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Roosh: Hillary will usher in a “techno-matriarchy” and ban talking to women in public

Roosh V, trying out the "grizzled prospector" look
Roosh V, trying out the “grizzled prospector” look

With their “God Emperor” way down in the polls, some of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters are beginning to face the fact that Hillary Clinton will quite likely be the next president of the United States.

Or should I say the next techno-matriarch?

In a post on Return of Kings, Trump supporter and “ironic” rape legalization promoter Roosh V warns his Trump-happy readers that if The Donald doesn’t win in November, Hillary Clinton will usher in a new dark age for dudes.

All men will be negatively affected under a Hillary presidency in one way or another, meaning that the globalist boot is fast approaching our faces.

After assuming office, President Hillary Clinton will

move to establish a techno-matriarchy where men are second-class citizens to any female, [and] ensure that no movement or organization will be able to challenge her or her establishment cronies ever again. This isn’t a trivial matter of getting banned from a web site like Twitter or Youtube—many of you will be forced to escape the country for no other reason than you happening to be a man who found himself on the wrong side of the establishment.

New laws will ban men from doing man things, like pestering women they don’t know on the street.

Talking to girls in public will be illegal harassment or “hate crime,” and be enforced any time you make a girl feel bad for whatever reason, even if you merely stare at her the wrong way (such laws are currently being beta tested in the UK before wider rollout). Blatantly discriminatory “gender equality” laws in the workplace will lower the incomes of all men so that less qualified females can receive job positions and promotions at male expense.

Meanwhile, those brave souls (like Roosh) who speak up against the New Girl Order will be ruthlessly repressed.

They will target us, the alt right, alternative media, patriot groups, survivalists, traditionally conservative groups, and anyone else who strongly supports Donald Trump, tradition, or masculinity. The purpose of acute attacks is to psychologically break down, impoverish, and imprison those who have a powerful ability to counter the narrative or those who have the strength and organizational skill to resist tyranny with arms.

Wait, what?

Sorry, my head is still spinning a little from Roosh’s quick slide from “countering the narrative” to literally launching an armed revolution against a freely elected government. 

Shooting people because you don’t like the results of a free and fair election is not a form of free speech.

But Roosh still holds out hope that a matri-Hillary-archy can be avoided. If Trump wins, he declares,

I predict that a masculine renaissance will occur … where men can once again focus on their own individual goals with Trump as a patriarchal role model.

In Trump’s America, Roosh will be able to get back to what he does best, advising men how to date-rape women after giving them a fake name meet possible future wives.

I would devote more of my energy to helping men successfully pair bond with women, like I started my writing career with, instead of having to play political defense as masculinity becomes retroactively classified as hate speech.

Hillary cannot be elected soon enough.

Also, FYI, I’ve also been speaking to the same “insiders who understand the globalist master plan” that Roosh boasts he’s been speaking to, and they have revealed to me that in the coming techno-matriarchy all men will be forced to do weird dance routines under the supervision of girls in referee outfits. They even showed me footage of one secret training camp:


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7 years ago

I have to believe that Roosh’s purpose in life is to serve as a constant reminder that ingesting paint chips is never a good idea.

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