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A Voice for Men: Hillary is pretty much as bad as the KKK because she liked The Toast!

Misandry: Not so cheerful after all!
Misandry: Not so cheerful after all!

New Hillary SHOCKER!

In the midst of a long, rambling disquisition on how “Hating men is mainstream” posted on A Voice for Men today, some dude called James Jackson makes an accusation that could TRANSFORM THE ELECTORAL LANDSCAPE and WIN THE ELECTION FOR TRUMP.

Jackson’s charge: That Hillary Clinton is the REAL BIGOT in this election that we’ve got going on at the moment because she was apparently a fan of a no-longer-updated HATE SITE versus the mens called THE TOAST!!1!

Donald Trump has been criticized for not denouncing and not condemning his racist supporters. He played ignorant when confronted with support from David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan. Yet, Hillary Clinton has received no criticism for actually praising a hate website.


Clinton was a fan of the now-defunct humor website, The Toast, which has been described as the center of “cheerful misandry.”[5]


Even though Clinton is known for avoiding the press, she volunteered to write a glowing farewell address for the website.[6]


It is no surprise to me that Clinton enjoyed a website spouting misandry. She has certainly hinted at her misandry with her constant focus on women throughout her political career.


Do we want a President who blatantly hates half of the population? She even hired two former writers from the website for her campaign. And her closing command in her screed was “keep giving them hell.” Misandry is mainstream and running for President.

Ok, enough ALL CAPS for now.

Anyway, so I went to investigate this “Toast” website and lo and behold there was man-hate COMING OUT OF ITS WHEREVER. Here are some of the articles I found there. Brace yourself!

Oh, and just so you know, I mostly looked at posts with lots of pictures in them because I hate to read.

Extremely Sad Boys In Fancy Dress In Western Art History

A whole post filled with paintings of sad boys!? WHY are these boys sad??!! Hillary. Hillary made them sad.

Women With Snake Boyfriends In Western Art History

Women who prefer SNAKES to MEN? Clear misandry at its worst!

Cats I Would Like To Own In Art, Even Though They Are Probably Dead Now

Ok, this one isn’t really relevant to my argument, I just thought these cats were really really cute.

Women Who Are So Rich They Never Have To Get Up And That’s What Happiness Is I Am Pretty Sure

What about the MEN Who Are So Rich They Never Have To Get Up And That’s What Happiness Is I Am Pretty Sure? Ask yourself that you HYPERGAMOUS FEMINIST PARASITES.

Women Who Are Dating Peacocks In Western Art History

First snakes and now PEACOCKS? What is wrong with good old red-blooded HUMAN MALES I ask you.

Unsatisfied Women In Western Art History

Why are they unsatisfied, oh yeah because women are never satisfied those smug hypergamous bitches.

Gleeful Mobs Of Women Murdering Men In Western Art History

SEE, SEE!! How much clearer can the hatred be??1!!

Dogs I Would Like To Own In Art, Even Though They Are Probably Dead Now

Ok, so obvs cats are way cuter than dogs normally but these dogs are super cute and one of them HAS SAUSAGE LINKS DRAPED OVER HIS LITTLE DOGGY NOSE.

I realize this probably doesn’t help my case but SAUSAGE LINKS.

Let’s Make Meat Loaf A Lesbian Icon

Ok, I didn’t read this one, because words, but it’s about Meat Loaf the ROCK LEGEND not meat loaf the DELICIOUS LOAF OF MEAT, and let me just say it is wrong for lesbians to try to take either kind of meat loaf away from men to whom both kinds of meat loaf rightfully belong and I can’t believe that Hillary would support this kind of misandry.

Misandrist Lullabies

Ok, this one has words in it too, luckily not too many, but come on it mentions misandry in the title!!

And then it has things like this in it:

Three little kittens they lost their mittens,
And they began to cry,
Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear
Our mittens we have lost.
What! lost your mittens, you naughty kittens!
Then men worldwide shall die.
Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow.
Yes, men worldwide shall die.

Oh, oh, and this too!

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,
That’s my name too.
Whenever I go out,
The people always shout,

I rest my case!

H/T — @TakeDownMRAs on Twitter, who is not me

45 replies on “A Voice for Men: Hillary is pretty much as bad as the KKK because she liked The Toast!”

Misandry is mainstream and running for President.

In all fairness that would be a great tag line for a movie.

I wish that The Toast was around to misander some more. 🙁 I loved that site.

Ah well, at least I have the archives…

Yep, a silly website is exactly identical to terrorizing and murdering physical people with a disfavored skin color. I’m so glad AVFM is here to make these things clear for me.

The Toast once asked What would I do for Klondike Bar.

And that’s why I now hate all men.

Admittedly, Misandry flavored Klondike Bars are goddamn delicious.

Now I’m sad because I’ve been reminded again that The Toast is defunct. 🙁 Damn, that was a brilliant site.

So wait…the KKK are bad now? I thought the menzes were all in favor of old-fashioned bigotry of every kind.


your hatred for dogs disgusts me

My Gaea is like ‘hold me back, bro. Hold me back!’ 😁

Oh, oh. “Cheerful misandry”? No wonder AVFMorons hates it. The only thing worse than being a misandering misandrist is being cheerful about it…or cheering for it! Misandry is only supposed to be humorless and unenthusiastic, don’tcha know?

Aww, now I remember again just how much I miss the art history posts on The Toast, as well as each and every issue of Dad Magazine. *sigh* 🙁

@Michael P

Where’s Mallory Ortberg landed since The Toast shut down?

I don’t know if she’s doing other things, but she’s the new Dear Prudence at Slate.

I was a big fan of The Toast and was really sad to see it go dead. Mallory Ortberg and her friends did a great job needling MRA’s and demonstrated time and again that the MRA ego is so fragile, it goes into a complete meltdown at even the mildest humor. (Once again begging the question: who is it that can’t take a joke?)

Anyway, I believe what provoked a particularly intense ire of the manosphere were these two things:

1. Jess Zimmerman’s Where’s My Cut? On Unpaid Emotional Labor

It’s an amazing read from beginning to end, so go read it now. You don’t have to agree with the author’s argument, which she expresses half-jokingly, anyway (but only half-jokingly), to see her fundamental point about how much women have to put up with simply because it’s a womanly obligation. You can imagine the fits of rage this inspired in the manosphere.

2. A link to an essay about “80 books no woman should read” , which was itself a comment on a list published in Esquire of the books every man should supposedly read. Yup. Men who would rather gnaw their limbs off than read anything written by a woman, because it’s written by a woman, were very disappointed in women for suggesting some male authors aren’t worth our time despite being very, very male.

Re. that second item, I agree with everything Mallory Ortberg and Rebecca Solnit said about male writers’ shitty treatment of women (up to and including homicide) being something that actually sells books and propels them to the height of literary recognition (they are “edgy” and complicated, you see; for a man to be flawed is to be interesting; for a woman to be flawed is to be dismissed as a “psycho” with nothing worthwhile to say, at best). I would just point out one more dimension in this (as a former lit major): the older I got, the more puzzling I found this Serious Literature principle that there is some sort of deep meaning in resentful male promiscuity and emotional distance. Hence the endless, cliche’d, boring, pointless sagas of someone’s restless penis traveling from woman to woman to woman, and scholars interpreting them as either tales of heroism or existential self-discovery. Way I see it, it’s the macho version of the romance novel. I don’t have any problem with anyone enjoying this stuff on a personal level. What I do have a problem with is the belief that there is some philosophical, universal, humanitarian dimension to this self-serving fantasy of sexual and emotional squalor. Sex isn’t rocket science; the protagonist in “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” isn’t inventing the cure for cancer by compulsively cheating on his wife (while expecting her to stay faithful because of reasons — which she totally understands, because like I said, this is a world of macho fantasies). It’s not these books’ existence that irritates — it’s the double standard. Anne Rice’s novels are considered trash; Jack Kerouac’s a masterpiece — even though, quite frankly, why a fan of neither, I’d much rather read Anne Rice. Women are expected to express an appreciation or literary approaches to human experience made from an unapologetically male point of view; that point of view is presumed to be objective and universal; but anything written from a female point of view (to say nothing of issues important to women) is either niche literature, or, more likely still, automatically dismissed as both stupid and hostile to men.

Anyway, I’m done with my rant, happy Friday.

Oh my God, the Meat Loaf article was perfect. Why has no one thought of this before? Meat Loaf, we could have saved you!

(On a slightly more serious note, dammit Meat – if you’re going to do something wrong, at least do it right. There’s no excuse for getting up to sing with Mitt Romney, and singing badly.)

Speaking of sausage dogs.

If anyone remembers, a while back I mentioned stapling a bunch of expired Slim Jims together into a long rope, for the purpose of making a miniature dachshund jump skiprope with it. Needless to say, this experiment was a massive failure. However, here’s evidence that the events at least took place.

The failed dog was then seen fleeing the scene on a pool float.


Good dog, 14/10, certified brilliant and best, give them all the Slim Jim–or better yet, give them real food.

Good doggo. Yes, yes, good pupper. Give them lots of belly rubs the next time you see them for me, please.

90/5 goooooood pupperoni, yes.

I love that David’s post seemed to be channelling Mallory Ortberg 😀
Out of all the goodness on The Toast, I think my favourites were the “women doing X in western art”, and yes, the two monks.

@Amused – brilliant stuff, thank you.

@IP – the photos are even better than the original story. I bet the wee dog misses you!

@Jack & Mish

I will probably not see this pup again until at least next summer. 🙁 Heartbreak!

Do we want a President who blatantly hates half of the population?

…says the man who will be voting for Trump.

Aww, the Toast is no longer updating? 🙁

So now I’ll have to rely on just The Mary Sue and The Rumpus for my now-and-then dose of artsy-literary misandry? (…No, also got a print subscription to The Room, a Canadian journal publishing writing by women or genderqueer people. So – also misandry. But we all need more misandry in our lives. Plus snarky captions for paintings.)

Sarcasm may be present in my use of the word “misandry”. 🙂

Hence the endless, cliche’d, boring, pointless sagas of someone’s restless penis traveling from woman to woman to woman, and scholars interpreting them as either tales of heroism or existential self-discovery.

Now I totally want to write this book, The Adventures of the Adventurous Peen.

Of course they hate The Toast, it was awesome. My personal rul is that if these jerks hate something it’s then it’s definitely amazing. Like fury road, TFA, ghostbusters. They really miss out on the best stuff.

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