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Women are keeping their masks on to ward off the “male gaze,” and anti-maskers are losing their shit

Now that the CDC has, perhaps prematurely, given the go-ahead for vaccinated people to dispense with face masks outdoors, you might think the anti-maskers would calm down a little. But the fact that some people are continuing to wear masks despite the new CDC guidance has kept many of the anti-Maskers boiling over with anger.

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Jordan Peterson fans explain catcalling to you

Shy, unconfident men learning how to court women

By David Futrelle

Women complain a lot about catcalling, but do they really understand how important it is for young men to be able to hoot, whistle, and make gross smoochy sounds with their lips whenever an attractive woman crosses their path?

#gamergate antifeminism catcalling empathy deficit entitled babies evil sexy ladies evil ugly women imaginary oppression misogyny

Men oppressed by feminists telling them that maybe they shouldn’t constantly ogle women

If feminists get their way, this will be illegal!
If feminists get their way, this will be illegal!

Fellas! I don’t know if you know this, but we’re living in an, um, let me be sure I have this right, a “totalitarian regime dictatorship of forcing social justice and politically correctness.”

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