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How to protect yourself from witches, sorry, I meant feminists, at work

Typical feminist on her way to work

Over on the Antifeminists subreddit. one of the brethren asks his subreddit-mates for their best advice on how to deal with feminists at work.

“My daily job requires communicating with a wide range of people,” writes haaq14.

Among the most entitled are feminists and the Karen’s.

So fellow brothers of this sub, can you give me some general rules and precautions that I should follow.

The answers vary, but all are alike in their assumption that feminists are as dangerous as witches, or perhaps man-eating tigers.

“Rule #1,” announces EngineeringDry6717. 

Do not deal/interact with a feminist.

Rule#2: Do not deal/interact with a feminist.

Rule#3: Do not deal/interact with a feminist.

And so on

“Wear a bullet-proof vest,” recommends ThePigmanAgain.

Others suggest ways to avoid startling the feminists and setting them off.

“Stay professional and remain within your boundaries,” advises 1NearbyAccident..”Don’t expect anything just do your job and get home safely.”

Ckgjfxfcgb is more specific:

To interact with feminist, you have to let them believe they’re better than you. And just listen to the shit that comes out of their mouth and just nod in agreement. Otherwise they’re going to set you up, like they’ll say that you raped them or something.

You know, like they do.

One commenter takes another tack, urging haaq14 to confront the feminists if they misbehave.

“Demand respect,” insists BaldSandokan.

If anyone disrespects you even with rolling their eyes or the tone of their voice you demand respect immediately firmly, but not aggressively and as professionally as possible. But make it absolutely clear that there is no continuation of any discussion until they conduct it respectfully. You must keep your cool, and be respectful. Cold and professional. Don’t try to belittle them, make fun of their behaviour, express disgust or mimick their voice.

There is no situation where it is socially acceptable to disrespect a person that [is] polite and respectful to you.

Stay safe, fellas. And whatever you do, do NOT drink any potions they may try to give you, lest you get turned into a newt.

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9 months ago


Stop threatening me with possibly losing that money and tell me how to fix this.

.45 did not threaten you with anything. They are not your provincial government. They are just a person with absolutely no control over your life trying to help you navigate a difficult system. Those difficulties are not .45’s fault, nor something they have the power to change.

You owe them an apology.

Edit: I don’t know why I let myself get sucked into this vortex over and over. I know what the results will be, and yet I keep pointlessly trying.

Apologize or don’t; it’s your life. I’m not your boss. I’m disengaging from this conversation.

Last edited 9 months ago by Viscaria
9 months ago

@ Viscaria

I don’t need or expect an apology. (Not even sure Surplus was directing his last statement at me in particular.)

And that brings up a weird personality quirk: I can’t think of anyone in the world I want an apology from. I can think of people that wronged me, can think of people I want to apologize to, but not a single person I would care one way or another about an apology from them.

Does that mean anything to anyone? Is that unusual or normal? Uhhh… asking for a friend?

9 months ago

I shouldn’t have spoken for you. I apologize. I got annoyed and ran my mouth. Or hands. Or whatever.

9 months ago

@ Viscaria

You’re fine. Surplus is Surplus.

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