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The Red Pill “Documentary” will be showing at a place, and another place, pretty soon

Pursuing solo careers
Pursuing solo careers

Good news everyone! “The Red Pill,” Cassie Jaye‘s long-promised documentary about A Voice for Men that was partly funded by people involved with AVFM and also to a much greater degree by Milo Yiannopoulos fans who want to stick it to feminism, will soon be hitting theaters!

Well, two theaters, in October.


The feeling of excitement is palpable at the We Hunted the Mammoth headquarters, though admittedly all of it involves one small cat who for some reason likes to RUN AROUND THE APARTMENT AT BREAKNECK SPEEDS after she poops, and none of it (the excitement, not the poop) involves the A Voice for Men Promo Reel Red Pill documentary at all.

But I can only imagine how excited the general public will be about the film. I mean who wouldn’t be THRILLED by the prospect of seeing a film centered around footage of a three-year-old total failure of a men’s rights rally that seems to have involved a little more than thirty people, with maybe half of them being rally organizers and other AVFM “staffers.”

FUN FACT: In the three years since that “historic” RALLY OF THE CENTURY most of the better-known AVFMers at the rally have ceased to be AVFMers. They quit the band, in other words, and are now pursuing highly unsuccessful solo careers.

In case you can’t read my SUPER LEGIBLE pic above with all the red text on it, here are the highlights, going from left to right, with some helpful links to posts of mine on them.

Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton … seems to have nothing to do with AVFM any more. I don’t know the details.

Dean Esmay quit AVFM, for reasons that are still unclear, and since then has kept quite busy on Twitter and on YouTube, calling women the c-word; calling feminist women of color “Aunt Jemimahs” [sic]; threatening to literally spit in the faces of some of his MGTOW enemies, and offering helpful gardening tips.

Paul Elam, seen in the pic modeling a very fashionable “I Heart FTSU [F*cking Their Sh*t Up]” t-shirt, just up and quit the men’s rights movement, stepping down as AVFM’s publisher (sort of ) and declaring himself a “former MRA” (kind of). He moved on to his next moneymaking venture, A Near For Men — sorry, An Ear for Men — which involves charging dudes $90 an hour to talk to him on Skype. No, really. His Ear for Men videos and posts, which all seem to end up on AVFM, are pretty much the same sort of crap he used to post there.

And then there’s Attila Vinczer. Hoo boy. Vinczer, formerly AVFM’s “Activism Director,” quit the site in a huff, sending fellow MRAs what I described at the time as “a bitter 8-page ‘Dear Paul’ letter full of accusations and invective and enough self-pity to fill a conference hall.” Then, logging back into his old “editor” account on AVFM, he posted a 4600-word screed attacking Elam, on Elam’s own site. It was deleted, but not before someone — who might have been me, I don’t remember — archived it!

Good times.

Actually, if the Red Pill film gets into this stuff, it might end up being worth watching.

If not, well, it should be a very exciting documentary about people who don’t actually do anything about the problems they claim are all-important, and then give up because activism is hard even if you don’t actually engage in anything that could really be called activism.

Over on AVFM, though, the locals are feeling pretty chuffed.

MGTOW-man has high hopes for the film and some thoughts about my underpants.

For most of my life I have wondered why can’t just one person, or one group, or one voice in mainstream television/communications with the real truth to tell make it into the big mainstream discussion to blurt out the lies being told? Why is it that every single time those speaking never are one of “us” who have nothing but truth to tell?

I hope this movie changes this. No wonder Futrell nearly soiled his undies. He knows the feminist bullies may have just shyt and fell in it …with it finally being in plain sight for the larger population to see.

Ray24, leaning heavily on the Milo Yiannopoulos catchphrase “Feminism is Cancer,” has more measured expecations.

[C]ancer has proven difficult to cure and I have my doubts that the societal cancer of radical feminism will be any easier to get rid of. Still, we have to keep working to find cures for killer diseases like cancer and feminism. I wonder which has caused the most pain & suffering & death, cancer or feminism? :-/

Shrek6 is a bit more confident about the feminism-slaying capabilities of the as-yet-unseen documentary:

I bet the bitches or was that ‘witches?’ Nevertheless, the bitches of East-wick, will do all they can to disrupt the public viewing of this movie.

Seriously though. If this movie is 100% balanced, level, fair and dinky die honest smack down the middle, it will still be a mortal blow to feminism.

On the Men’s Rights subreddit, the reaction has been a bit more mixed, but some of the regulars have given themselves permission to dream big.

Imnotmrabut thinks the film could have a big impact on the presidential election — and beyond!

I’m sure that it’s release prior to November will Stir up quite a set of questions for All Presidential candidates, in the media and leave many voters wondering about new questions.

It will also act as a Thorn in the next US president’s side for their first term, and I’m sure it will be delightfully painful for all in politics. Why worry abut just an election when you can have 4 years of the best show in town and some real ass kicking all for free!

EricAllonde, meanwhile, is looking forward to what he sees as the inevitable FEMINIST RIOTS.

If you remember the feminist riots on campus that we saw for people like Warren Farrell, Milo or even Christina Hoff Sommers – the level of violence by feminists trying to block a screening of this film would be multiple times greater. That would provide fantastic publicity for the film.

Note to anyone thinking about maybe blocking a screening of the film, please don’t. It would provide fantastic publicity for the film.

I, in turn, will do my best to ignore the film. After all, there are more important things to focus on between now and November. We have a Trump to beat.

H/T — r/againstmensrights

214 replies on “The Red Pill “Documentary” will be showing at a place, and another place, pretty soon”

That’s neat to know! I wouldn’t have really thought that vitamins would have side effects (short of overdosing on them), but it makes sense that if something does anything in your body it’s bound to affect other systems at least somewhat. Thanks for teaching me something new today!

There’s nothing specific I was really looking for, I just tend to take multivitamins religiously and I was curious about what sort of interactions that might be caused by vitamins in general.

Speaking of McCarty and the anti-vacciners, the daytime TV show The Doctors did an interview back in 2009 with her and a couple of doctors who supported her, including the co-founder of Generation Rescue. Here are two clips from that interview; I don’t have enough time right now to see if the full interview has ever been posted anywhere.

Also of interest to the site in general: according to their website they’ve done a couple of segments on MRA’s. One segment featuring (I’m guessing) a female MRA, another asking if a MRM is really needed. I have not seen these videos, so I have no idea if they’re any good or not. Just thought folks here might want a look, if they so desired to.

I notice in today’s TELEGRAPH there’s an article entitled, The Red Pill: the movie about men that feminists didn’t want you to see.

In it Cassie Jaye says:

I didn’t realise it would get so much resistance,” says Jaye. “But we can now afford an Oscar qualifying screening. This forces a great amount of very prestigious people to watch it.

Looks like attempts to snuff the film out by ignoring it and by not protesting at screenings is going to be woefully inadequate. The movie is already receiving press attn a month out from a screening and positive attention at that.

Equality First, that article is from last year.

Also, you’re complaining that we’re trying to “snuff out” her film by … NOT protesting it?

Perhaps Mx Equality *stifled laugh* is caught in some sorta time displacement field. That might explain why they’re still using that tired ass ‘equality’ shit. That was so 2015

You would have a Stewie pic tho…

@Catalpa: you are welcome. I’m one of those physicians who was drawn to medicine almost as much by a love of arcane knowledge as by a desire to help people, so I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I get to teach people stuff 😉

The only real vitamin/drug interaction that causes real issues is vitamin K and Coumadin. However, calcium and magnesium can both bind with synthroid (and a couple different antibiotics) in the stomach and impair their absorption. Just last week, I was struggling with treating a nursing home patient with hypothyroidism, and then realized that someone had started her on a calcium/vitamin D supplement. Major facepalm moment.

That latter interaction, incidentally, would be of interest to anyone being treated for hypothyroidism. It’s why we recommend taking thyroid pills either a half hour before eating anything else, or at least an hour after eating anything.

With that username and avatar, I knew he was going to be a troll before even clicking on the post.

@wouldn’t know equality if it bit him on the ass

I’ll try to use small words: We don’t want to “Snuff” this out. I for one want it to be as big as The Sarkeesian Effect… Because the mockings and parodies of that clusterfuck provided some of the best lulzs of my life and I’d love to see a round two.

The time feminists spent discussing the Red Pill documentary is a tiny fraction of the time spent by MRA types spent complaining about Mad Max: Fury Road, Ghostbusters, Star Wars: TFA, and anything Anita Sarkeesian puts out.

It’s always so rich when they claim feminists are freaking out about this movie or that protesting a movie is A Very Bad Thing that they are above doing.

This ignoring things and not protesting is activism I can get behind!

In fact, I’ve been doing it for years it transpires.

“What do we want?”
“Nothing at all!”
“When do we want it?”
“That hardly matters!”

The only reason I can imagine someone addressing something in this sarcastic and catty a manner, when it doesn’t directly address them is out of fear it’s apparent you’re salty about it. I can’t really make heads or tails of any of the rest of it, though.

This is great news! Finally we are heading into better times where men can voice their concerns just like us women!

Hopefully this puts an end to the crazy social constructs that the insane nazi feminist movement has created.

I just realized upon posting this that the thread seems to have a moderation before posting system. The outcome will let me know how fair this website is.

To debbie

Then you clearly know nothing about this film or anyone involved in it or talking about another film altogether. Because this film is as relevant to men concerns as sharknado. It instead being a giant self aggrandizing whine fest by a collection of internet bigots pissed that they get called out and exposed for the losers they are.

Second congrats you have chosen the single most predictable and generic anti feminist statement ever. This speaks both volumes to your intellect and what you can bring to the blog that being nothing .

Lastly i suggest reading a blogs posting rules before throwing around baseless accusations but then again your an MRA cheerleader so a persecution complex is to be expected

To Gavin

You clearly no nothing blog nor it’s relation to this film or anyone involved in it because it you did you would not have stated something so ill informed

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