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Did Donald Trump just give white supremacists a big, wet, sloppy kiss?

It’s party time down by the old burning cross

To hear the Nazis tell it, Donald Trump just gave them the bestest birthday present ever, and it wasn’t even their birthday!

“It just couldn’t ever get any better than this, I am telling myself,” The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin gushed. “But I know that it is just going to keep getting better.”

Over on Infostormer, “Marcus Cicero” was somehow even more enthusiastic about Trump’s apparent gift to the far-far-right. “My hands are shaking right now as I prepare this article,” he reported. “I’m just that unbelievably happy.”

So what exactly are America’s white supremacists kvelling about?

Trump is evidently pushing to exclude white supremacists and other far-right extremists from the government’s Countering Violent Extremism initiative, transforming the program into one that focuses only on Islamic extremists, or so White House insiders told Reuters earlier this week.

This might seem an odd policy move to make, particularly at this point in time, only days after a white nationalist murdered six Muslim worshippers in a Quebec City mosque — a shooting more than a little reminiscent of avowed white supremacist Dylann Roof’s cold-blooded murder of nine black parishioners in a Charleston church last year.

If the proposal makes no sense in terms of policy, it makes perfect sense as a sort of under-the-table “thank you’ gift to America’s white supremacists for their fervent support during Trump’s campaign. If that’s the message Trump is trying to send, his white supremacist fans are receiving it loud and clear.

“We helped get Trump get elected, and the fact of the matter is, without Alt-Right meme magick, it simply wouldn’t have happened,” Anglin wrote.

The people paying attention know how much good we did, and they know how much good we can do in the future, making sure young people get on board with Trumpism.

This is absolutely a signal of favor to us.  …

I feel so, so great right now.

“Cicero,” meanwhile, offered thanks to God Himself for the gift of Donald Trump.

Almighty God sent us Donald J. Trump at the fifty-ninth minute of the eleventh hour – that much is certain right now.

He decided at the very last moment that the White Race is truly worthy of salvation from the most gruesome of ends, and gave us the means to finally set ourselves free.

Brothers and Sisters, we are going to win this struggle, and it may very well happen faster than any of us ever thought possible.

My hands are shaking right now as I prepare this article – I’m just that unbelievably happy.

Like Anglin, Cicero sees this as a monumental victory for white nationalism.

This measure would be the first step to us going fully mainstream, and beginning the process of entering the government in full-force without the fear of being attacked, financially-assailed, and intimidated into silence by the nefarious Jews. …

[W]e would at last be able to grow exponentially due to the lack of government resources that currently fund infiltrators, Leftist trolls, and other members of law enforcement that devote their whole lives to holding us back.

Whatever reservations Cicero may have had about Trump in the past have now been erased.

We may have truly underestimated President Trump’s covert support of our Cause … but after this proposal, I am fully ready to offer myself in service to this glorious regime.

I, and most others in the Alt-Right, wish to help Make America Great Again, and it seems as if the Administration understands this on some level.

Comrades, we are now free.

Let us make the best of this once in a lifetime opportunity, and fight to make our land a better place for our children, grandchildren, and White descendants as yet unborn.




So, yeah, if Trump meant this as a message, MESSAGE RECEIVED.

And for the white supremacists, Trump is a gift that keeps on giving.

You may recall the Trump administration’s strange Holocaust Remembrance Day message that somehow managed to not mention Jews.

Word got out yesterday that in addition to putting out the weirdly Jew-free Holocaust message, the Trump White House also blocked the State Department from releasing a Holocaust Remembrance Day message of its own which, of course, did acknowledge that the Holocaust did indeed have something to do with Jews, notably the murder of six million of them.

The Daily Stormer was enthusiastic about the original White House statement and was if anything even more thrilled by this followup revelation.

“This just gets better by the second,” the irrepressible Anglin declared.

President Trump is not only not mentioning Jews in his Holocaust statement, he is actively making sure they’re not mentioned.

I didn’t even ask for all of this. It’s incredible.

We’re only two weeks into Trump’s administration. What horrors lie ahead?

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OT, but hopefully amusing:

Anti-Trump cartoon by Vancouver artist goes viral

The right-wing hypocrisy on this should be amazing.

Also, given that the artist is a woman, I know what her inbox is going to be full of.

Also a bit of an update:

I mentioned a while back that I had an MRI done. Apparently I have an approx. 4mm micro-adenoma on my pituitary. It’s probably the reason my prolactin level is a bit high. I have an appointment soon to see the endocrinologist, I’m expecting to find out more then.

Hmm. I think these yahoos are forgetting tha just like that got put on it the first time, they can get put back on that list again. Especially if they do something nasty and stupid.

It’s dismaying, and I don’t like it, but the fact that they’re off the list is not necessarily a get out of jail free card. It’s not a license to f**k with people. One of the reasons that the KKK stopped harassing black people so much by the 70s, was because of the presence of the Black Panthers arming people, and teaching them to defend themselves.

It’s a whole lot harder to act a fool, when your victims can fight back, and ppl like that are, fundamentally at heart, just bullies, writ large. Bullies attack single people in gangs, or they hit and run. They’ve been talking themselves up, and deluding themselves, that there’d be no armed resistance to their sh**. And my momma always said, “You got to bring some a** to get some a**!”

When the possibility of having a cap busted in their a**es is present, they might wanna rethink f***ng with people.

Fascists want to kill you.

Fascists want to stick you into concentration camps, gas you, then stick your corpses into ovens.

Make no mistake. This is the end goal of Steve Bannon, Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, and their ilk. They will ethnically cleanse this country and declare a crusade against Iran and/or China or die trying.

We will soon find ourselves in concentration camps unless the Fifth Column is purged from society.

“You did it to yourselves! You just couldn’t let us take the things we wanted! It’s your fault!”

Textbook abuse.

Yes because the 1940 nazis only did the things they did was because the whole world and their own citizens rebuked them wholeheartedly. “Why won’t the world let me advocate genocide woe is me : (”

If/when they try to get a crusade against China going, I wonder how long it takes before the white apologist parts of the Chinese/japanese/viet community to sever ties.

“The God Emperor?” From Warhammer 40k?
This guy?

BTW, you’re not supposed to approve of the Imperium of Man in Warhammer 40k. They’re basically medieval Catholic-esque fascists IN SPACE! They’re also cargo cultists – they’ve forgotten how most of their millennia-old technology works and it’s only because of heavily-ritualized maintenance carried out by the Tech-Priests that their gear has lasted as long as it has. They’re only the “good guys” because all the other factions are way worse.

Welp, that hail the god emperor stuff isn’t scary in the slightest… /s

Wait, I have a new gravitar? wtf…

@ MrsObedMarsh
The funny part is that Trump is more like Goge Vandire.
Seriously this is a list of what Goge Vandire did. I have trouble telling the two apart.

Purging all gingers from some worlds populations (no, we’re not kidding).
People from some worlds were forbidden from looking at the sky.
Virus Bombing some planets with gene-viruses to eliminate imagined mutations.
Enslaving all female children below 12 years old.
Setting up Servo-Skulls everywhere to record citizens movements and conversations.
Deciding that some worlds need their ice caps melted.
Building effigies of himself hundreds of metres tall. Some of which were bigger than the statues of the Emperor next to them.

He decided at the very last moment that the White Race is truly worthy of salvation from the most gruesome of ends

Generational demographic shifting is not gruesome. Then again, these people think the Holocaust was good times, so he’s probably just using words he doesn’t understand

Trumpelthinskin needs to learn something about the roles of the USA and its president in the world at large.

The bullshit – very frightening bullshit – he came out with the other day needs to be thoroughly squashed.
The world is in trouble – but we’re going to straighten it out, OK? … at the National Prayer Breakfast no less.

Who died and made him Emperor of Everywhere, that’s what I want to know. Being elected president of the world’s richest, most powerful nation is a pretty big deal. But it’s not being given – or earning, or taking – all the available power in the world.

He sounds like an idiot who was lucky enough to get the largest, most fertile, best-placed allotment of the dozens of plots laid out. Who then promptly decides that it would be better if those people over there were obliged to stick to the untidy pumpkins and other vines out of everyone else’s way, while all the plots near the most important one would be bulldozed flat and replanted with lawns and a couple of his personal favourite fruit and shade trees. It will look better to him that way.

The United Nations and all the various treaties around the world are here to tell you, matey, that those of us who like pumpkins will grow them where and when we want despite you or anyone else thinking them untidy. If you want a lawn with shade or fruit trees, then buy a plot of land and grow them yourself, buster. We’ll grow our roses and our lettuces and our cacti and our sunflowers where and how we please, thank you very much.

Once that’s settled, we’ll have to come to arrangements, agreements – deals – about how we manage fence maintenance or weed/ pest infestations and what happens when an allotment holder gets sick and needs help caring for their plot for a while. And if one allotment holder lets their kids run riot over other people’s freshly planted seedlings or wants to grow something that stinks the place out or that the neighbours are allergic to, then we have to have a way to resolve any disputes arising from those un- or anti-social behaviours.

The world works like this both at the small and at the global scale. It’s always messy and a bit fussy, even when it’s fun and enjoyable. Sometimes it’s cantankerous or people yelling a lot or even getting violent.

But it’s never the job of one bossy-boots – person or country – to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it. That’s why treaties and agreements run into thousands of pages rather than a simple bumper sticker or one word traffic sign.

Sorry. There are some jobs where one bossy boots can call the shots. If Trumpelthinskin wants that kind of a job, then he’d better train up as a choir or orchestra conductor or one of those other, usually fairly technically demanding, occupations.

Of course, even those jobs aren’t the equivalent of emperor-for-life. You only get to be entirely in charge while the orchestra is playing or the trains are shunting or your squad is marching on the parade ground. If your orchestra members think you’re a dill or if your superior officers or supervisors judge that your work is not up to scratch, you’ll lose the job. So your power over other people wasn’t emperor-for-life. It was a job you could succeed or fail at like any other.


Thank you for the link! They also never seem to take into account that plenty of white people (as well as the ppl they hate the most) despise them too, are armed, have military training, and might decide to show up because they love to fight.

Look at Black Bloc.

What’s hilarious to me are those ppl who aren’t necessarily on our side, or even care about black lives, or PoC. They just hate the KKK and like to fight.

Yeah he seems to not understand that other countries don’t need him to Swan in and handle their business. And hey, they got nuclear weapons too.

For some reason Trump seems to think our country and Russia are the only countries with nukes. Did no one tell him that China, India, and Pakistan also have them? ( And probably a couple more since I last clocked this.)

Uh yeah…France and Great Britain. Possibly Israel and North Korea. Hell for all we know some of the South American countries might have access to them by now. (Most of the rest of Europe shares nuclear assets.)

This measure would be the first step to us going fully mainstream, and beginning the process of entering the government in full-force

This is truly scary.


Absolutely. When you think of all the idiotic ideologues rattling on about the State Dept staff who’ve used their backchannel argue-about-policy-differences facility to sign a petition having to toe the line or abandon ship, you shiver.

When you contemplate the notion of 900-1000 qualified experienced international staff leaving or being sacked … and then replaced by swivel-eyed loon bigots like this … the trembling gets uncontrollable.

(Where would you find that many people with the necessary multi-lingual fluencies – apart from knowledge of geography-history-politics – in such short order anyway?)

This is the reason why I, as a Jew, do not feel like it is insane of me to be working on an escape plan. Luckily my mom is Canadian so I am also a citizen. I’m working on getting my papers in order and have been helping my brother with his (my sister is safe in Israel fora while).

I’m a bit concerned about my dad’s side of the family. They are the Jewish ones and since my parents are divorced there is no way for my dad to get citizenship. On the other hand some of them voted Trump so…

ETA: How crazy is it that we are dealing with this in the US in 2017?

Shoot, sorry about the ableist language. I realized too late and can’t edit… My bad, I will try to do better in the future.

capnkrunch: as a citizen, you can get your dad in to Canada, because he’s your dad. Family reunification is a common way to immigrate.

You have to live here though, I understand.

iknklast: I don’t get what they mean by using the future tense there. Bannon apparently wields a huge amount of influence. They’re in government right now.

lkeke35: the openly declared nuclear powers were for a long time US, Russia (or Soviet Union), China, France, UK. Totally coincidentally those are the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

North Korea, India, and Pakistan openly have the bomb. How many isn’t clear.

Israel is widely believed to have a handful of bombs.

Nobody else is rumored to have bombs. Several countries are close, but not interested in building them right now.

Nobody has more than a handful of bombs except the US and Russia. It’s pointless: once you can flatten all your enemy’s cities, you’ve got MAD capability. Building more is just a giant waste.

iknklast: I don’t get what they mean by using the future tense there. Bannon apparently wields a huge amount of influence. They’re in government right now.

Anglin probably loathes to admit that he’s not personally the most important proponent of white nationalism in English-speaking world.

“I didn’t even ask for all of this”

No, you didn’t, Andy. Steve Bannon did, because he has connections and you don’t. You don’t even have the kind of celebrity appeal that Milo has, that Bannon would order Trump to tweet in your defense.

“Oh, but Trump doesn’t mean it, he’s not really a neo-Nazi, he’s just pandering. He’ll drop it the moment he gets sworn in, you’ll see.” – Every brogressive that voted third party because OH NOES COOTIES.



So… Sieg Heil?

This is really, really scary. We’re getting glimpses into the minds of people who promote straight-up genocide as a desirable political alternative, and they really believe they’re the good guys. We’re looking at a new rise of the Nazis, and some people still whine how violent opposition is not acceptable. We have people who would rather see ethnic groups rounded up and deported or even killed, and nobody bats an eye because Nazism is so incorporated into the mainstream.

Yeah, no, Spencer. You all always loved the idea of concentration camps. You all loved the idea of death camps. You all loved the idea of genocide. You wanted all this long before anyone punched you. Like bullies and abusers, you shift the blame on the abused. The punch didn’t change anything in your creepy, evil mind, and you know it.

By the way, notice how the people in your shitty-ass cartoon are both the same color, prisoner and guard alike? That’s because you don’t even consider non-white people human. Even on a theoretical level, you cannot imagine engaging in conversation with what you see as an inferior race. That’s why it’s just two pasty-ass white people talking, with a bit of casual misogyny thrown in to remind white women of their place. Why, though? Have in this ideal world of you all other races gone extinct? What is it you’re trying to tell us, oh propaganda minister?

Richard Spencer, you revolting man. I send you nothing but punches.

I feel petty for locking onto something like this, but I always hate-love how some people will gush about “making sure young people get on board with Trumpism” and then cry “propaganda” and “indoctrination” when anyone on the other side of the fence tries to influence young folks in any way.

It reminds me of some of my classmates from upper secondary. Since I was known to be left-leaning, one of them told me (in history class) that I was unqualified to discuss anything about the Soviet Union or Stalin, because I had been brainwashed at home. The fact that someone or something had taught him that left-leaning = communist/stalinist was of course not brainwashing, because that stuff only happens to other people.

Trump has gotten my husband rattled. He’s a naturalized US citizen. He was born in a largely Muslim country, to European parents who are 75% ethnically European. His birth certificate refers to him as a “foreign national”, and as a citizen of the same European country as his parents.

I’ve been trying to reassure him that he has nothing to worry about. He came to the US when he was 4 or 5 years old, more than 50 years ago. He got US citizenship through his parents.

I dunno, though…I live in a rural part of the US, where there’s subtle predijuce against CATHOLICS. As if, any Catholic alive today, participated in the Inquisition.


You should educate your neighbors about Steve Bannon and his views. Google “Steve Bannon church militant”. I have no idea if that’s be enough to turn them against Trump, but it might be worth a shot.

I don’t really see a lot of room for complacency. If we don’t kick the nazis out, they’re coming for everyone.

I don’t know, I don’t really have a particular one who would be universally accepted by liberal progressives as “good person in all categories ™.” Like I have a few people but I don’t know which one would have Trump sic the national guard on them, then said national guard get lost in a natural disaster. Which would then lead to Trump getting impeached and Sebastion Thor sub would start passing constitutional amendments to prevent anything like Trump from ever happening again.

Ugh, that Richard Spencer comic.

“Hey, you did something that I dislike. I’m going to blame everything I do on that thing. Never mind the fact that I was going to do it anyway.”

The thing that annoys me about alt-Righters, more than anything else, is how self-aware their insincerity is. Lies are not only their mother tongue, but it’s how their internal monologue works too.

Brothers and Sisters, we are going to win this struggle, and it may very well happen faster than any of us ever thought possible.

My hands are shaking right now as I prepare this article – I’m just that unbelievably happy.

The world is against you.

You’re going to lose.

I’m reminded of a picture I saw doing rounds on social media.
It was a NASA photograph of Earth and the text over it was a conversation between two aliens. It went something like this:

“Look, the occupants of this planet have come up with nuclear weapons.”

“Intelligent life?”

“Not likely, they have them pointed at themselves.”

That Milo 4-framer made me chuckle.

The concentration camp one, though…can you say GASLIGHTING? “We didn’t want to do this, honest, but people wouldn’t stop punching us!” — said NO Nazi ever. The original gangsters were quite up-front about wanting to annihilate anyone they saw as the opposition to their Master Plan For the Master Race™. And they certainly didn’t need to get punched before coming up with THAT one.

For this reason, I’d say that punching their ideological descendants is kind of a must.

The horrors that lie ahead probably consist of people who do not oppose Trump well enough being beaten since it’s the only actual violence that keeps occurring since the election.


And it’s times like this that I’m embarrassed to be a Warhammer 40k fan, until I remember that Trump is #notmyEmperor. (My username is relevant here.)

Another thing about that shitty concentration camp cartoon: this is Spencer gloating about putting people in concentration camps for punching him, with some nice victim-blaming thrown in. This isn’t “ironic”. This isn’t “edgy”. He’s literally tweeting a cartoon about the stuff he would do if given the opportunity. Way to make your movement seem legitimate, chump.

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