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There’s No Stealing a Red Car … or Violence Against Women: More Bizarre Memes from AVFM

Take that, the literally zero people who have ever made this argument!
Take that, the literally zero people who have ever made this argument!

So it turns out that Toronto poster promoting A Voice for Men (by snottily taking down to women) wasn’t actually an official AVFM production. Or at least it probably wasn’t.

Even the folks at AVFM are a little unsure on that point. But one thing is clear: AVFM thinks the poster is AWESOME!

Here’s what amounts to an official statement on the subject, from AVFM’s Facebook page

A Voice for Men I do not recognize this poster and it does not appear to be one we created but AVFM salutes this individual for getting our name out there. Like · Comment · Share · 23 hrs Most Relevant 139 people like this. 12 shares David Futrelle Write a comment... Choose File A Voice for Men To the individual who posted this, feel free to contact us wink emoticon We have more shit for you to put up around Toronto.

I suppose they have good reason to be thankful, since the Toronto poster was a good deal less perplexing and offensive than AVFM’s typical posters and memes.

So, what the heck, let’s treat this development as an excuse to look at some recent memes posted on AVFM’s Facebook page. I don’t know if all of these are AVFM originals or not, but their appearance on the Facebook page is pretty much the equivalent of an endorsement.

You’ve already met Ms. Bathory, above. Now let’s meet a straw feminist, in the form of a stock photo of a crying woman that AVFM and other MRAs love to use, and a fake quote that has about as much relationship to reality as, well, AVFM does.


Huh, because no genuine rad fem I’ve ever met has been shy about identifying themselves as a rad fem. And non-rad fems aren’t exactly shy about criticizing rad fems.

I think one of the problems here is that MRAs tend to regard all feminists as radical feminists, because generally speaking MRAs know about as much about feminism as AVFM’s Paul Elam knows about good parenting. (Which is to say, approximately zero.)

And now for something completely different.

Just kidding! It’s more of the same, in the form of what you might call “straw history.”


That’s … not what “rape culture” means. Nor does the concept have anything to do with the Klan, or the Women’s Klan, or the lynching of black men. A fail on all counts.

Then there’s this.


Take it away, Mal:


Let’s end with a thought from AVFM’s grand poop, Paul Elam. The font may be a little unexpected — not to mention nearly impossible to read — but the sentiment is pure Elam.


You guys might want to consider appointing that “individual” in Toronto your permanent poster-maker. That poster of his was terrible, but at least you could read it.


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Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ Kirby

Ah, must confess I just liked them blowing stuff up. Oh, and the ‘secret signal’.

From what you say the sheep thing is a different argument. That is basically differentiating between people who are completely non violent, people who are violent and prey on the non violent, and people with a capacity for violence who will use violence against the predators if they threaten the non violent.

I would agree that there’s a difference between ‘being violent’ and having the ability to use violence when it is legitimate.

6 years ago

Dapper snake is adorable.

5 years ago

its a shame but … i expected response to be smarter rather than just blatant insults and meme’s how does that makes us different than most homophobic or racist meme makers out there?

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