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Return of Kings: Men are being oppressed by “ugly minority girls” winning beauty pageants

Magnolia Maymuru
Magnolia Maymuru

The assault on the world’s beleaguered male majority continues, at least in the tiny minds of the readers of lady-hating internet garbage fire Return of Kings. The latest insult to all that is male and good?

Regular RoK contributor David G. Brown answers that question loudly and clearly in the title of a recent post:

Ugly Minority Girls Are Winning Beauty Pageants To Satisfy The Diversity Agenda

His evidence? Two non-white women he doesn’t think are super hot won state-level contests in the Miss America and Miss World pageants: Magnolia Maymuru, an Aboriginal woman who won the title of Miss Northern Territory, Australia in the Miss World pageant; and Arianna Quan, a Chinese-American woman who won the Miss Michigan title in the Miss America pageant.

As Brown sees it, both of these “winners’ (he puts the words in quotes)

are so unbelievably plain and even ugly that the “beauty” in beauty pageant should have been removed from the contests they each entered.

Actually, for what its worth, the Miss America pageant already has removed the word “beauty,” famously referring to itself as a “scholarship contest,” while Miss World likes to talk about “beauty with a purpose” and the charity programs their contestants support. But most people think of them as beauty contests because, well, that’s basically what they are.

The real point here is that Brown is complaining that these pageants, to some limited degree at least, reflect the diversity of the real world, a complaint that seems especially ironic when applied to the Miss World pageant, given that every single country in the world contains some portion of people who are not white, and that in many countries these “minorities,” as Brown calls them, are actually, you know, the majority. Shocking, I know. While the Miss World pageant started off with all-white winners, it has awarded numerous women of color the crown since the 1960s.

Racists may think of the US and Australia as “white countries,” in which white men should have a lock on political and industrial power and white women should have a similar lock on beauty pageant crowns, but the world is a bit more complicated than that.

Nearly a third of those living in Australia’s Northern Territory are indigenous Australian people. Meanwhile, there are 18 million Asian-Americans living in the US, nearly 6% of the total population. God forbid one of them win a pageant title once in a while.

Now, to be fair, Brown’s complaint isn’t that women of color have been winning beauty contests; it’s that “ugly” women of color have been winning beauty pageant titles. So how exactly does he determine “ugliness?”

On the street, neither of these girls is going to turn heads. Another test, whether women would want to look like them or straight men would want them, would also result in very few takers.

Has he done some sort of scientific poll to test either of these propositions? Nah. He’s just taking his own preferences and projecting them onto the world around him.

Brown insists that he’s not being racist, because, as it turns out, some Chinese people think Quan is ugly, too! An article on Shanghaist (discussed in a Roosh V forum thread I couldn’t bring myself to read) reports that “the reaction from Chinese netizens [to Quan’s crowning] has been overwhelmingly negative with many writing in to criticize her looks.”

Brown is quick to use these Chinese critics as, yes, a shield to protect himself from accusations of bigotry. “In the case of Quan, the biggest criticisms came from her ancestral homeland of China,” he writes.

Chinese netizens need not fear the kind of racism accusations that would be leveled at white Americans questioning whether she deserved the Miss America title for one of America’s most populous states … .

But from the comments Shanghaist quotes it’s clear that the issue isn’t Quan’s deviance from some universal Platonic ideal of beauty; it’s that she looks too “American.”

“She’s ugly AND she isn’t Chinese,” one Chinese commenter wrote of Quan, who was born in Beijing. “This is probably the American standard of beauty,” wrote another. “She looks exactly like Mulan in Disney.”

Yep. Chinese people can be parochial bigots, too.

As for Maymuru, Brown is convinced that political correctness is cowing potential critics into silence.

Media coverage of Maymuru’s crowning was ecstatic, namely because, in the words of many racial quota-leaning commenters, “it was about time” that an Aboriginal Australian won such a title. Few online respondents dared to call her unattractive due to the near certainty of them being labeled as racist bigots. 

Brown has no need to worry on this front. The author of such lovely previous posts as 3 Reasons I Will Never Apologize For Being WhiteOnly White Countries Are Expected To Let In Hordes Of Illegal MigrantsWhy Isn’t Anyone In The Establishment Talking About Jewish And Asian Privilege? and The New Star Wars Movie Spinoff Reaffirms Disney’s Hatred Of White Males has already made pretty clear how he should be labeled.

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5 years ago

Oh, sorry, I didn’t see what you wrote before. I was wondering whether to be a sale geuele carries any suggestion of being un dur which is maybe a bit like being a tough guy, a hardarse?

5 years ago

I apologise for my previous comments about Amber Heard.

I said she is ‘bland’ which I do not think is denigrating her appearance, but obvs opinions vary.

I have seen that she donated her settlement to charity which scuppers the whole ‘golddigger’ theory – I did not believe or disbelieve it, but I did not think that outsiders could really know what happened there. I used to be a big fan of Depp and it was horrible to read that, and I have had to review the way I see the man I have followed (not literally) for over 30 years.

In no way was I trying to deny IPV, which I know only too well is devastating to body and mind.

4 years ago

Its not his personal opinion on beauty its just that he isn’t blind and most people know what is beautiful and what isn’t . She may be nice on the inside but its a BEAUTY pageant. There are as you said 6% Chinese in Michigan then why not to let a beautiful Chinese woman win? Yes Chinese should and must be represented but the beautiful Chinese. Otherwise you are saying there aren’t better looking Chinese women. Very true – neither one of those girls will turn heads on the street. Its not “my opinion”. I lived on is earth for long enough and there is nothing wrong with my eyes or my mind.

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