into football/soccer games, right? I know its a long shot but I’m desperate to be playing those games with a human person who won’t cheat. :p

Text chat or voice chat? I have skype and viber which could work for both text and voice depending on your preference.

@dhag: I hear you. I’ve realized that most of what I do, which isn’t much, I do pretty much alone.

I do like to play with my cats. I call myself Roscoe’s “Personal Trainer”, because he’s been putting on weight, and I’m trying to get him to move a little more 🙂

You have arthritis? I think I do, too, or at least some age-related loss of joint flexibility. My joints sometimes make popping or cracking noises, and it’s been happening more and more.

BTW, your English is excellent. It’s probably better than mine!

We’ve had no snow here in PA where I live, yet. Soon, soon, I hope!

From what I remember from kirbywarp’s server, Lanariel absolutely wins at Minecraft.

I should look into getting a Mammoth server set up. That was fun while it lasted.


I can also remember Lanariel from kirby’s server. I’ve been meaning to ask what happened with that. I only played twice there, for various reasons. Learning the mods was too big of a project at that moment, and I was having problems with frame rate. It was fun though!

I usually play on a tiny server with a group of just 6 or 7 people, mostly vanilla. It’s difficult with Minecraft – there’s always some project you could be sinking ridiculous amounts of time into, and I often feel bad that I don’t go on my current server often enough when work and studies keep me busy. The idea of adding another regular server seems like it might be a bad idea considering my already terrible time management skills. But I would definitely enjoy it. :p

The idea of adding another regular server seems like it might be a bad idea considering my already terrible time management skills. But I would definitely enjoy it. :p

You and me both.

By the way, while I’m not a sports-game player by and large, if you happen to be a fan of Blood Bowl then I might be persuaded to join you…


Thank you! I got a 117/120 TOEFL score a few years ago. Taking that test is a very strange and stressful experience where you in some cases need to give oral answers to a computer while 40 other test takers are also talking to their computers in the same room. Confusing!

As for arthritis, I don’t actually think popping joints is a symtom. In my case it’s excruciating pain, many wasted hours/day waiting for some sort of mobility to come back, knees, feet, achilles tendons and toes making it difficult to walk (especially stairs) and stand, permanent swelling, deformed fingers, etc. I had a decade of these issues before I finally got proper treatment last spring, and now things are much much better. Although a few of the fingers are beyond repair, most of it is reversible. Now I just have to go to the hospital once every 2 months for treatment, which sadly would make it difficult to move some place without free or almost free health care since this medication is very expensive.

As Lanariel pointed out, one thing you can do on the internet is talk without playing a game. 🙂 Let me know if you have a preferred messaging app or something similar.


Hah! I’ve seen you play Blood Bowl through my Steam spy powers, i.e. automatic notifications whenever you start a game. :p

Looks… interesting. I admit I’m more drawn to the DS version from the few pictures I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll look into it after my vacation next week.


My prefered app for talking online would be Skype.

I also fondly remember dying a lot on Kirbywarps server.

Sadly I am not that into sports 🙁


Cool! My skype name should be the same as the one I use here. Feel free to add me. 🙂

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