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Off-topic/Open Thread: Playing solitaire til dawn, with a deck of fifty-one

This is sort of apropos of nothing, but if you’re ever looking for the most cheerful sounding song that’s actually about depression and denial, here it is: The Statler Brothers’ classic “Flowers on the wall.”

Lyrics here. And here’s a later performance of the song featuring a great deal of facial hair, and a brief non-singing cameo by The Man in Black.

Consider this an official Manboobz Weekend Dance Party Open Thread.


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Friday Night Kitten Fight: Cage Match!

I’ve got $5 on the cute one.

kitties off topic open thread video

Happy Patriotic Kitten Day!

Happy Fourth of July! At least for my readers who live in the US. The rest of you can have a happy day as well, but yours will probably involve fewer fireworks.  Anyway, no misogyny today. Instead, here’s a kitten making its own fireworks with the help of an iPad. Consider this an open thread.

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All-Weekend Open Thread Dance Party: Ballet Shopping Edition

Typical women, obsessed with shopping and ballet.

Welcome to this week’s  ALL-WEEKEND OPEN THREAD DANCE PARTY, BALLET SHOPPING EDITION! Talk about whatever you want, post links, etc.

Actually, by special request, there are two topics that are not allowed in this thread: False rape accusations and Andrea Dworkin. All comments referencing either (or both) will be deleted. Party hard!

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Weekend Open Thread Dada Party!

Schampa wulla wussa olobo!

Welcome to the Weekend Open Thread Dada Party. Talk about whatever you want. And don’t worry if some of the words you use aren’t actual words. The Dadaists didn’t care about that sort of thing. Blago bung, blago bung. Bosso Fataka!

Click here or here to hear Kurt Schwitters read some of  his Dadaist poetry. For more on this poem, see here.

Enjoy! Or, as Hugo Ball might have put it, ba – umf.

kitties open thread

All-weekend Open Thread Dance and/or Tea Party!

Would you like a crumpet with your tea?

Post away! About whatever you like!

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Kitty Video Open Thread!

Sometimes, you just have to post cat videos. This is one of those times. The theme today: Cats making adorable noises! Please discuss which of these cats is the most adorable. Or any other topic you wish. Open thread! Kitty videos! Two great tastes that taste great together.

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Now here’s a bar  – the one in the video clip above – that probably could benefit from having a ladies’ night once in a while.  (I rather doubt the ladies would really benefit, though.) That’s why it’s Ladies Night here at the second weekly WEEKEND OPEN THREAD DANCE PARTY! It is also Men’s Night. Everyone comments for free! Post about whatever the hell you want to post about, link to stuff by people you like, link to your own stuff, go wild!

The dance sequence in the video is taken from the dark and wonderful Belgian horror film Calvaire. Which brings me to the questions I’m going to use to start off the thread: Do you like horror movies? Why or why not? If you do, what are some of your favorites?

open thread


Dance, dance, dance!

Man Boobz’ first FRIDAY NIGHT OPEN THREAD DANCE PARTY is now open for business. Most threads here are pretty open, but this one will be even more so. Talk about whatever you want, link to interesting shit, link to your own blogs, go wild!

Or you can talk about this:  Earlier today I was listening to the song Dusseldorf, by La Dusseldorf, one of my favorite Krautrock bands, and I started thinking about bands that write songs referencing their band name in the lyrics and/or the titles of the songs. (In the song “Dusseldorf,” the word “Dusseldorf” is repeated probably a hundred times.) Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple of other bands that have done this:

The Monkees, “Hey hey we’re the Monkees”

Public Image Limited, “Public Image.”

The Fall, “Neighborhood of Infinity,” “Crap Rap 2,” I’m sure others will come to me.

Who else has done this? (I think we should leave out rap, because rappers often mention themselves.)

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