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Semen retainers! Beware the secret agents of Big Porn who use “cleverly placed words” to lure you back to fapland

Don’t let them hypnotize you!

Those who deliberately retain their semen say the practice sharpens their mind and their senses, makes them to smell better, renders them irresistible to women.

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“Computer screens are draining your life force!” declares mystical semen retainer

Don’t let your life force drain out through your eyes!

Today we’re taking another peek into the Semen Retention subreddit, the hangout of some of the most intense NoFappers you can find online. In particular, we’re going to look at a post from someone called RealisticGarage, who has a warning for his semen-retaining brothers: your life force can’t just be drained from your johnson. It can also get drained through your eyes. So, you know, look out for that.

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Nazis, Yes; Tiddies, No: Gab launches “cultural revolution” against porn and lust

Typical porn addict

By David Futrelle

Andrew Torba, who runs the Nazi-friendly “free speech” site Gab, is not exactly a big fan of porn. He banned porn from his platform back in July and regularly inveighs against “coomers” — chanspeak for porn addicts — on his much larger competitor Twitter.

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The Semen Retention subreddit is leaking (and not how you think)

By David Futrelle

A cryptocurrency guru who calls himself Crypto de Medici is celebrating the start of #NoNutNovember by bringing the gospel of Semen Retention to his nearly 90 thousand Twitter followers.

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MGTOW Redditor: “Any woman you encounter is possibly a Succubus. Make no mistake, it wants your semen”

Women out there just being succubi now

By David Futrelle

It’s succubus time again here at We Hunted the Mammoth. Over the years, I’ve run across more than a few weirdo misogynists obsessed with the notion of women as succubi, those (I think) mythical sex demons who disguise themselves as beautiful women in order to seduce men and steal their sexual energy, if not their very souls.

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Feminists push porn to make men weak through excessive masturbation, NoFap conspiracy theorist explains

He used to be an alpha dog. Them he got addicted to porn

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By David Futrelle

NoFappers — they call themselves fapstronauts — give up masturbating to porn because they’ve convinced themselves that it drains them of their “life force” and makes them lethargic and dull-witted.

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