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The demons are back in NoFap-land

I blame the devil for this terrible movie poster artwork

They’re back. The lusty demonesses, the soul-sucking succubi, even Mr. Scratch himself — they’ve all found their way once again to Reddit’s NoFap community. And the natives are having none of it.

In the NoFapChristian subreddit, an energetic gentleman called IshanGotTheEnergy has taken it upon himself to warn his fellow non-fappers of the dangers of giving in to “demonic” porn, which he has done in a series of posts with titles like “Pornography and masturbation LITERALLY HAVE DEMONIC ORIGINS,” “How I know for certain that porn is demonic,” and “Your Temptation is YOURS but pornography is the devils (CLARIFICATION POST).”

Ishan, who offers no evidence for any of his assertions, informs his fellow anti-jerkoffs that porn had its origins in “satanic” ceremonies conducted by ball, sorry Baal worshippers:

I saw some porn while scrolling reddit today. It was tempting for me to keep watching or click the link to go and watch it. Instead I chose to report into nofap Christians and let everyone know that it is straight up demonic and everyone should avoid it.

Before the internet, porn would be performed by satanic priestesses in public as a form of satanic worship of Baal. That is why porn has that weird energy that pulls you towards it. The pull it has is energetic. And what it wants is your seed and for you to sacrifice your energy to it.

You’ll never guess who it is who wants your seed the most.

The energy you spend releasing to porn gets used by the devil. He rejoices when this happens. The darker forces enjoy this and feed off of this energy. Don’t give it to them. Save it for sexual inter course with the correct person.

In another thread, he repeated his dire warning.

Look up the history of pornography. It used to be sex acts performed outdoors by Baal’s satanic priestesses and looked upon by crowds (what do you think those crowds were doing?) cmon guys! This whole industry is ABSOLUTELY SATANICAL! Get it through your head. Reprogram your minds to view it as a sin and you will stop relapsing!

As it turns out, the NoFapChristian commnity has no trouble seeing porn as a literally demonic temptation put before them by the literal devil.

But the best response came from a fellow pursued by demons on his favorite porn sites. Typical_Problem884 wrote

This is good information. After 6 years of not watching porn, I relapsed this year. But lately Ive been noticing very demonic things in porn videos. I’ve noticed a girl who I wanted to watch had a 666 on her shirt in one video, and it made me turn off the browser. Then I relapsed and again was watching another one, and in one of the videos I saw her wearing little horns, and turned off my browser again. Then today I relapsed again and was watching another girl, and again came across a video where she was wearing lagre bull/Devil horns.

There seem to be a lot of relapses going on here, dude.

And I looked down and one of the recommended videos was made by a channel name “demonic lust”. After this I ended up on this Reddit page just now to see if anyone else has a feeling that the girls in porn are demonically controlled.

rhodigian replied

You had the grace of seeing those poor girls for what they are now: prisoners and possession of the devil.

Blessed be the Lord, who can free us and them.

Typical_Problem884 replied by insisting he hadn’t been searching for any of that demonic porn. It came to him.

That is true, because I wasn’t watching some wierd niche of demon porn. It was regular girls, but many of them had a pull towards demonic objects, symbols. This is making me think about what I’m doing. I really want to be free from porn addiction.

Go forth, my son, and jerk it no more.

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Full Metal Ox
6 months ago


Gluten reduced diets should not be dismissed as a fad universally. People with coeliac disease need them, and I find the practice of some help, as I am a Parkie.

My apologies if I came across as dismissive—and I quite understand what you’re talking about. What annoys me is the tendency to (A) assume that a given diet that benefits people with specific conditions is the One True Way for everyone, and (B) anoint Food Angels and pillory Food Devils—because these things come and go in fad cycles, and it sucks when the bottom drops out of a diet fad that actually suits your needs. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in the late 90’s, just as a massive low-carb fad was surging: things like Progresso escarole soup existed, artificially sweetened chocolates flooded the market, and 7/11 offered not only sugar-free ice cream but a choice of flavors. I rode that wave while it lasted and hoarded those products when, sometime in the early 2000’s, they abruptly went on clearance before retreating to the Special grocery aisle, once again a niche market.

I hope this doesn’t happen with gluten-free products, and that you continue to have access to things like quinoa, buckwheat, and whatever else you find useful.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
6 months ago

> Porn has been around since prehistoric times; Baal worshipers didn’t invent it.

It’s long been the tradition in Christian thought to say that any god worshipped beside their particular one/three is actually either Satan or a demon.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
6 months ago

The “The Devil in Miss Jones” illustration is what one might call ‘Mafia guy‘s nephew’-art, a sub-type of ‘nephew art’ that (if I remember correctly) Bill Griffith identified as endemic to small business logos across the nation.

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