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Embittered pickup artist douchebags rally around embattled Twitter douchebag Pax Dickinson

Yes, this is really Pax Dickinson, and that's really his name.
Yes, this is really Pax Dickinson, and that’s really his name.

Roosh V and the other human skidmarks who make up the reactionary “game”-centric wing of the manosphere have finally found something to rally around beyond their shared hatred of women and gays and trans* folks and fatties and people with skin colors different from theirs: they’re taking up the cause of a dude who recently got forced out from a high-profile position at news site Business Insider for loudly expressing his own hatred of … woman and gays and trans* folk and people with a different skin color than him.

Really, about the only manosphere prejudice that former Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson doesn’t seem to share — and enjoy sharing with the world on Twitter — is a hatred of fatties.

Dickenson found himself the center of a Twitter tempest earlier this week after Valleywag’s Nitasha Tiku wrote a brief piece calling Dickinson a “Tech Bro Nightmare” and quoting some of his more noxious tweets. Among them:

Tiku wondered how BI CEO Henry Blodget felt having Dickinson — whose Twitter profile identified him as CTO of the company and linked to its website — representing his brand. Evidently Blodget asked himself that question as well, and yesterday Dickinson seems to have been forced out of the company.

But it may not have been simply Dickinson’s rape jokes or racism that led to his swift exit from the BI offices. No, what may have sealed Dickinson’s fate were online comments, like the following tweet, which suggested that his troglodyte views on women may have affected his hiring decisions at BI, where he evidently was heavily involved in the hiring process for tech people.

As Ken White pointed out on Popehat:

If anyone ever accused Business Insider and Pax Dickinson of sex discrimination in hiring or firing, or of workplace harassment or discrimination, that tweet would be useful evidence for the plaintiff, and might convince the jury of discriminatory intent on the part of a Business Insider officer whose actions are attributable to his employer. He has a First Amendment right to tweet that and cannot be prosecuted for it. Nor is the tweet, itself, a civil violation. But it’s potentially powerful evidence of how Business Insider is run, and it’s a freakishly reckless thing for an officer of a business to say in public.

Naturally, Dickinson’s manosphere fans were outraged that this so brave speaker of truths was actually facing repercussions for what he was saying on a Twitter account he explicitly linked to his employer.

The odious Matt Forney — evidently a Twitter BFF of Mr. Dickinson — spewed forth a torrent of angry tweets, including this bit of pretzel logic:

Our new friend LaidInNYC offered this thoughtful opinion, focusing on the ethnicity and assumed weight of the Valleywag author:

A few of Dickinson’s defenders professed outrage that he was being taken to task for his “pack of niggers” tweet, pointing out that it was a reference to an infamous angry rant from Mel Gibson.

But the depiction of Dickinson as some kind of civil rights hero is a little less than convincing, given his Twitter friendships with far-right racist bloggers and the uncritical links in his Twitterstream to proudly racist websites like Alternative Right and The Reactivity Place.

Oh, and, you know, stuff like this:

Naturally, the manosphere crusade on behalf of the fallen Dickinson is steeped in the same sort of hatreds that pervade his tweets.

Roosh, for his part, started his attack on Valleywag’s Tiku even before Dickinson left the BI building, tweeting:

Shortly afterwards he noticed that another of Dickinson’s critics — tech entrepreneur/writer Anil Dash — was of South Asian descent, and added him to the hate list, even though Dash’s criticism at that point was one simple tweet noting that Dickinson seemed to be a bit of a misogynistic asshole:

Today Roosh expanded his “case” against the two into a rambling racist rant posted on his blog Return of Kings, accusing them both of anti-white racism

Twisting a sarcastic comment in a 2008 blog post by Dash into putative evidence of racism, Roosh angrily leapt up to defend the honor of his white brothers from the dark-skinned outsider (and American citizen):

Last time I checked, white culture made America, but here we have a man with Indian roots attacking the entire home race. …

While white men aren’t perfect, would you rather live in the USA or India? Sweden or Bangladesh? Australia or Pakistan?

… asked the guy who deserted the United States years ago.

And then Roosh returned to his powerful “you’re just jealous because you can’t get laid” argument — with a side order of racism that sort of becomes the main dish.

In my line of work (teaching men how to fornicate with women), I have noticed a lot of pent-up frustration from Indian men that is directed at white men. The reason? Indian men are jealous that they can’t lay white women, who they pedestalize to heavenly heights. …

In spite of Anil’s apparent success in business, I would bet a month of my income that he is angry at not being able to have sex with pretty white women.

Roosh posted a picture of Dash with an unidentified woman and wrote:

He dates an unattractive half-white woman that fell from the ugly tree and hit at least eight branches on the way down. This man has lots of money and half a million Twitter followers, can easily import a pretty Indian bride through his family connections, but instead settles towards the bottom of the crab bucket. In other words, the fact that he is with a homely white girl instead of a pretty Indian girl (they do exist) is strong proof to his white woman fetish.

Every time I think that Roosh can sink no lower, he sinks lower.

He continued with this strange fantasy:

In comes Pax Dickinson, a fellow tech worker who is okay-looking (no homo), cocky, confident, successful, and white. I have never met Pax, but it’s not hard to imagine Anil happily begging him for his one-night stand leftovers. Anil is resentful of the white man not only for building the West, compared to—say—a Mumbai slum, but also because he can’t come close to getting the type of woman that his business success would give him if he were white.

Roosh then moved on to Nitasha Tiku, taking the “suspected Marxist” to task for criticizing a website called GhettoTracker that, as he put it, ”helped regular people avoid ghetto areas.” Huh. “Regular” people. Not the ones that come in darker shades, I gather.

He continued:

It’s obvious she hates men, especially white men. It’s amazing that a bonafide misandrist can get a job at the biggest blog network on the internet, denounce whomever she wants, and no one calls the ugly bitch out. …

The irony is that Anil, her partner in Soviet-style denouncement, would never date her because she is Indian, even though they are of the same race, but it’s okay for them to team up and get a white man fired. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter since she’s a lesbian, and I predict that she’s only one year away from identifying herself as neither a woman or man, as encouraged by the latest liberal trend of declaring yourself to be a gender-neutral carrot, or whatever.

Yes, why not slip some transphobia into this toxic mess? Aside from all the hatred, I have no idea if any of Roosh’s comments about her sexuality have any basis in fact, or if they too — like most of this rant — are entirely the result of his own weird fantasies.

In this drama you have a classic Marxist dyke and a sexually frustrated Indian man joining forces to get a white American man fired within 24 hours. And no one cares besides our perverted corner of the internet.

I wonder why?

Meanwhile, over on Thumotic, the manosphere philosophe known only as Frost suggested that, in an act of revenge against Tiku for writing an article that largely consisted of Dickinson’s own quoted words, men in the tech world should try to ruin her job prospects forever:

She will do anything in her limited to make your life difficult and impede your success in life. Why not return the favour?

The tech industry is run by smart, independent-minded, somewhat nerdy White and Asian guys – in other words, the official public enemies of hyper-sensitive grievance-mongers like Nitasha. Crime-thinking men, public or not, be not above the petty joy of causing trouble for any members of the volunteer thought police who make their way into your life. Feel no guilt over a principled refusal to hire, work for, or award contracts to members of the volunteer thought police.

And then he suggested killing her (possibly hypothetical) cats:

Oh, and if you ever happen to see one of the aging and single Nitasha Tiku’s cats scampering around on the road, remember: In the event of a possible collision with an animal smaller than a moose, experts at the DMV advise not swerving.

Well, I’ll say this: Pax Dickinson has gotten the defenders he deserves.

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Me and some friends were playing a super hero role playing game some years ago, and a friend (who then worked at a nursing home for people who were both physically and mentally disabled) came up with the best super hero character ever. His super hero name was “Handicaptain” and he had cerebral palsy. His secret identity was that he posed as mentally disabled and lived in a nursing home, but actually, he was only physically disabled. He was a technical genius and had rebuilt his weelchair so that it could fly and shoot lasers (but the staff at the home thought it was just a regular weelchair). He also had the mental super power to amp up the discomfort lots of people feel around persons with cerebral palsy to the point where they completely repressed the fact that he was there, and thus he could enter places where he wasn’t supposed to be, sneak past guards etc.

“There’s a pic in the DV post, third one down in the side bar. Be warned, he reminds some of us of a serial killer mugshot.”

Oh. Don’t do that to anyone. No one deserves that. It’s better to live in ignorance, sometimes.

Had it been an offsite image, I wouldn’t have, but I figured Fade would see it anyways and better to offer the warning.

Dvärghundspossen — I approve, particularly if the posing as mentally disabled meant he reported on abuse and such, since they’d assume he wouldn’t be able to.

Someone please teleport me coffee, it’s too hot and sticky to move.

fade: That chair is so nice. It reminds me of the expensive “sport-chairs” which were used for things like playing basketball, 25 years ago (IIRC a good “basketball” chair was about 1,000 bucks, at the time. The big difference (apart from weight) was the tires, solid rubber; for better traction.

I hope it helps, I know that hospital chairs (the only ones I’ve had occasion to use) helped a lot, but were work to move.

“The irony is that Anil, her partner in Soviet-style denouncement”

Cos this is totally like Stalinist Russia, guys! Really!

Thank you for the coffee!

And no, we didn’t. He gets enough shit answers as it is (e.g. Penis as a food [“what, it’s on the menu in some places!”])

I did get to keep earwigs as a monster though. It was agreed that the fuckers really are creepy little monsters.

They’re literally monsters in AD&D.

One of the fundamental problems in AD&D is a closed door with no indication of what’s behind it. The room could be empty, or it could have an ancient red dragon.

One of the thief’s skills is Hear Noise, and a basic tactic is to listen at the door to see if you can hear anything. This requires the character to press xir ear to the door.

So if a DM wants to stop xir players from doing that, xie can place earwigs (sometimes called “ear seekers”) which rush out of the door, down the ear canal, and commence to chew.

There are solutions (a cure disease spell is the usual response) but it seems like something you’d use if you wanted your players NOT to be cautious.

Falconer: Ah, yes, good times. Some equipment guides also included an ear-horn that had a small screen set in it to prevent the nasty little bugs from getting into your ear.

AD&D games often ended up in an escalating spiral of offense-counter that could be the death knell of the group if everyone forgot how silly they were being.


It has helped a lot so far. And yeah, the hospital clunky chairs helped in general, but they were definitely tiring to move, especially on anything that wasn’t flat ground.

Also @everyone

Marie told me to say hi for her.


Does your mother currently use a wheelchair and wants to improve? or is it like she needs one and doesn’t have one? Also, if you and she do not mind divulging, what’s her disability?

I know I did a lot of research before buying mine, and I can chat about it all day. 😉

Hi to Marie, and many internet hugs and guinea pigs and other cute animals and whatever else she needs. Depression sucks.

My mom’s disability is just old age. It’s getting hard for her to move around because her feet hurt a lot. She has one of those heavy, unwieldy wheelchairs but it’s hard for her to push, so we’re idly looking for something lightweight that can roll easily on either hard surfaces or carpet. She’s not sure she even wants one, so I’m just trying to give her options.

i know pneumatic (bicycle) tires are better for surfaces like carpet or grass than polyeutherine (or however you spell it it’s basically solid plastic). I also think spoke wheels are better than mag (the kind normally in the unwieldy hospital clunkers), in that they’re more efficient pushing but they require more maintenance.

this is my wheelchair, and it’s 20 pounds or so, so it’s lightweight though there are things out there as light as like 10 pounds (but more expensive).

I got this one because of the adjustable center of gravity, since I didn’t know my favorite center of gravity position and didn’t want to have a bad one after buying it.

center of gravity is where the wheels are positioned underneath the chair; further forward is more maneuverable and easier turning but also easier tipping over; further back is less maneuverable but more stable.

also lots of ultralightweigh wheelchairs are pretty customizable, and can have push handles if you want someone to be able to push you, or not if you don’t, or removeable ones for sometimes yes and sometiems no.

This probably does not make any sense, but that is because I am really tired atm. Sorry if I misread your comment or something and went off on an irrevelant tangent.

RE: Boom Shocka

Piggy. Both sites championed scientific racism, which is the idea that blacks are genetically incapable of ever being as intelligent as whites, regardless of education, socioeconomic background, or work ethic.

I’m sure George Washington Carter and Booker T. Washington would disagree. Plus, uh, you know, THE FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

RE: Argenti

“declaring yourself to be a gender-neutral carrot”


So is Sneak. Zie is proud of this.

RE: Falconer

I am almost completely done with mainstream print comics.

Man, you got more stamina than me. I quit the Big Two a couple years ago–Marvel did me in with Civil War, and this is just the nail in the coffin for DC, who I left with the latest reboot.

RE: Fade

There’s a guy in my neighborhood who was some amazing custom wheelchair that’s uber-sleek and fast and looks vaguely steampunk. It’s very cool! Yours looks great too.

Michael, if you see this, I beat VtM:B as my Gangrel earlier and just started again as the cheerleader Malk. Because I need to know what that joke is that the TV makes! (I’ll report back when I get that far 🙂 )

@LBT: Yeah, I just did not read Civil War at all. Maybe it’s the Robert Downey Jr. getting to me, but I just don’t see Tony Stark as a fascist running-dog. Capitalist colonialist, yes, but government bully? No.

Not to mention that whole Spider-Man foofurah with trading in MJ for Aunt May.

Come to think of it, I haven’t actually bought anything from Marvel or DC since, like, 2005. They disappeared from grocery store shelves around here by 2006.

Now, Hellboy/BPRD I love to pieces, probably because even though I haven’t examined them for problematic attitudes.

The only part of Civil War I read any of was Cable and Deadpool, and that was just a random issue or two. When Deadpool is your voice of reason, you are HOSED, man.

Jesus… Dix boy over there is a fairly typical douche, but that Roosh guy leaves me speechless. Dude has some seriously entrenched psychological issues.

roosh’s blog is struggling and he is just desperate for traffic. guy that once used to write somewhat believable stories now writes anything race related to get more traffic. Did it with the Black guys loving thick White girls and now with the Indian hate. Indian hate on his furm has ben going on for years, some indian dude got under his skin. the forum has dropped off, same senior members stick around and most folks left already.
all things come and pass, i am more worried about pathological liars like g manifesto spreading his bullshit across the web and starting his own forum.

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