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A new name for those of us who criticize the manosphere and by gosh is it a clever one

Hey did you ever hear of a movie called “the Matrix?”

It’s always handy, during a political or cultural or even just a regular war war, to have a good derogatory name to call your opponents. During World War I, the allies called the Germans “Huns” — as in “Atilla the,” not “huns, could you pass the butter, thanks babe.”

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Sex robots will turn women into incels and possibly destroy the world but that’s ok if at least women suffer

Sexbot with her Chadbot boyfriend

I haven’t done a sexbot post in a while, but you can rest assured that the MRAs and antifeminists are still obsessed with the idea of making women obsolete with new technologies, in particular new technologies that have titties and can fuck.

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How to tell if that cute gal over there is a feminist, so you won’t accidentally date her

I spotted one!

Fellas! I mean, straight ones! Do you ever find yourself checking out a cute gal in the melon department in the supermarket and you want to ask her out but you’re not sure if she’s a feminist, which is important because you definitely don’t want to date one of those?

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Reddit antifeminists lose it over women referring to themselves as “actors” instead of “actresses”

Man actressing horrified

At one point in the Depp/Heard trial, Amber Heard referred to herself as an “actor,” instead of an “actress,” and some of the boys in the Antifeminists subreddit are evidently still pig-biting mad about it.

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MRAs react to Depp/Heard verdict with cheers, calls for male supremacy

Depp waves to his fans

Here are some reactions to the Depp/Heard verdict collected from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

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The real villain in the epidemic of mass shootings? Single mothers, Men’s Rights Activists say

Boys with single moms — future mass shooters?

Every new bit of news out of Uvalde makes me angrier and more depressed.

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Female supremacists urge women to make fake #MeToo allegations to put men on the defensive, idiot claims

Playing the victim to become the queen

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a fellow called Henry_Blair — the inventor of a replacement to feminism and the Men’s Rights movement called “Lovism” — has offered up a little manifesto with the less -than-grabby title “Women were given the message that immense privilege awaits them if they only cooperate with the feminist effort to depict men as an abuser-sex and women as a victim-sex.

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ProMaleCollectivists continue flooding the internet with completely incomprehensible and weirdly blurry memes

I don’t know quite how they do it, but every time I take a peek into the ProMaleMemes subreddit I find yet more examples of memes that break every rule of meme-making, and then some.

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Men’s Rights Redditors are cheering the end of Roe v. Wade — except for the ones who realize an abortion ban will hurt men too

Not a popular opinion on the Men’s Rights subreddit

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, some of the loudest MRAs are celebrating the apparent end of Roe V. Wade with an outburst of mean-spirited gloating. “This is great news,” declares syedalired21.

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If your girlfriend is a feminist, run for the hills, antifeminist Redditors recommend

Typical feminist

So a couple of days ago a Redditor stopped by the Antifeminists subreddit in search of some advice. Seems his girlfriend is a feminist, and by golly she won’t shut up about it. “[S[he’s giving me a hard time and headache” wrote yournftmaker, “what should I say or do ,hellpp.”

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