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A Voice for Men declares itself too important to bother to write about me, then writes about me

Man Boobz Minion disguised as female MRA.
Man Boobz Minion disguised as female MRA

I was a little saddened to read recently that A Voice for Men — the self-proclaimed “Men’s Human Rights” site that has posted an open call to firebomb government buildings in its “activism” section — will no longer be writing about little old me.

Yes, it’s true. In a recent post announcing that he would no longer be writing or caring about journalist Arthur Goldwag, who famously took on the misogyny of the Men’s Rights movement in a piece for the Southern Poverty Law Center, AVFM’s head douchebag Paul Elam  also noted that he would no longer be writing or caring about me either.

“In the early days of this site, we used to write a fair amount about David Futrelle,” Elam wrote. “He was a nice, soft target; pudgy actually.”

But now, apparently, AVFM has gotten much too important to bother with soft, pudgy nobodies like me or Goldwag or the SPLC.

We don’t mention David anymore except as a passing joke. He is just another low-end blogger with a small audience of neurotic women who talk more about cats in his comments than what he writes. It is as close to physical intimacy as the guy will ever get.

It’s a little strange how much time Elam, a fiftysomething straight man, spends thinking about my sex life, but I suppose it will be a bit of a relief not to have to read so many of these fantasies of his in the pages of AVFM. Not to mention Elam’s bizarre conspiracy theories about me — like this one. (I wonder why Elam never came forward with the proof of those allegations like he promised he would? Hmm.)

So I was a little surprised when, only one day after Elam bid me that not-very-fond farewell, AVFM’s “managing editor” Dean Esmay decided to set forth yet another conspiracy theory about me and my alleged army of evil minions.

In the midst of a long, weird, barely coherent tirade directed at a writer for Vice magazine who’d approached AVFM with some questions for its stable of female MRAs, Esmay accused my evil minions (in advance) of writing to the Viceman pretending to be female MRAs in an attempt to make female MRAs look bad:

[M]aybe … one of David Futrelle’s minions will show up in your inbox and say “yeah I’m a female MRA and I support taking rights away from women and I hate women too because we women suck, put women who have abortions in prison praise jesus blargh!” and so on and so forth, because that’s just what a whole lot of people who oppose compassion and fundamental human rights for boys and men do: pretend to be MRAs or to be quoting MRAs just to make us look bad. We’ve seen it in action more than once. At least one asshole we know of pretty much does it as a full-time gig.

Dude, I hate to break it to you, but none of my “minions” needs to pretend to be a female MRA in order to make female MRAs look bad. Female MRAs like JudgyBitch and GirlWritesWhat and TyphonBlue are already doing an exemplary job of that already. I mean, seriously, did you read JudgyBitch’s thing about pedophilia the other day? I mean, wow.

Of course male MRAs are also doing a fantastic job making themselves look terrible as well, from Warren Farrell on down to that dude who thinks “friend zoning” should be punishable by law (and the dozens of Men’s Rights Redditors who upvoted him).

But, really, no single website has done more to make the Men’s Rights movement look terrible than A Voice for Men.

Seriously, fellas (and FeMRAs), take a bow. We here at Man Boobz couldn’t do it without you. I couldn’t make up the shit you spew if I tried. (And, for the record, I don’t try.)

ATTENTION-WAY AN-MAY OOBZ-BAY INIONS-MAY: I-way am-way  alling-cay off-way our-way evious-day an-play o-tay  impersonate-way emale-fay As-mRAY. Ean-day Esmay-way as-hay igured-fay it-way out-way. Ease-play eturn-ray o-tay alsely-fay accusing-way apless-hay etas-bay until-way urther-fay otice-nay. And-way on’t-day orget-fay o-tay eed-fay e-thay ats-cay.


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9 years ago

It was clear, Cassandra. It’s part of the “rich kids get treatment, poor kids get gaol” thing generally.

Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

“it’s not unreasonable for people to view those who display what look like signs of psychopathy or ASPD with a certain amount of caution”


And yeah, my curiosity is piqued on the role of class. Also, argh brain scans, there’s a field with a whole lot of “might have serious potential or potential to be seriously misused” (like, holy shit if parole boards started using those)

“Yeah, tattooing your 5 year old would probably raise some eyebrows.”

Yeah having a (pair of) kid(s) which a speech impediment wasn’t helpful. We both spent years in speech therapy and these days he sounds perfectly normal, and I sound like a weird combo of Boston and NY accents (my vowels are all funny in other words, and by all the gods if you try to make me say drawer as anything besides draw, with a weird long w, I will get right pissed [sorry, it’s a sticking point])

9 years ago

Come out here, Argenti, that’s how we say draw(er)!

9 years ago

… which reminds me of a bit from the Goon Show:

“And now a word from our sponsor.”


“Next week, another word!”

9 years ago

AVFM got ahold of a satire piece and are now shopping it throughout the manosphere as though it were legit.

I have no idea what article/satire piece is being discussed, but I can’t be the only one who’s automatically a little suspicious when a blogger chooses to tell you about a study in lieu of linking to it.

9 years ago

BTW before anyone thinks that I’m drawing a working class = more likely to be dangerous parallel, nope, I’m purely talking about treatment versus the tendency of the criminal justice system to come down hard on working class kids from a very young age.

Eh. I think it’s less treatment and more a cultural thing.The psychopath* I’ve been most impacted by personally was raised middle class and valued money and prestige as framed in the middle class, so he went into a technical field where he could nab prestigious positions and make money. If he’d been raised in a neighborhood where gangs were the primary source of power and prestige, I’m sure he’d have started shooting people as a kid. If he were raised in Sicily circa 1930, he’d probably be working up through the mafia.

He looks less dangerous this way because the damage he does on the people around him is psychological. Emotional abuse and coercive rape are what he does instead of gutting live animals for fun.

*Narcissistic Personality Disorder, not ASPD

9 years ago

That’s actually what I was getting at…kids who’re middle or upper class are provided with outlets through which they can express the problematic traits associated with the cluster of disorders we’re talking about in ways that are not technically illegal, whereas working class kids often don’t have access to those same outlets. The dude who does the brain scans found that the psychopath pattern shows up frequently in lawyers and politicians, and also in people convicted of violent crime. Same basic brain structure, ways that tends to play out in people’s behavior impacted by class/privilege/all that jazz.

9 years ago

I am now super creeped out (upon hearing that politician thing)…

9 years ago

Journalists too! I’m wondering how large a percentage of those are war correspondents, because that’s a risk-seeking profession if ever there was one.

(And one that I never even considered, because I like not being shot at more than I like chasing a story.)

9 years ago

I, for my part, am fine with anything that is “so let’s discuss!” and not “so I’m right because I say so”. Extra weight given if it’s “this is oppressive because of how it affects people like me” (after all listening to the oppressed instead of speaking for them = social justice 101)

Quoted for truth. On a complex issue with some nuance, I think this really is the best way to handle a discussion.

I’ve seen call outs at other places where people demand that the person being called out never respond in any way except to apologize. Even when the call out was correct and warranted, it bothers me that people come away from it thinking “It is good for other people to criticize and critique me, and I should never respond even when I know I’m actually right”. That’s the same kind of thought process abuse victims when being gas lighted, so I don’t see how the toxic elements in call out culture advance social justice. If anything, that just normalizes psychological abuse.

So if a person gets called out, and they want to know why, or want to explain themselves, I think they should be able to. Hopefully it would lead to a productive discussion. And I also agree that extra weight needs to be given to an oppressed person discussing their lived experiences.

3 years ago

What the…oh, pig Latin!

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