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Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) warns women who comment on his Facebook ripoff site that he just might kill them for it

ManBook founder: No girls allowed!
ManBook founder: No girls allowed!

The last we heard from Men’s-Rights-adjacent eccentric Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c), he was falsely accusing an Ohio University student of being a false rape accuser and posting her personal information on the internet.

Now he’s back in the news again with an exciting new social media venture. While Paul Elam takes on the world of publishing with his Possibly Still Unnamed Publishing House for Men Who Don’t Write Good (not its real name), Nolan(c) is taking on an even bigger target: Facebook.

Nolan(c), who for complicated crackpot reasons now goes by the name Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c), has just launched ManBook, his version of Facebook, but for men only. While ManBook might look to the world like a glorified blog, Nolan(c) Boehm sees it as a viable alternative to the alleged misandrist tyranny and “censorship” of “fascist book.”

Well, unless you’re a woman. If you’re a woman and try to post on ManBook, Nolan(c) Boehm(c) explains, he has the right to kill you.

Nolan(c) Boehm(c) explains this rather strict comment policy as follows:

We have asked politely for women to not register but you are registering anyway. This shows total lack of respect for our right to freedom of association. We do not wish to associate with women in this place. Period. …

We would ask you women to respect our rights as you wish your rights to be respected. If you are unwilling to respect our right to freedom of association do not expect men to respect your right to life. Ok?

So far ManBook is little more than a collection of blog posts by Nolan(c) Boehm(c) with a smattering of comments, but the site has gotten a bit of media attention, inspiring posts on Raw Story and Jezebel, mostly because of that whole “killing women” thing.

While Nolan(c) Boehm(c) is clearly delighted with all the traffic that his new notoriety has brought him, he doesn’t feel he’s getting a fair shake on the whole “right to kill women who post comments” deal. In a post today, he responded to one critic with this, er, clarification of his philosophy:

[Y]ou have to love the fact that he actually encourages women to go and join the site thereby encouraging women to violate the right of freedom of association. This is why men are now starting to kill women more often in divorce. Because men openly encourage women to violate the rights of other men and then pretend to be “horrified” when the men defend their rights with force, up to and including deadly force.

But, you know, if you’re a dude, Nolan(c) Boehm(c) would love you to sign up for his wannabe Facebook-killer site. You can even log into his site … using Facebook.

ManBook is not Nolan(c) Boehm(c)’s first attempt to take on an internet giant. He is also the man behind a little site called A-MAN-ZON. THE politically incorrect store for MEN.

… which also looks suspiciously like a blog. I’m not even sure that there’s a way to buy anything on the site. There are no links to actual products or categories of products on the site’s main page, and a search for books turns up one online “book” that you can “buy” for free.

In a welcome note on A-Man-Zon, Nolan(c) Boehm(c) can’t help but come back to the whole evil-women issue:

Stop spending your money with men who will sell products and services to men and then take that money and give it to women to spend on lawyers in  the divorce courts until the man is so harassed and so broke that he decides to kill himself like Robin Williams did this week.

And the FIRST such man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigot that I recommend men stop spending money with is Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is one of the worlds biggest man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigots.

Jeff Bezos openly employs tens of thousands of women who have committed crimes against fathers in divorce courts. He is completely un-apologetic about that.

Despite the name, Nolan(c) Boehm(c) makes it clear that women are allowed to buy from A-Man-Zon — at least if they are

“good women” who are “man enough” not to be “offended” by other peoples opinions … #WomenAgainstFeminism are welcome to be buyers of products and services here.

So he apparently has no problem accepting women’s money — just their opinions.

EDIT: Added links, fixed a few proofreading things.

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8 years ago

What puzzles me is that the marks for this con hear the grifter tell them about this shell account and believe them. Why wouldn’t the grifter have gotten his* own seekrit gummint money, then?

*I’ve done some reading, and haven’t seen any women promoting it.

7 years ago

Recent victim of Nolan’s online Bullshit. Had my contact details released to the public on his site because of an email response to an article I posted [had no clue who the guy was at the time] followed by slanderous comments and threatening emails to post more about me. Currently in the process of reporting to the police, this person is so far beyond help it’s ridiculous. Listing a different name below so I can remain anon

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