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Reddit’s Trump army is furious Amy Schumer is invading the sacred male space of … Barbie

Amy Schumer: Ruining Trump fans’ memories of Barbie

The 4th quarter 2016 We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now WHTM pledge drive continues! If you like, then MONEY pls? SERIOUS THANKS! 

The internet’s angry dude army tends to get pretty worked up when women “invade” what some dudes consider sacred male spaces — like video games, and Star Wars, and comedic films about ghosts.

Now these same dudes are furious at comedian Amy Schumer for invading yet another sacrosanct male space: the world of Barbie.

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A Voice for Men: Hillary is pretty much as bad as the KKK because she liked The Toast!

Misandry: Not so cheerful after all!
Misandry: Not so cheerful after all!

New Hillary SHOCKER!

In the midst of a long, rambling disquisition on how “Hating men is mainstream” posted on A Voice for Men today, some dude called James Jackson makes an accusation that could TRANSFORM THE ELECTORAL LANDSCAPE and WIN THE ELECTION FOR TRUMP.

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