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The West is like a stupid white girl who goes home with a black guy: Heartiste and his racist fans warn white "ethnomasochists" of the danger of "ebola laced black men."

"The result -- racial pride dwindles." Nazi propaganda poster that would not be out of place on Chateau Heartiste
“The result — racial pride dwindles.” Nazi propaganda poster that would not be out of place on Chateau Heartiste

Not content with simply being a misogynist piece of poop, the “game” guru Heartiste is also, among other terrible things, a flaming racist given to hyperventilating about the alleged civilization-destroying powers of people with skin darker than his – and the alleged naiveté of white people who aren’t as racist as he is.

In one recent post, Heartiste awarded “freelance comment of the week” status to a racist rant posted on his site by someone calling himself Anton Chigurh, who thinks Western countries are being wimpy about ebola because they don’t want to offend Africans and seem racist.

“Chigurh” made his, er, argument in possibly the most racist manner imaginable:

The West is like the stupid white girl at the bar who gets invited to go off on her own by a black guy. She is terrified of looking racist in front of her friends, one of whom is a black girl from the office who she likes to impress with her liberalism.

So she goes happily with the black fella, who turns out to be a savage niqger. Later, after the niqger brutally rapes her without a condom and leaves her in an alley for dead, she thinks, well, at least now everybody knows I’m not a racist.

A day later she sits in her hospital bed, recovering from her internal and external injuries and having contracted Ebola and AIDS. …

She hoarsely tells her friends visiting her, including the sassy black girl from the office who she wants so desperately to impress, “It’s not his fault. He had a hard life. …White people are so racist, and we made them slaves for like 800 years, sometimes they get angry. I don’t blame him.”

That’s the mass of Western whites right now.

Heartiste added a few smug comments about “white ethnomasochism” and opened the discussion up to his other shitty commenters, who did not fail to deliver.

Arbiter railed about ebola-carrying black guys and then somehow blamed it all on … the Jews.

A woman at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital contracted ebola from treating the Black who came there to parasitize on American taxpayers’ money. She will most likely die, and it’s because of the anti-White government and media. …. he went to the U.S. without caring that he would kill people there. He didn’t care one bit about the Americans he was going to steal from. And yet there are vigils for him and weeping comments on the internet. And NO word of the fact that he – of course – knew he had ebola. …

This is entirely because of the Tribe controlling the media.

Bango Tango mocked the white women at his office whom, he thinks, pretend not to be racist in order to curry favor with black women they secretly
(and correctly) despise:

It is funny how white girls do go out of their way to impress the black girls with their liberalism. I see it all the time at the office. They are secretly aware of how ignorant and dumb fuck retarded many mudsharks actually are so feel the need to go out of their way to prove to themselves as well as black people they are not racist. The rationalization hamster at work again.

Zombie Shane leaned heavily on the caps lock for his comment:

Our Orientalistic Elites in the West are so overjoyed at the success of Multiculturalism and the thermonuclear stigmatization of the cry “Racist!” that they now sense that they can ride Open Borders and Mass Immigration all the way to the Final Solution which is the eradication of the White Race and Christianity altogether.NEVER MISUNDERESTIMATE THEIR ANTI-CIVILIZATIONAL ANTI-HUMAN NIHILISM!!!!! Our Orientalistic Elites welcome Ebola. It is all part of the plan.

Remo suggested that white gals might come to their racist senses if … they start getting raped by ebola-carrying black guys:

If blacks are seen as ebola carriers the scared stupid white women will get afraid … I am waiting for the for the first case of an ebola laced black man raping a white woman and her dying from it. … Fear is a funny thing and chiefly motivates white women.

OldGuy searched for a silver lining:

It isn’t all bad. Just mostly bad. … I don’t sweat all that miscegenation. Every white women who marries black removes her children from any serious economic competition with my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Go girl! If this keeps up, it will be easy sledding for my great grandchildren. And face it, would you want to marry a white woman who is so stupid or so uncaring about her children she would condemn them to a black existence?

Our culture is f*ked, basically, both from internal and external forces. Just forget about it. However, YOU do not have to be f*ked. You can easily prosper if you understand the system, just like players prosper if they understand the female psyche.

And he took a bold stance against anti-Semitism:

Don’t blame the Jews. Blame the women.

A fellow named Will, meanwhile, rode into the discussion on a Men’s Rights hobbyhorse:

I know that this might be a stretch…

But just another thing that points out where our society is headed and the feminism movement:

Notice in football games EVERYONE wears pink for *breast cancer*. This is awesome. And more power to defeating cancer. But, what about prostate cancer… see this huge movement for breast cancer and all of these football teams Doug things for breast cancer. Much more than prostate cancer at least

Huh. Why might Will think that this hive of racism and misogyny would be a good place to push an MRA agenda? I wonder.

EDIT: Cloudiah points out that Anton Chigurh is the name of the remorseless killer in No Country for Old Men. Well, I guess that’s a more recent cultural reference than Tyler Durden, another favorite handle of manosphere/PUA douchebags.

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7 years ago


Not rude at all, and aye, you’re right. Shortly after I posted that I thought of the adult-centric behaviours we don’t commonly refer to as ‘childish'(also from scrolling through the gun-ownership threads) and how that fit into what I was trying to say, and then my brain went bang.

7 years ago

Oh, dear.

I have been following this conversation, but didn’t want to post when things were feeling a bit heated. That’s a weakness on my part, I deal with ‘drama’ (I hate that word used this way but don’t have the vocabulary to better describe my day to day interactions in my work world) everyday, and mostly just come here to unwind from that, and didn’t want to make things worse here by speaking up. Especially since I am not particularly eloquent, and tend to be a bit verbally clumsy.

Usually, I make things worse when I speak up, but here goes, anyhow. Childish, to me implies the socially unacceptable actions of children (poor impulse control, lack of empathy, solipsism, and so on). When an actual child does theses things, we make allowances (at least, reasonable adults do) because we understand that kids’ brains are still growing. We might even try to use it as a teachable moment in our small one’s development! The word childish becomes a censor for adults who should really f***ing know better, but are choosing to be inappropriate. Childish also doesn’t apply to grown-ups once they get past the hissy fit stage. Once an adult actually starts threatening violence, I think we are past ‘childish’ as a descriptor.

The word, to my mind, for the good bits of being a child is child-like. This word implies the wonder, spontaneity, and generosity of spirit that children are so often capable of. These two words are, to me anyway, very distinct in intention.

TL;DR – To me, calling a grown up who is acting selfish and pitching a hissy fit and acting out in a damaging way ‘childish’ doesn’t actually comparing the adult to an actual child. It’s shorthand for saying “stop being a boorish annoyance! You know better!”.

7 years ago

Just skimming the comments, I left a Google hangout because of a comment from a particular guy in there (basically he strongly implied that – shades of #Gamergate) that those of us in the hangout were untrusted/casual players of a virtual reality game and therefore not worthy of being told of when other (trusted/l33t) players were going to create an in-game action that would affect our game for hours. I spoke up against the whole untrusted/casual bit and the sheer rudeness of the notion that a few trusted/l33t players could basically do what they liked without considering the effects on other players at all. Then I left the hangout. After I left:
– one of the older guys pm’d me and said he had supported me and some others (also guys) had too. He also said that the player that made the original comments was socially inept. This gets mentioned a lot, and the upshot is that the player is basically rewarded for being socially inept because others don’t call out the socially inept behaviour – which always centres around emphasising what an important player they are compared to the rest of us. FFS it’s only a VR game.
– after I had left, I could see the comments on my partner’s phone because he’s in the hangout. I was variously called “is nice but can be difficult” by one guy and another made some disparaging comment relating to me rage quitting. None of the women in the hangout spoke up (although, to be fair, they’re much more quiet than the guys normally).

The thing that is really pissing me off – the socially inept guy in the hangout doesn’t even live in the geographical area that the hangout is based on. But he won’t fucking leave. The point of the hangout is to try to get people talking to each other, see who needs help, pre-organisation of local meet-ups, none of which the socially inept guy does. There are coordinators for the game, based on location, and the socially inept guy isn’t a coordinator (because he hasn’t got the social skills to be one). But you can’t kick people out of hangouts.

Sorry, that got long. But here’s a RL example of a 23-year-old acting worse than a teenager, where I called out the behaviour directly (without mentioning age at all) and it was still allowed to slide by a number of people.

I often, in situations like this, wonder if the outcome would be different if it was a woman who had exhibited the behaviour instead.

7 years ago

I often, in situations like this, wonder if the outcome would be different if it was a woman who had exhibited the behaviour instead.

Probably. The outcome might be different if you (the one calling out the behavior) were a man/perceived male also.

7 years ago

Hmm.. my apologies to teenagers. I should have said “acting worse than the way teenagers are often portrayed as acting”.

7 years ago

There also seems to be an unwritten rule in a lot of geek spaces that telling people that their behavior is unacceptable and is making other people uncomfortable is a thing that we just don’t do. Doesn’t surprise me that other people were thinking the same thing but only felt comfortable telling you so via backchannels.

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