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Roosh V: “Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men.”

Hey Ladies! This man wants to be king of your castle
Hey Ladies! This man wants to be king of your castle

The repulsive pickup guru and wannabe philosopher of “neomasculinity” Roosh Valizadeh has long made it clear that he has a problem with women making decisions about their own lives, whether that decision is picking a college major — or saying “no” to sex with him.

In one notorious post, he explained to his readers that, as he sees it, a woman’s “no” pretty much never means “no.” Only if she uses the magic word “stop” does he stop. But he doesn’t think she really has a right to use that word, because, in his mind, once a woman “gives” him an erection, she owes it to him to finish the job.

“A man’s nut is sacred,” he wrote, “and for her to impede that should be criminal. I’m serious.”

Given all this, it perhaps should not come as a shock to hear that Roosh thinks women should have their right to make decisions taken away from them altogether, not just when he’s trying to get his “nut.”

In a blog post with the blunt title “Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men,” Roosh sets forth his thesis:

After a long period in society of women having unlimited personal freedom to pursue life as they wish, they have shown to consistently fail in making the right decisions that prevent their own harm and the harm of others. Systems must now be put in place where a woman’s behavior is monitored and her decisions subject to approval of a male relative or guardian who understands what’s in her best interests better than she does herself.

As Roosh sees it, the whole “woman having control over their own lives” experiment has failed, and it is time to return to the good old-fashioned patriarchy that had previously served us so well. In this golden age, he writes, a woman

was not allowed to study any trivial topic she wanted, sleep with any man who caught her fancy, or uproot herself and travel the world because she wanted to “find herself.”

He’s really stuck on this whole women-choosing-their-own-college-majors thing.

And he’s also deeply offended by a woman’s right to take sexy selfies, interact with men in ways he does not approve of, watch TV shoes he doesn’t like, and, of course, with her ability to control what food goes in her mouth.

When a female lacks any urgent demands upon her survival, what behavior does she pursue? Obsessively displaying her half-naked body on the internet, flirting with men solely for attention, becoming addicted to corporate-produced entertainment, and over-indulging in food until her body shape is barely human. …

Once you give a woman personal freedom, like we have in the Western world, she enslaves herself to one of numerous vices and undertakes a rampage of destruction to her body and those who want to be a meaningful part of her life.


Never mind that men do all these things too, and that men in the US are actually more likely than women to be overweight or obese. Maybe men need to have their rights to make decisions about their own lives taken from them as well?

Roosh is also angry that women get to choose when they get pregnant, whom they marry, and whom they vote for — invariably choosing the candidate “who is more handsome and [who] promises unsustainable freebies that accelerate the decline of her country.”

Really? When I look at politicians in this country, “handsome” is not really the first word that comes to mind.

But never mind, because to Roosh this is all proof that a women’s right to make significant decisions about her life and the world should be taken away from her and handed over to the nearest man. Pretty much literally.

Men, on average, make better decisions than women. If you take this to be true, which should be no harder to accept than the claim that lemons are bitter, why is a woman allowed to make decisions at all without first getting approval from a man who is more rational and levelheaded than she is?

Lemons are sour, not bitter. But let’s ignore this little glitch in his logic and continue on,

So which men get to make decisions for women? As Roosh sees it, there are two possible ways his plan could work.

I propose two different options for protecting women from their obviously deficient decision making. The first is to have a designated male guardian give approval on all decisions that affect her well-being. Such a guardian should be her father by default, but in the case a father is absent, another male relative can be appointed or she can be assigned one by charity organizations who groom men for this purpose, in a sort of Boy’s Club for women.

She must seek approval by her guardian concerning diet, education, boyfriends, travel, friends, entertainment, exercise regime, marriage, and appearance, including choice of clothing. A woman must get a green light from her guardian before having sex with any man, before wearing a certain outfit, before coloring her hair green, and before going to a Spanish island for the summer with her female friends.

Roosh’s second “option” is just as flesh-crawlingly creepy.

A second option for monitoring women is a combination of rigid cultural rules and sex-specific laws. Women would not be able to attend university unless the societal need is urgent where an able-minded man could not be found to fill the specific position. Women would not be able to visit establishments that serve alcohol without a man present to supervise her consumption. Parental control software on electronic devices would be modified for women to control and monitor the information they consume. Credit card and banking accounts must have a male co-signer who can monitor her spending. Curfews for female drivers must be enacted so that women are home by a reasonable hour. Abortion for women of all ages must be signed off by her guardian, in addition to prescriptions for birth control.

Welcome to 1984, ladies! Big Brother will be watching you! Or perhaps your own big brother, if dad’s not available.

While Roosh acknowledges that “my proposals are undoubtedly extreme on the surface and hard to imagine implementing,” he thinks they’re necessary to protect Western Culture from the barbarians.

The barbarians, in Roosh’s scenario, are all those brown people from other countries who are entering our country.

Allowing women unlimited personal freedom has so affected birth rates in the West that the elite insists on now allowing importation of millions of third world immigrants from democratically-challenged nations that threaten the survival of the West.

Roosh declares that he’s making “these sincere recommendations not out of anger” but because they would be the best thing for Western Women, including the women in his own family. “They would not like it, surely,” he writes, “but due to the fact that I’m male and they’re not, my analytical decision-making faculty is superior to theirs .. .”

I’m not sure many people are going to be agreeing with you on that, dude. Your “analytical decision-making faculty” is pretty much shit.

Those who like to pretend that Roosh isn’t as terrible a person as he so clearly is may assume that he is being “satirical” here, as they said about his at-least-half-if-not-three-quarters serious proposal to supposedly end rape by making it legal on private property.

But these proposals are entirely consistent with the reactionary, misogynistic worldview Roosh has set forth in countless previous posts. Most of the commenters on his site, last I checked, were taking this post seriously, many of them agreeing with him.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, Roosh himself states, in the top comment of his own post, that

this article is not satire in any way. I firmly stand behind the recommendations I made.

We can only hope that the increasingly blatant evidence of Roosh’s repugnant extremism ends up alienating his more casual readers, those who’ve somehow convinced themselves that his “teachings” simply offer awkward men “self-improvement” tips to help them navigate the dating world. Because he’s not a self-help guru; he’s a reactionary ideologue and rape-enabler with increasingly obvious neo-Nazi sympathies, pushing his own misogynistic brand of far-right hate.

Let’s do what we can to grease his inevitable slide into irrelevance.

142 replies on “Roosh V: “Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men.””

Dear Roosh: they have a country like you describe. It’s called “Saudi Arabia”.

I recommend you go there forthwith, because I’m the sort of awful person who wants to see you get 100 lashes for “spitting game” at a woman in a burqa.

“Addicted to corporate-produced entertainment”? Sure Roosh, and you and your lackeys are Amish from the 19th century who’ve never bought a CD, DVD, movie ticket or paperback in your life.

Didn’t you know that The Matrix was produced on a shoestring Canadian Film Board grant by an anarchist culture collective? Why, some of the manosphere’s most revered cultural figures, such as Jack Nicholson and Sean Connery, are so non-corporate and obscure that I don’t even know their names so I’m not sure how I even typed them just now!

His dislike of brown people coming to America seems more than a little ironic when you consider that what he’s proposing is to basically turn America into Saudi Arabia, which is full of brown people.

I swear, all the Islamic State would have to do is allow beer and bacon and they’ve have a whole new set of recruits in the manosphericals.

As we’ve discussed before, the recruitment techniques of groups like ISIS share a lot with the MRA world.

“At a loose end? Feeling angry and frustrated? Let us explain why it’s all somebody else’s fault”

There’s been some interesting research into why teenage girls have started going over there. When you see what they take its almost mystifying; leg wax and spare knickers.

It seems there’s no real religious or political motive; it’s all about the glamour. These girls see the young jihadi men in the same way that some western girls considered Che Guevara as a bit of a pin up.

It’s funny that Roosh loathes corporate entertainment so much. Considering the fact that he pandered to gamergate and tried to create a blog that would aid their quest to protect corporate video games from the scourge of indie developers.

Fucking hell, every time I think he can’t get more disgusting…

Allowing women unlimited personal freedom has so affected birth rates in the West that the elite insists on now allowing importation of millions of third world immigrants from democratically-challenged nations that threaten the survival of the West.

Hey, remember when Piece of Shit (as I am now referring to him) was trying to convince people that he only gets hate because he’s an Arab/Muslim? Looks like he’s abandoned the pretense of not being a white nationalist.

You know, there was quite a long period of history where the average male couldn’t sleep with anybody he wanted, travel all over the place, or whimsically study “trivial topics” either. As in, most of human history. Is Roosh proposing to return men to this golden age too, or just the ladies?

For all his whining about how childish and out of control women are, I can’t think of anything more childish than being at the mercy of your libido because you can’t be bothered to control it. I can’t think of anything more childish and irrational than turning yourself into an exiled, unemployable, clownish shitstain so you can chase your “nut” all around Europe. Roosh’s life revolves around his penis and his momentary, base pleasures. Literally every decision he makes is dick-driven. He’s incapable of handling a mature adult relationship, much less marriage and kids, and he knows it.

Maybe this is a cry for help. He’s projecting really hard because he knows he screwed up his life irredeemably and needs a minder to help save him from descending further into the gutter.

“You know, there was quite a long period of history where the average male couldn’t sleep with anybody he wanted, travel all over the place, or whimsically study ‘trivial topics’ either. As in, most of human history.”

Ah, but you’re forgetting that believers in the Dark Enlightenment, like believers in reincarnation, always want to imagine themselves as kings, pharaohs and emperors, never serfs, peasants and slaves.

Alan – Ooer, just as well Wells never got his wish with Bromley for then we may never have got David Bowie!

@ Ellesar

I accidentally maligned Bromley. It is in fact Woking that Wells hated. They’re easy to mix up though, both pretty bland.

Woking does of course have the cool Martian Tripod.

all of this talk about ‘getting your nut’ inspired me to try and think of ways in which scrat’s quest for the acorn in ice age was somehow a metaphor for power-hungry misogyny no matter what the cost, especially once he got a female competitor and was relegated to furniture-shoving duty after acquiescing in the power struggle and giving up sole ownership of his ‘nut’

oh god that sounds just stupid enough for someone to take it seriously and make a six paragraph post about it on their blog

If you ever want to know a situation where I would take up arms, put Roosh’s dystopia into action.

-Tabby Lavalamp

Ditto. This is why western feminism has so much to learn from the women fighting IS. I know gun rights, the 2. amendment, is not popular to bring up, here. But I WILL say this: Push comes to shove, the government may not be able to protect your rights, it may need your help protecting them – or it may even be an accomplice in trying to take them away. What the future brings is never certain.

A lesson from the WW2 holocaust goes something like “if someone say they want to kill you, believe them”. I’d say the same goes for enslavement.

Men like Roosh. Believe them. Prepare for them.

That’s a lot of words to say “I think women should be attractive for me and drop their pants to fuck with me when I want.”

Check out Roosh’s smirk. He loves, loves, loves the attention he gets for his stupidly tedious videos.

And he doesn’t mean a word he says about chaperoning women. He’s far too selfish to pay attention to anyone other than himself, unless it’s to get sex or money, so he certainly doesn’t want to do it. And I just can’t see him wanting other men to chaperone women because then those other men would gain status, possibly at his own expense.

So he’s writing fiction. Very, very bad fiction, informed by Nazi politics.

My best guess is that he comes from a wealthy family, and they subsidize his world trips, computers, restaurant meals, relocation to Poland, hiring a ghostwriter for his books, nice-looking clothes, haircuts, dental care, and so on. I just don’t think that he makes that much from his books–most writers have to work a day job. And I certainly don’t think that an occasional audience of 30 men for his lectures is going to cover his rent.

He’s a phony and he’s unemployable and he’s desperate for attention, whether sexytime attention or not.

Hilariously, the most recent post on Roosh’s blog is about how through his 20s he had ill-advised sex and ate at McDonad’s every other day because he had no self-control. If only some rational woman had been around to manage his life…

Roosh may not be a paranoid schizophrenic. I’m not qualified to diagnose him, especially over the internet– but I consider him to be proof positive that a bona fide paranoid schizophrenic could easily gain a following in the manosphere. This is not satire in any way.

This is why Poe’s Law was made – you could not distinguish this from a sufficiently skilful parody.

I cannot help but think that he is a desperately unhappy man, regretting his choices and where they have taken him yet too afraid to make the changes that would lead him to a better place. And yet, I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him. Because he’s horrible.

”including choice of clothing” …so ladies never dress sexy because only menz are allowed to show off..

and oh never ever have sex. You know, thats evil and makes you evil and dirty and all that.

Roosh is not a serious person. Nothing in his post would fly with anyone outside of his MRA circle of jerks.

He looks a little like a brown immigrant himself, in my opinion.

At what point does the stuff Roosh is saying tip into that “Domestic Extremist” or “Hate Preacher” territory?

He keeps banging on about how he hates Freedom, and Western Culture in general, he once claimed to be a Muslim, he has a fanatical following, has clearly been inciting others to rape women and is affiliated with several other members of hate groups… he’s held up mass killers like Elliot Rogers as examples that his Rooshites might follow “any day now”….

I’d have thought the CIA might be interested in sniffing around him by now*, what with that War on Terror and all. If not for the rape stuff, then for the “wanting to impose Sharia Law” thing which seems to be the gist of this post.

*not literally, of course, the smell would be more offensive than his opinions! Ha ha.

And I’m not really saying that this should turn into an Islamophobic witch-hunt, but, like… Roosh is definitely just cribbing from all that stuff we’re supposed to find antithetical to Good Old ‘Murican Patriotism. He’s like a cheap-n-nasty discount Anjem Choudhary in some respects.

How does he expect to retain his KKK buddies if he keeps carrying on like this, though? Hmmm, just keep on ladling on the cognitive dissonance, boys! Don’t stop to think, it could only result in injury!

But Roosh, what about your “career” as a serial date rapist? Wouldn’t the enslavement of women in this manner effectively put a stop to that?

Yeah, I’m in agreement with those who’ve said that he doesn’t believe a word of this shit, and that it’s just a desperate cry for attention. That doesn’t make writing and promoting this filth any less offensive and wrong, though. He knows he’s getting a bunch of misogynists whipped up into a hate frenzy, and he loves it.

After a long period in society of women having unlimited personal freedom to pursue life as they wish, they have shown to consistently fail in making the right decisions that prevent their own harm and the harm of others.

[Citation needed]

God it’s a good thing I’ve never been in the same room as Roosh because I honestly don’t know if I could restrain myself from literally beating the shit out of him. And honestly that piece of shit isn’t worth going to jail over.

@Felix Ray

Please take a look at the comments policy—if you aren’t internet diagnosing, then it shouldn’t be too hard not to claim Roosh as an example of mental illness.

I know this is the least of Roosh’s problems, but did he get stuck in a time warp? Who the hell says “nut” for ejaculation in 2015?

Don’t want to lower myself to the gutter level of debate that the MRAs delight in, but:

Yo! Roosh! You sure look like you’re trying to save up a helluva heap of loser points. Why don’t you go and join forces with some Uber-losers in some authoritarian or indeed totalitarian dictatorship somewhere, to help you cash them in? Like, how about becoming a token cadre in North Korea? I’m sure any fringe radicals who share your views will get sick of you in the end.

Hell, why do I bother. He only listens to poor little fratsickles whose edgy and achingly hipster-innovative words give him the loving, tender sympathy he needs to sustain him in this hard, hard world, right?

Hate to break this to you, Roosh, but not only do women have no time for you; men don’t want you or need you either. The way you talk, it’s as though you want people to see you as some utterly forgettable frat boy cameo from a junked Animal House sequel that never even made it to VHS because the tape wanted to spew you out the moment it was subjected to the ignorant malevolence you just seem to want to spurt across the room every time you open your mouth.

Just face it Roosh, the way you are talking now, you won’t gain any more credit from any man worth the name (which should bother you), let alone any woman (which should bother you just as much). It’s as though you know already, and that only makes you angrier. Just freakin chill, would ya?

I don’t know how Dave has the patience to write about you people. It’s fun for a while, but every now and then, it grinds too much.

But I will return and laugh again Roosh.

At you.

Not with you.

Yeah, TLDR, I know. Not unlike someone too far from home. And it sure as hell ain’t Dave. More like a certain MRM moral crusader with a chamberpot on his shoulder.

I worked in a women’s college on the Arabian peninsula (not Saudi), where women are under permanent guardianship of a male relative.

I well remember the 11 year old boy who took it upon himself to announce that it “was not suitable” for his 26 year old sister (a Masters Degree student with a good career in banking) to go on a college trip.

It resolved itself, as she was supplying his pocket money and threatened to cut off funds if he didn’t sign the papers. But it left a certain taste in the mouth…

When I was about 8 or so, I, too, thought something similar: I thought that little kids like me should be the ones in the household making all of the important decisions, as parents kept messing everything up with their whole “bath every night” and finish your homework before dinner” regime.
Seriously, if little kids like me had rightly ruled every home, then parents would not do stupid things like work (so they could spend more time playing and watching cartoons, my fave pastimes), they would not go to icky doctors (nothing fun ever came of that), we would all eat wtf ever we wanted, whenever we wanted (because left up to parents we were eating SHITTY vegetables and sometimes boring desserts), and frankly parents just didn’t know what was up. I was 8, I technically knew everything there was to know, and grownups just knew how to be giant drags.

Roosh reminds me now of an eight-year-old me. Not because of the scrawny, shapeless body or the obvious aversion to taking baths, but because he suffers from the I-belong-to-a-certain-demographic-therefore-I-should-rule-ALL-other-demographics-because-mine’s-the-obvious-smartest-and-best-equipped-to-do-that-‘n-stuff.

But I outgrew being 8.

He reminds me of my dad. I wish I was kidding.

I’m really glad that my dad was never driven to build a tiny, stupid media empire on his horrible ideas – our family served as the crumple zone between his mind-blowingly toxic beliefs and the rest of society. It sucked to be us, but at least I can rest easy knowing that dad probably never inspired anyone to rape a woman. My heart goes out to Roosh’s family, wherever they are (sincerely).

You’re right. If someone gets arrested for something, a lot of innocent people end up with a sentence; sometimes a life-sentence. But it also applies to people who spread hate. It’s worthwhile remembering that people close to him are suffering too. ‘Hey, is your son the guy that…’ ‘Um…’ It’s really sad.

Its things like, “Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men.” that have me believing that Roosh’s “Canadian Feminists are Islamophobes” video is for real and not just trolling. He mentions in that video that his father is a Shia Muslim and many of his ideas about traditionalism and masculinity come from him.

Any comment on this:

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros sues the network. In her lawsuit she says: “Fox News masquerades us defender of traditional values, but behing the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-likw cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misoginy.”

A lot of what Roosh said in his article are true.

Since women had been given their freedom to become like men, they have used it to destroy themselves and others who care for them. Women’s thinking process are like that of overgrown children and they are completely useless at serious decision making.

However, going back to the stone age is a far fetched fantasy. Not gonna happen. I’d rather propose that we breed more Trumps in our men of today; more straight men who will defy false accusers of sexual harassment, and more men who will be able to look them in the eye and say “GO TO HELL”

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