PewDiePie is destroying feminism with the word “simp,” MGTOW Redditor contends

Uh oh, feminism is in trouble now!

By David Futrelle

Remember when “cuck” was the favorite insult of every internet edgelord? Now another old insult has become a new favorite: the word “simp,” which has crossed over from incels and MGTOWs into the wider vernacular, proving more popular than “cuck” ever was.

Like “cuck,” the term is used to denote any guy who’s seen as being too nice or accommodating to the girls and women in his life. It seems to have originated in black slang before being taken over by incels and MGTOWs and assorted other misogynists.

Now the word “simp” has become so popular with misogynistic men and insecure boys that some have convinced themselves that it has the power to destroy feminism entirely. Take this post, for example, which I found in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit today.

The simp meme is destroying feminism and saves the beta boys/men in the making (self.MGTOW)

submitted 6 hours ago by BlizzStrx

Before the meme, men and boys didn’t get called out on their bullshit when they bowed down to their crushes, female friends or female school mates. So these men and boys became betas in the mating game and more often than not they had no father figure capable of fixing them into alpha males. The school girls became wannabe queens and feminists.

Now you have guys like PewDiePie popularizing the meme amongst all the kids watching him. YouTubers talk about simping, etc. Now at school, the meme changed the boys behavior, even. Boys that even help girls get called out as simps. Every action towards them is considered simping amongst dozens of boys. Men finally have a word to call out their bros with.

This is nature balancing things out, maybe.

“Simp” is indeed enjoying a weird burst of popularity right now. But the idea that 12-year-old PewDiePie fans are going to destroy feminism by calling their classmates “simps” for talking to girls seems a tad far-fetched — especially since the idea behind the “Simp” insult is hardly a new one; it’s not like PewDiePie just came up with the idea of guys impugning each others’ masculinity.

And as insults go, “simp” is a pretty ineffectual one; it seems in many cases like little more than an sour grapes attack on boys and men who actually have girlfriends and wives. Just as the word “cuck” came to taint those who threw it around more than their intended targets, using the word “simp” makes one look like an angry, jealous incel rather than a conquering alpha.

The chance someone will call me a simp for writing this? Roughly 100 percent. The chance I will care? Zero percent.

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67 replies on “PewDiePie is destroying feminism with the word “simp,” MGTOW Redditor contends”


…ahem. Apparently with all the caution and self-quarantine, I still ended up rolling snake eyes. Not dying yet, at least.

re: Calexit, are we sure that Republicans wouldn’t welcome it? After all, it means more power for them, especially in the House. While most of them are power-hungry and unprincipled, not all of them are stupid. The stupid ones just really stand out.

Surplus to Requirements: Ontario was not testing anywhere near enough, I think is the main problem. So the scale of the issue wasn’t known.

Quebec wasn’t either, which is why we’re in some crap. We’ve increased test capacity a bunch; I hope Ontario is doing it too? Otherwise you can’t get out of lockdown.

@Big Titty Demon
There are intermediaries, but I’m not sure how many would stand up to Trump. So far almost no one in his party has, and IIRC the military as a whole leans right.

I haven’t discussed Calexit with Republicans, but I have heard that Libertarians favor it. Apparently they forgot how all the techno libertarians live in Silicon Valley.

Yes, it would have been a lot different if they weren’t cishet white dudes, I don’t think anybody really denies that. Granted, they also likely wouldn’t have been able to acquire enough weaponry to make a shootout a serious concern to the police if they weren’t cishet white dudes.

Nobody should forget that the one time the NRA folks started seriously considering gun control was when the Black Panthers were openly talking about arming themselves.

@Surplus, numerobis:
That’s about my take, Ontario isn’t testing enough. And it’s hard to test people in lockdown anyway. That said, just looking at the graphs, it looks promising in the sense that it’s been largely flat for the last couple of weeks; the infection rate isn’t going down, but it’s not ramping up significantly right now either, so I count that as a win. It climbed up to around 200/day in mid-March, stabilized there, spiked a bit at the end of March and then seems to be settling back down.

I know the Ontario sites mention ‘Interpret case counts for the most recent days with caution due to reporting lags’.

Actually, the current file at separates out ‘cases by date of confirmation’ with ‘cases by (estimated) date of symptom onset’. The fact that the former is significantly higher than the latter on most recent days indicates that they’re catching up on any backlog of tests.

@Jenora Feuer

Nobody should forget that the one time the NRA folks started seriously considering gun control was when the Black Panthers were openly talking about arming themselves.

Which really shows Republican priorities. Oppression first, everything else a distant second.

PewDiePie has finally killed feminism dead. It was murdered by the word “simp.”

But wait. Wasn’t the election of Donald Trump supposed to bring about a life of bliss for the MRAs, the incels, the PUAs, the alt-right, the neo-Nazis, and the old Nazis alike? (Not that there’s any difference among these groups. But I digress.) Their assertion, often repeated, was that all their problems would vanish with the ascension of Trump. But if that were true, then PewDiePie wouldn’t have had to step in and murder feminism. I’m getting so confused. It’s almost as if nothing the MRAs, etc., say makes any sense at all.

@Naglfar: Not all of them. There are libertarian technocrats in Silicon Prairie (Dallas/Forth Worth Area, Texas) and Alabama’s Aerospace industry (Hunstville area). I couldn’t give you any numbers, but Silicon Valley is a very large chunk of them, certainly.


PewDiePie has finally killed feminism dead. It was murdered by the word “simp.”

We need a moment of silence. RIP feminism. 348 BCE–2020 CE. I guess we have no choice but to be MRAs now. /s


Yes, we feminists are utterly defeated. Sign me up for the death cult.

At the very least, as a consolation prize does this mean TERFs will take their masks off and stop pretending to care about women?

I won’t use it, but the most not-even-shrug-worthy insult cast at me regularly is the three- or six-letter slur for male homosexual. It made me chuckle at its obvious impotence more than ten years ago and now has entered the territory of less hurtful (and far less humorous) than an insult pulled from some sci-fi trilogy that I haven’t even read.
It’s like being insulted with a foreign slur run through a bad auto-translation: even the intent is, at best, chuckle-able.

My proudest moments are being called “Libtard” (an insult that makes me beam with satisfaction) or “race traitor” (which I’ve only been able to receive three times so far, but made me swell with pride).

Even standard, generic insults from people like this are as hurtful or threatening as someone waving a Red Vine at me via videophone from the Moon.

What pathetic, impotent assholes even the powerful ones are, after all, without their hired muscle.

So that’s what simp was supposed to mean? I thought it was just a generic emasculating insult oh wait it is

Anyone find it funny how, at absolute best, they’re accusing other men of being Nice Guys? i.e. of engaging in a form of abusive male behavior that feminists have been talking about by name for almost 20 years if not longer, and that MGTOWs themselves tend to have a history of?

It’s like they don’t know themselves or their enemies at all.

My 73- year old mom.used to call people simps back in the 80’s. Haven’t heard that word in a long time.

Cypress Hill uses the term ‘simp’
several times in its track “psychobetabuckdown” just FYI…

😉 and probably in other tracks too but it WAS the 90s and early ‘aughts’…

It’s weird that you call out simp for being meaningless, yet use an equally meaningless word: incel. Both of those words may as well mean “anyone I don’t like” for how often they’re used at people that don’t fit the original definition.
They’re such meaningless words that it’s weird how threatened you feel of it. Enough to write a whole article about it, apparently. Basic idiocy on the level of ‘simp’ is best gotten rid of by simply ignoring it. A colorful response is exactly what the people using it want.

The fact that this article was written by an obvious simp, a slovenly, lazy eyed, fat fuck with no ambition outside of trying to impress women by being a “nice guy” is proof that the term is far from ineffectual. It made you rage out and write an article about some dude’s reddit post, didn’t it? Simps are mad because they’re being called out. Naming and shaming simps helps the collective manhood.

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