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Alpha Dogging it with the Red Pill Subreddit


So I spent a little time reading through The Red Pill subreddit yesterday and if there’s one thing that Red Pill Redditors aren’t, it’s fucking betas. No fucking way. They’re like the total fucking opposite of betas. And by that I mean they are ALPHA DOGS 4 LIFE.

Case in point: The totally rad insults they use to put the bitches in their place, as collected together in the recent thread “What Is The Most Cutting Insult You Have Said To A Woman Infield?” I mean, even the fact that they HAVE such a thread is totally ALPHA DOG but just listen to this ALPHA DOG shit they totally really say to women in real life totally for real:

That’s right! Emphasis totally his! In your face, old bitch!

I mean, that’s up there with Oscar Wilde’s famous line “shut up, bitch, I’m like Oscar Wilde and shit.”

Oh, but wait here’s another one:


Get it? Because she was dressed like WONDER WOMAN, but WONDER BREAD is a kind of FOOD. And if you were to eat a comically large amount of food — say, an entire factory’s worth of it — you would probably get very very FAT.

So by saying this he was implying that she was FAT.

So funny! And ALPHA as FUCK, if you’ll excuse my use of sentence enhancers for a moment. NOT THAT I NEED TO ASK YOUR PERMISSION TO SENTENCE ENHANCE. HOO-AH! DO YOU EVEN LIFT?

Hell, the Red Pillers are so ALPHA AS FUCK that some of them literally face down terrorists during their day job in law enforcement, then fuck their female partners that very night, then go to the RedPill subreddit to ask the assembled ALPHA AS FUCK Redditors for some romantic advice just in case they’re acting maybe a little too much like a beta with oneitis, even after that whole staring down terrorists thing.


You might need to read that whole thread to see just how totally ALPHA AS FUCK it is. And obviously there’s no chance whatsoever that DoneWithBeta is making any of it up, I mean, who would do that, just go on the internet and make things up? That is so totally not alpha, why would anyone associated with the Red Pill subreddit do such a thing?

Oh, wait, it turns out that the post might just have been a little bit of an internet joke, and that DoneWithBeta’s story might just have been borrowed a teensy bit from the 2010 action comedy MacGruber. Apparently, none of the regulars in the Red Pill subreddit are beta enough to actually go to movies, because none of them noticed. But, hey, they did give the guy some totally ALPHA DOG ADVICE, which would have worked out awesome if the story had been real and the Red Pill mods hadn’t pussied out and deleted the thread (which is still there to read, even if it’s not visible on the subreddit any more).

Also there was a whole other fake relationship advice thread based on the plot of Othello that the Red Pillers thought was totes real but that’s because ALPHA DOGS DON’T READ SHAKESPEARE.

Need I remind you that FEMINISM IS DOOMED and that we’re going to RIDE THIS BITCH TO THE BOTTOM?


Yippie-ki-yay, sentence-enhancers!

Thanks to all those sniveling beta manginas and bitches in the Blue Pill subreddit for pointing me to some of this amazing ALPHA DOG shit.

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Wow. So I’m less healthy than a mass murderer because I’ve lived a half century without what GGG would recognise as sex, and not been all obsessive about it?

Well, if that’s being unhealthy, I’m all for it.

Chie – it’d be interesting to find out how many of these glibertarian idiots are alive today because their grandparents or great-grandparents got work through Roosevelt’s government programs, wouldn’t it?

Chie – it’d be interesting to find out how many of these glibertarian idiots are alive today because their grandparents or great-grandparents got work through Roosevelt’s government programs, wouldn’t it?

Or in the case of my representative (who I did NOT vote for) Paul Ryan, whose family business exists because of government contracts, who received social security benefits after his father died (using them to go to school), yet who forces all of his interns to read Atlas Shrugged and who is religious and pro-life (meaning Ayn Rand would probably spit in his face).

One of my favorite things to do to feminists is to tell them to look out the window and to inform them that everything they see was invented, constructed, installed, and is maintained by men.

One of my favorite questions to ask in response to this bullshit (and boy, do I hear it a lot) is “Which one of those things was invented by YOU?” I let the crickets churp for a few minutes, then I add something along the lines off: “That’s right, nothing. You failed high school physics, and whatever you think you know about science or engineering comes from video games and science fiction. Nevertheless, you jerk off to other people’s achievements like a tool, and you demand credit for Einstein’s work simply because you too have a penis. And in the same vein, you equate window-washing and unskilled maintenance work with major technological breakthroughs, just so you could ride someone else’s coattails. You would impress me more if you simply declared that you’ve done nothing worthy with your life.”

Works to my satisfaction every time.


CassandraSays Um, I just went to his blog to see how he’s coping with the new fame, and his most recent post has this line:


O_o I… ::speechless::

@chie satonaka

During the Great Depression, we didn’t have a social safety net. 10 million Americans DIED OF STARVATION. T

Fuck. Also, peeved that this is the first time I’ve heard that. (not at you guys, just at all the times I’ve had to learn about it in school or w/e and no one thought maybe that was important to bring up? idk. /rant)

I’d be impressed by magic tricks but I wouldn’t go home with them because I don’t trust strangers to respect my boundaries. I probably also wouldn’t chat them up as I don’t tend to chat up strangers. However I imagine I’m a NHB 6 if I’m generous so it is irrelevant! At the same time, generally if I’m interested in a guy, it is a sign his strategy for impressing women is bad.

I can be impressed with magic tricks too but because I also know a little bit about sleight of hand (not much, I’m more interested in juggling) not that easily. … I’m also the type they described in the OP as a “ham planet”, so I’m probably not their type (thank gods).

My family’s from Pittsburgh. My relatives remember needing to take a bath immediately after walking home from work every day, and having the bathwater immediately turn dark grey from the soot. My parents grew up thinking the sky was brown. And a lot of my relatives have developed cancer over the years.

The air pollution in Beijing is so bad that businesses are starting to have trouble attracting international hires, despite throwing literal million-dollar salaries at them. People go out there for the money and leave after a year because they can’t take being sick all the time and never seeing the sun.

Fuck. Also, peeved that this is the first time I’ve heard that. (not at you guys, just at all the times I’ve had to learn about it in school or w/e and no one thought maybe that was important to bring up? idk. /rant)

You know what? I swear the last time I saw someone say that I looked it up and found confirmation, but now all I can find it people arguing about it. So that number is not confirmed and I’m going to stop using it until I dig in and find some more information about it.

But Hoover very kindly assured everyone back then that “no one” was starving.

De-lurking now (sounds like the Star Trek Romulans de-cloaking!)…

Chie Satonaka – interested in statistic on US deaths by starvation during the Depression: Googled it but many of the sites look a little hinky (Stormfront, Alex Jones, etc). Any chance you know of a reliable site where I can learn more about this?

I see that it’s ‘controversial’ – but I did find one link that seems legit:

Another online scandal has been gathering pace recently. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, deleted an article by a Russian researcher, who wrote about the USA’s losses in the Great Depression of 1932-1933….

The researcher, Boris Borisov, in his article titled “The American Famine” estimated the victims of the financial crisis in the US at over seven million people. The researcher also directly compared the US events of 1932-1933 with Holodomor, or Famine, in the USSR during 1932-1933.

In the article, Borisov used the official data of the US Census Bureau. Having revised the number of the US population, birth and date rates, immigration and emigration, the researcher came to conclusion that the United States lost over seven million people during the famine of 1932-1933.

That’s the best I could do.

Re the US and the census, and the rest of that article; The Census isn’t an annual event, so it’s hard to say that in 1931-32 there was “x” drop.

The other part which is at odds with the facts is his assertion that the WPA paid $30, and taxed $25 in a month: It’s also a poor comparison to say the WPA was like the Gulag, one couldn’t be forced to take part, and one could quit. Further the scope of the WPA was such that people were matched to their skills (painters, poets, photographers, playwrights, actors, cartographers, etc. were all given WPA jobs). The point of the WPA was to get everyone who wanted one a job.

They were also fed, clothed, housed, etc.

There is also a nationalistic aspect to Borisov’s research; he says he chose to study it because of how the US “lectured” Russia about the Famine in Ukraine.

There is also a bit of conflation going on (though it doesn’t look as though this is active on the part of Borisov).

The overall loss in ten years could be estimated as being from four – or slightly fewer – to six – or slightly more – million.

He also says he did a lot of his computations on the basis of comparative evaluation: Since Russia had a famine, and losses were at at rate of “x” and the US had a crisis, then the rates ought to be similar. What that glosses is the difference between a famine, and a depression. The US (as he says) was engaging in some stupid failures to ameliorate the financial collapse. We had lots of food, which was destroyed, lest it’s distribution reduce the prices of those who were selling food.

But it’s not clear this had the same effect as the absolute lack of food did in Ukraine.

So I can see why WIkipedia might be reticent to take the claims as proven, esp. as they are in translation; and apparently only as articles about the research, not an actual copy of the study/data.

With decade census data, I’m not going to be able to figure out just ’31-’32 but give me a bit and I’ll rework the math using 1920s birth rate and the assumption it would’ve held at that rate. Math sounds like an excellent distraction right now.

Argenti: The birthrate fell. One of the things about “the baby boom” is that people put off having kids, so the birthrate was depressed. After the war it didn’t so much “bounce” as rebound. I saw a chart showing what a constant trendline would have been, overlaid on the actual data. The Baby Boom was smallish (about 5 percent, as I recall) uptick, in 46-48.

But have fun. A good distraction is a good distraction.

Oh, goodness: that Othello thread? There’s really not too much to it, and I was kinda getting bored, about to stop, but then chiefroaringpeacock says [wait, let me repeat for emphasis: chiefroaringpeacock]:

“I almost feel like this is the plot summary of some movie about to come out.”

I so wish I could see the original post so I could find out exactly how obvious/not it was as a summary of Othello….

“I almost feel like this is the plot summary of some movie about to come out.”

Perfect! 😀

“Chiefroaringpeacock”? What’s he doing, planning on being a fake spirit guide in the hereafter or something?

Yeah so the birthrate was fun to extrapolate, and did drop but really, not as much as you’d think —

1910: 30.1
1915: 29.5
1920: 27.7
1925: 25.1
1930: 21.3
1935: 18.7
1940: 19.4
1945: 20.4

More interestingly, the death rate — the recorded one anyways — held fairly steady —

1920 13
1925 11.7
1930 11.3
1931 11.1
1932 10.9
1933 10.7
1934 11.1
1935 10.9
1936 11.6
1937 11.3
1938 10.6
1939 10.6
1940 10.8

I’m thinking much of the “missing people” where just never born in the first place. That and the recording of deaths was kinda shoddy. But I’m seeing no substantial difference when accounting for the birth rate. Of course, I really hate extrapolation and might’ve fucked up the data, but it looks like it’s mostly the birth rate. It cannot be 10 million though, the census data:

1920: 105,710,620
1930: 122,775,046
1940: 131,699,275

Taking the birth rate (extrapolated) and adding it to the census data (extrapolated) and subtracting that from the next year’s extrapolated census…works out to 1 million deaths annually 1920-1930 and 1.5 annually 1930-1940. So…about 5 million extra deaths? And about 5 million missing births. So, ok, I can see 10 million, but half of it is just never being born in the first place.

As for the 1920 death rate — Spanish Flu.

@ pecunium

Thanks for the detailed discussion of the issue. No doubt some amount of politics or nationalism go into calculating the effects of an economic disaster.

Borisov does seem to address the birthrate issue in this interview:

” Seven and a half million people does not mean the number of particular victims of the famine, but a general demographic loss, or the difference between the supposed population on the date of the census that was due to be held in 1940 and the factual number of people. In reality, the total demographic loss is bigger. The fact is not contested by anyone. The figure is more than ten million people.

“However, when you start researching the subject, you find that there is a migration component – people were coming to the country and leaving. All can be calculated. It turns out then, that three million people can be subtracted at the cost of migration – in approximate figures, as it is not a scientific report.

“What’s left is 7.5 million people still missing. The question is: where are they?

“Voluntary defenders of U.S. values who venture to discuss the matter with me, normally begin with a statement that those people were simply not born. However, if we take the age pyramid and distribute the people according to their dates of birth, it becomes apparent that 5.5 million children and two million grown-ups are missing from the 7.5 million. So, those two million people could not have been non-existent – as they had been born. They could only die.

“As a result, I consider the two million of grown-up victims as the limit proved from the bottom – for 10 years, let me emphasise this.

“Could the remaining children out of those 5.5 not have been born? The U.S. statistics does not answer this question. If we use the method of international juxtapositions and see how demography reacted to similar disastrous events in other countries, we will see that the distribution of the demographic was divided between the children who had died and had not been born in the ratio of ? to ?. In other words, it’s from 2 to 4 million extra losses.

The overall loss in ten years could be estimated as being from four – or slightly fewer – to six – or slightly more – million.”

What puzzles me is that if several millions of people *migrated* out of the US – where did they go? Mexico? Canada?

proudfootz — at a guess, many of them went home. I know my Italian side only stayed because of a cousin with a grocery store who took home the not fresh // dented // otherwise garbage food. Remember that the immigration surge was only a few decades prior, so returning to their home countries would be a logical guess as to where they went.

Also, the census sucks at accounting for migrates even within the country. Riding the rails when it’s taken? You don’t get counted.

@ Argenti Aertheri

Thanks for the response.

No doubt many get missed in census data – during a disaster the more so.

So perhaps the 1930 census would be more effected by the crash than the 1940 census? Or the other way around?

And we should see these millions returning home being having an effect on populations of Italy and other immigration sources?

proudfootz — re: other countries census data — for my attempts at genealogy, I have only a few words on that data — it sucks. Like, Lithuania’s just doesn’t seem to exist, idk if it was destroyed in the post-USSR data purge or what, but all I could find where records kept by rabbis, useful if researching Jewish populations/relatives, not so much if not. Italy…*head explodes*. Best guess would be to try outgoing ships from Ellis island, but that’s only one port and I’ve never checked their outgoing data.

So I mean, maybe, but sorting through all those countries, and how much of their population change via migration doesn’t involve the US…headache land. Unless we kept good records of people leaving, I’d say it’s a lost cause. That 3 million he cites is going to have to suffice.

As for 1930 vs 1940 — (first, pity the fool who tries reading my spreadsheets or code, gods I suck at documentation) — there’s a much smaller gap between 1930’s data and 1940’s, so I’d assume 1940’s shows the difference in population more than 1930 does. That is:

1920: 105,710,620
1930: 122,775,046
1940: 131,699,275

1930 = 1920 + ~17 million
1940 = 1930 + ~9 million

Part of it, I imagine, is that the depth of it wasn’t really known until further into it. (Plus, birth control was basically “don’t have sex” and people don’t stop fucking until things get bad.)

In any case, 4-6 million jives well enough with my admittedly rough math (I’m a statistics person, not a demographics person)

Ah, might not be relevant, but another thought. 1940 was the first year they did the census in April instead of June — they’d been missing people who were on holiday. So I’d expect the 1940 data to be even higher considering more people would be home. Except migrant workers probably wouldn’t be well counted.

I’m just remembering trying to work out who my father’s mother’s mother’s (the woman mentioned below) parents where because she was listed with people she didn’t share a name with in 1930, and married in 1940. Finding her mother was a major headache.

They were all counted though, just in households that made tracing the relations hard. So probably not relevant.

The 1930 Census might be more affected, but only if migration preceded the real start of the depression (which was 1931-32).

The thing is, he’s not actually using the census data he says he’s referring to; he’s using the Statistical Abtract, which is a trailing indicator, and much more subject to problems of granularity. It’s not taken from direct surveys, but from abstractions of secondary data sets.

So all in all, I have grave reservations about his methodology; further colored by doubts about his motives.

Thanks for all the input.

It looks (to me) like the area is fraught with difficulties.Perhaps there’s a book in this somewhere – or at least a thesis paper!

I suspect that there were indeed some premature deaths attributable to the economic crisis, but assigning a number to that is going to be a real problem as the measurable data is scanty.

Looking at emigration from the US is a good idea. If there are extant records we could get a rough idea of immigrants returning home.

Pecunium — all math aside, I’m seeing 10 million if you add approx. 5 million extra deaths to 5 million “missing” births. So yeah, ~5 million.

And surely some is lack of healthcare, riskier jobs (you’ve seen Daleks in Manhattan right? That problem) and yes, starvation. Not even just “starved to death” but “malnutrition related illness” and “comprimised immune system”.

I love it when men who come over to my house start telling me everything was done by a man cause I personally did tons of reno’s and construction 😀 It’s like “men laid every brick, tiled everything and constructed everything.” Then I was like… “Uh… Chinese railway workers built the house, the reno’s and grounds including brick work tiling and landscaping I did but I don’t like plumbing so I hired someone to do that.” I’ve had 2 men in real life say that to me. One was a work associate. The other was a young man who was over for dinner. I don’t know why people think this is such a witty thing to say.

Oh, goodness: that Othello thread? There’s really not too much to it, and I was kinda getting bored, about to stop, but then chiefroaringpeacock says [wait, let me repeat for emphasis: chiefroaringpeacock]:

There’s a peacock wandering around east-central Oak Ridge. We can hear it calling in the dusk. It’s not a roar. It’s more like a giant, high-pitched crow, actually.

For a long time, I understand, the USSR denied that the Holodomor actually happened. I’m glad to see that they’re acknowledging it, even if I’m late to that particular party.

But yeah, nothing motivates a guy to strive for as much accuracy as possible like “Yeah? Screw you too, buddy!”

I’ve been right next to a peacock when it called and it’s more like an ear-piercing wail.

Completely OT, Maddie had a Fright this morning. Her favourite pink plastic bag had a cord sticking out from under it. Major threat! Investigate with extreme caution!

There’s a peacock wandering around east-central Oak Ridge. We can hear it calling in the dusk. It’s not a roar. It’s more like a giant, high-pitched crow, actually.

Falconer: My Dad lives in Oak Ridge… East Central seems a decent approximation.

I used to have a peacock which was hot for one of our geese. Gods but I wanted to shoot him. Spent all day walking about, making that stupid, shrieking, wail. The ganders were almost as upset as the goose he was chasing. Pretty, in an arrogant way. We finally trapped him, and took him a few miles away to the LA Arboretum.

@Pecunium: Oak Ridge goes way out west, farther than I tend to think, all the way out to Roane County. I tend to think of New York Avenue as the “middle” of the city, and Illinois Avenue as the western bound, but that’s way inaccurate.

The peacock hangs out around New York Avenue. I’ve seen him stalking the parking lot of the Oak Ridge Schools Administration Building in the gloaming, looking for something. He wasn’t so loud back in March, but he’s been calling pretty much since April. Sadly, all the peahens have friendzoned him.

(NB: I think the closest peahens are in the Knoxville Zoo, but I expect Mr. Lonely Hearts is or was someone’s exotic pet so there might be a hen around somewhere.)

Proving that not even being an alpha peacock is enough for those bitches peahens!

FEMINAZI PEAHENS, destroying delicate peacock’s lives since 2013!

S’ok. It’s not like there are vast swathes of people who spend time in/around Oak Ridge. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make time to head down this summer. I’d like to…

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