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Saturday Fun Time Racist Cartoon Contest feat. Pitbull and @DeanEsmay

Hey ottist, draw this!
Hey ottist, draw this!

Cartoon contest!

This morning, on Twitter, “Married MGTOW” and famous angry Tweeter @DeanEsmay asked his followers to draw him some cartoons.

So far, no one has responded to his queries, so I thought I would give him a little signal boost:

All lives matter! Especially the lives of bigoted white dudes!

But, hey, if you’re uncomfortable with the weird racial undertones of Esmay’s requests, feel free to mix things up a bit. Instead of Archie Bunker being mocked by SJWs, you could draw Ralph Kramden being celebrated by anarcho-capitalists, or Ward Cleaver being ignored by Basque separatists.

Instead of a white homeless man being laughed at by black suburbanites, you could have a Korean homeless man being sung to by Germans who live in a treehouse.

You can include cats, too, if you want.

PS: I lied about Pitbull. Sorry.

EDIT: And the awesome Shaenon Garrity has come through with her take on Archie being oppressed by a SJW.


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6 years ago

@ alan- lol, well now the game has started a tsunami and is sweeping into North America.
Oh, and I lost the game

6 years ago

For the record, the Mac comic is legit and a print can now be purchased from the official site:

6 years ago

David – late getting back to you.

I am English and have watched the right films to be fully aware of the context. I last saw it in a pub window around 1996 – think it was meant to be a joke. Didn’t find it funny.

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ Ellesar and David

It’s also the title of John (Johnny Rotten) Lydon’s autobiography.

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