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Roosh V apparently gives talk to small group of men ashamed to show their faces in public, declares victory

Roosh V: Either he's just given a talk or he's being held hostage by a couple of dozen dudes
Roosh V: Either he’s just given a talk or he’s being held hostage

Almost universally despised pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh — you may know him from such hashtags as  and  — is declaring victory after apparently giving a talk in Toronto to a couple of dozen guys who are too embarrassed or cowardly to show their faces in public.

Yesterday, Roosh posted the picture above to his Twitter, complete with a newspaper to prove the date, black censor squares over the faces of alleged attendees who evidently don’t want anyone to know that they were part of Roosh’s great victory, and weird dark lines around his legs that make it look like he’s been pasted onto a random pic of some random dudes in a hotel conference room, but whatev, sometimes crappy pics are just crappy pics.

Assuming the pic is real, Roosh’s fans are apparently afraid that the dreaded #SJWs might do to them what Roosh and his pals have been energetically doing to any of Roosh’s enemies they have been able to identify. That is, doxxing and slandering them online. (Never mind that the only person with a public doxxiing operation here is Roosh.)

On Roosh’s forum, his anonymous fanboys celebrated Roosh’s alleged victory and their own alleged heroism. One poster, naming himself after an Ayn Rand hero, was so excited he couldn’t even type straight:

I was at the speech. I was at the Q&A. I was at the dinner. The feeling was electric all of us men, collectively, started to understand neomasculinity.. the what it feels like to be a neomasculinist. …

BRAVO Roosh, and congrats to my fellow brothers for such flawless execution of an exercise planned with military precision.

Another anonymous friend of Roosh offered his enthusiastic support:

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Battle of Montreal and Toronto.

This is a stunning victory for freedom of expression, and freedom of speech.

He went on to dis the dozens of people who actually showed up in public to protest Roosh’s speech. (You know, without black squares over their faces.)

These twisted individuals claim to be so collectively hurt, so vulnerable, and so down trodden…this latest protest was a perfect public demonstration of their collective mental illness, and their attempts to destroy any trace of strong masculinity left in the culture.

When you speak to them (especially the men), you realize how their spirit has been completely broken and warped by modern culture, outrage porn, and digital technology addiction. I found the men within this group far more pathetic than the females, which was amazing. I truly believe that the men present did not understand what they were protesting, but attempting to solicit attention for their own narcissistic goals.

I was honestly expecting them to begin burning a copy of George Orwell’s “1984,” and talk about how some “freedom of speech” shouldn’t be “free.” However, their protest was so feeble and limp wristed, it didn’t even have the energy of a four day old cup of coffee, sitting abandoned outside of a tim hortons rubbish bin. 

Well, ok, Mr. Overextended Metaphor Man.

Another alleged attendee reported:

Words can’t really describe the feelings we all had following the lecture (my third, following Washington and New York and worth every penny). So many exceptional men and ideas were shared on Saturday and well into this morning. It was great to meet everyone in attendance and those who came out Friday night …

This is a testament to the discipline and drive of many strong willed, intelligent men who have learned game and who do not give up in the face of adversity. 

“You went toe to toe with the universe, and you won,” added yet another guy who posts online under a pseudonym.

If by “won” he means “convinced hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and around the world what a creepy rapey asshole you are,” I guess Roosh did win.


Still another declared:

I think RooshV could be the next president in the next 10-15 years.

Uh, the president of what? 

And if you can’t think of a country that might possibly want to have Roosh running it, I have some suggestions.


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7 years ago

When did Roosh admits to being a rapist? I’m gonna need a citation on that.

He’s also not an MRA…

But don’t let facts get in the way of your moral outrage.

7 years ago


Roosh has defeated the universe!… Something something… Sauron defeating Roosh… something something

Something tells me Roosh would be fighting on Sauron’s side. Something tells me that Sauron would at least make good on a promise to make rape legal after he’s got the ring back.

7 years ago

@Alan Robertshaw

I may actually know someone who is a registered Notary and a voyeur. Multiple someones now that I think about it, although beyond the first, I’m purely speculating about the others. 😉

7 years ago


HTBS, is that you?

When did Roosh admits to being a rapist? I’m gonna need a citation on that.

Here you go:

And before you start, no, admitting to rape does not require the person to flat-out say that they’re a rapist. What Roosh is describing there is rape, according to the legal definition, no matter how much he’d like it to be called sex.

Bonus! Here he is calling for legalization of rape:

He’s also not an MRA…

Who said that he was? At no point has David said he only covers MRAs on this blog, doofus.

And what difference does that make, anyway? Are you here defending Roosh or MRAs? Because both are pretty pointless endeavours.

But don’t let facts get in the way of your moral outrage.

What facts? All you’ve provided are non sequiturs. Also, it’s Roosh fans who seem to be the ones doing the whole outraging thing. But thanks for making an ass of yourself.

0/10, would not sealion again.

7 years ago

@JBear, Mina, is that you?

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