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Trump celebrates July 4th by tweeting an atrocity of a song celebrating … himself

America’s Narcissist in Chief

By David Futrelle

Donald Trump has tweeted many horrifying things since becoming our Fake President, but none perhaps as horrifying as the … thing … he tweeted out early this morning as a Fourth of July greeting to his subjects: video of a Trump-branded ersatz national anthem sung by an (almost) all-white mega-church choir.

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Did Donald Trump just give white supremacists a big, wet, sloppy kiss?

It’s party time down by the old burning cross

To hear the Nazis tell it, Donald Trump just gave them the bestest birthday present ever, and it wasn’t even their birthday!

“It just couldn’t ever get any better than this, I am telling myself,” The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin gushed. “But I know that it is just going to keep getting better.”

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Vox Day declares Nazism “semiotically useful,” specifies which kind of Jew is ok to him

Theodore Beale: The finest flower of Western Civilzation?
Theodore Beale: The finest flower of Western Civilization?

Racism can be so confusing!

Consider the case of everyone’s favorite racist dickhead fantasy author, Theodore “Vox Day” Beale. Ever since he discovered, two years ago, that his DNA contained enough Native American blood “to qualify for membership in most Indian tribes,” Beale has been using these DNA results to do a sort of end-run around accusations of racism.

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The Red Pill “Documentary” will be showing at a place, and another place, pretty soon

Pursuing solo careers
Pursuing solo careers

Good news everyone! “The Red Pill,” Cassie Jaye‘s long-promised documentary about A Voice for Men that was partly funded by people involved with AVFM and also to a much greater degree by Milo Yiannopoulos fans who want to stick it to feminism, will soon be hitting theaters!

Well, two theaters, in October.


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Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, seeking to offend, tells women to get off the internet

Milo, desperately in need of attention again
Milo, desperately in need of attention again

Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos is less a journalist than a professional attention-seeker, building up his notoriety (and his Twitter followers) though an endless series of calculated outrages designed to delight his fanbase of garbage people while offending pretty much everyone else in the world. But even he seems to have gotten bored with this increasingly stale schtick.

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