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“Computer screens are draining your life force!” declares mystical semen retainer

Don’t let your life force drain out through your eyes!

Today we’re taking another peek into the Semen Retention subreddit, the hangout of some of the most intense NoFappers you can find online. In particular, we’re going to look at a post from someone called RealisticGarage, who has a warning for his semen-retaining brothers: your life force can’t just be drained from your johnson. It can also get drained through your eyes. So, you know, look out for that.

RealisticGarage starts with an invocation of assorted religions and philosophies that believe there’s a mysterious kind of inner energy that could be called the life-force, and this is what semen retainers try to keep from splooging out into the world when they masturbate.

“When we abstain from releasing our seed we start to accumulate a lot of life force energy,” RealisticGarage begins.

This is literary the breath of life. Chinese call it Chi energy, Japanese call it Ki, Indians call it Prana, in Christian mysticism it is called the Holy Spirit (“the breath of God”), Jews call it Ruach, ancient Egyptians called it Sekhem, etc. It’s there across many religions, cultures and times, so it’s a fundamental truth of nature.

We’ll just have to take his word for it, because the fact that a bunch of religions talk about something doesn’t prove that it’s real.

In occultism (shamanism, witchcraft, etc) black mirrors are used to look into past, future and present (very much the same way as crystal balls are used), but also as a way to communicate with angels, demons, dead ancestors, Jinn, etc.

Huh. I thought Dark Mirror was an excellent if sometimes enormously depressing science-fiction series.

They can be used to send and receive messages. They work like gateways into the etheric realm, very much the similar way as your computer screen works like a gateway into the digital realm.

Wait, what. I hope the etheric realms aren’t as filled with annoying popups and ubiquitous spam as is the “digital realm.”

Our computer screens, and screens of all devices, such as phones and tablets, are made so that they are black mirrors. Just turn one off and look at it; google picture of black mirror and compare.

Whoa dude you’re starting to freak me out.

Ever heard of evil eye (a hex somebody can put you on with simply a look)? Ever felt like somebody is staring at you, then you look there and indeed they are? Ever were upset as a child and all you needed to feel safe and calm was just one loving look from your mother? It’s because our eyes direct energy! Good or bad, depending from intention.

So when you sit there in lust and look at porn or Instagram you are directing some of your life force through your eyes into the black mirror. Then in goes into etheric realms.

Hey, but I needed that life force!

Energy does not just goes out through your seed alone! It goes out also through your eyes. And it goes where the intention goes. If you look with lust at some pornstar and ejaculate, your intention is sending that ejaculated energy into screen at her. If you dont ejaculate, just peek, you obviously dont lose as much, but you still lose a decent amount through your eyes.

So we’re basically spooging life force out our eyes?

But does that energy goes to that pornstar? Probabaly not. Most of these pornstars have not studied occult, so they dont know how to absorb and use that. If they would, they probably could add decades to their lifespan by stealing all this life force from their audience, like succubus. Most likely there is a succubus demon somewhere near her that is licking all that energy up.

Damn those succubi eating my life force!

But there are other entities who can grab that energy while it is within etheric realms. Or redirect it. Maybe these entities are even behind porn corporations. Billions of people are being milked energetically like cows.

So PornHub is some giant mystical special ops mission designed to steal your life force on behalf of demonic entities?

Sexual energy is one big way how to spill that energy through eyes. But so is watching many hours a day of Youtube videos simply cos you are bored. Or watching the news. Or some dumb gossip. None of that is as much of a loss as sexual energy, but trust me, it accumulates over time.

So, wait, should we just go around with blindfolds on to keep from losing life force by watching the news?

Maybe we should read more books. They are not made from black mirrors. And funnily enough neither are screens of eReaders…

Yeah but my tablet, which I use as an ereader, is a black mirror when it’s turned off. I guess I’m just screwed.

But the best of course is to look in the eyes of other people. If you do so with positive intent you can charge them up energetically. People will surround you like moths.

Huh. I’m not sure I even like moths surrounding me like moths, much less people.

But at the very least, stop peeking. And if you do happen to relapse, do it without [any] black mirrors near you. And put some blessing into your intention as you orgasm, not lust. Like that you can actually use energy released during orgasm for positive manifestation.

So if you think noble thoughts about feeding the world when you jerk off you can help prevent starvation?

Doesn’t that kind of negate the whole point of semen retention? I mean, if it’s better to spread your life force around the world shouldn’t you be ejaculating like ten times a day?

Mysticism is hard.

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Ninja Socialist
Ninja Socialist
1 year ago

He should probably skip that looking into people’s eyes bit he was talking about. They might be psychic vampires sucking out his like force while he stares creepily into theirs.

Ninja Socialist
Ninja Socialist
1 year ago

@Chief Manate: the GG crew have been trying to revive their hate mob for some time now. I guess it isn’t much fun harassing women off the net without a bunch of knuckle dragging misogynists to back you up. They long for the mob.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Intergalactic Meani
Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Intergalactic Meani
1 year ago

@Tabby Lavalamp,

Depending on what exactly your expectations are, critters like dragons and basilisks do exist in the real world.

They may not have the same powersets that the mythical beasts have, but they’re still pretty cool beasts in their own right.

OT: apparently a couple of groups associated with the GOP in Texas are now trying to void every last vote cast in the last election, invalidating not only Biden’s win but also everyone in this Congress too. In the process, the plaintiffs referenced The Lord of the Rings, particularly the bit about why Gondor had a steward, and why the US needs stewards now, until the rightful president could regain his position. An editor to the following piece made his feelings known about how Tolkien was being misused at the end of it.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
1 year ago

@Alan Robertshaw:

The Auxiliary Forces is a particular interest of mine. I even submitted a pitch to the radio for a documentary-drama about them. It was called ‘Stop Line’ and was basically ‘what if Sealion had gone ahead?”.

Wasn’t that the premise for Stephen Baxter’s fourth Time’s Tapestry book?

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 year ago

@RedSilkPhoenix: I heard about the Gandalf suits months ago (from Colbert, alpha Tolkien nerd). Didn’t realize they were still going. Persons I know in the legal field who are also nerds were completely falling about laughing.

Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ surplus

Wasn’t that the premise for Stephen Baxter’s fourth Time’s Tapestry book

Hmm, a quick google suggest yes. That’s annoying. Having said that, there are some good post Sealion stories. From It could happen here to SS-GB. But they all seem to skip over the details and take place in a post invasion setting. I wanted to do something based on all the British anti-invasion plans.

Of course one problem with that is, most post war analysis of Sealion says it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

1 year ago

RE: Hallucinations in dim light
I was wondering why my brain was so determined to turn my ceiling fan into a giant spider last night.

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