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A Voice for Men's Janet Bloomfield libels Anita Sarkeesian with an obviously fake "screenshot" of a Tweet that never was

Janet Bloomfield: Unapologetic asshole. Profile picture for one of her Twitter accounts.
Janet Bloomfield: Unapologetic asshole. Profile picture for one of her Twitter accounts.

EDIT: Bloomfield says she found the screenshot on Facebook. Details below.

Janet Bloomfield – A Voice for Men’s compulsively lying “social media director” – is at it again.

A couple of months back, Bloomfield – who goes by JudgyBitch1 on Twitter – decided for some reason that she could best serve AVFM’s social media directing needs by straight-up libeling feminist writer Jessica Valenti – by making up inflammatory quotes and attributing them to Valenti in a series of Tweets. She later boasted in on her blog that the quotes – which she admitted she’d conjured out of thin air – had inflamed hatred of Valenti and caused her to catch “a bit of hell.”

Now Bloomfield is pulling the exact same stunt again. This time, her target is feminist cultural critic and #GamerGate bete noire Anita Sarkeesian.

On Saturday, Bloomfield tweeted an obviously doctored “screenshot” of a tweet that Sarkeesian never made.

Screenshot here in case she takes it down or gets tossed off Twitter again; here’s another screenshot including replies from JB’s fans.

How do we know this is fake? Well, whoever made this fake screenshot made one glaringly obvious mistake: this Tweet is way too long to be a real tweet. Twitter, as you probably know, has a strict limit on the number of characters you can use in a Tweet. 140. This fake tweet has 218.

Here’s what happened when I typed the same text into Twitter myself: as you can see, I went over the limit by 78 characters. That’s, uh, a lot.



As you can see, the “Tweet” button is disabled; it’s simply impossible to post Tweets that are too long.

Looking back through Sarkeesian’s Twitter timeline, I found the real Tweet that she posted at 2:32 PM on the 29th of September.

As you can see, not only does the time match, but the numbers of favorites and retweets is roughly the same as well; there have only been a handful more added since the fake screenshot was made. Whoever made the fake tweet obviously just screenshotted this real tweet and then pasted in new text using the same font used by Twitter.

The sheer incompetence is astounding.

Did Bloomfield make this Tweet herself, or did she simply pass along a fake screenshot she found somewhere else? Well, Google Images couldn’t find any other instances of this fake screenshot on the internet; Bloomfield appears to be the first person to post it. Which suggests that either she or someone she knows made it – or someone else made it and sent it to her, and she posted it on the internet without checking to see if it was real.

Given her proclivity for making up quotes and attributing them to her enemies, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that I think she had something to do with creating the fake screenshot.

EDIT: Bloomfield says she found the screenshot on Facebook, on a page called Feminist Crazy Quotes, where it seems to have first appeared. Here’s her Facebook repost of it. It’s not clear where Feminist Crazy Quotes got it, as I can’t find any other instances of the tweet on the internet using Google Image search. It’s still not clear why the supposed “social media director” of AVFM, a woman who seems to spend half her life on Twitter, would not immediately realize that the Tweet was way too long to be a real Tweet.

If you scroll down through the responses to Bloomfield’s tweet, you’ll notice that Bloomfield’s fans ate this blatant deception right up; inclined to believe the worst about Sarkeesian, they easily convinced themselves that this preposterous, overlong, literally impossible tweet was real. And Bloomfield was in the thick of it, egging on their hate.


When one #GamerGater noted that the quote seemed a bit much, even for the hated Sarkeesian, another commenter pulled out the “radfem” card.

It goes without saying that Sarkeesian is not, in fact, a radical feminist.

When a few other tweeters pointed out the obvious – that Sarkeesian’s alleged tweet was in fact way too long to be a real tweet – Bloonfield fell back on the same “logic” she used when she was called out for making up quotes about Valenti: well, she may not have said this, but doesn’t it sound like something Sarkeesian would say?

No she wouldn’t. She didn’t. If she had, you wouldn’t need to use a fake screenshot to demonize her.

Amazingly, even after the tweet had been revealed to be fake, even after JB was reduced to claiming it was a “Poe” – just as she did with the fake Valenti quotes – the hatefest continued on, with dozens more tweets from JB’s peanut gallery denouncing Sarkeesian for her imaginary racism.

Here are just a few of them:

One more prudent Tweeter suggested that Bloomfield might want to take down the blatantly fake screenshot, if only to protect herself.

Ironically, while going back through Sarkeesian’s timeline to see if I could find the Tweet that was used in the screenshot, I ran across this:

And while most the overwhelming majority of this defamation comes from angry men, some of it comes from angry women – like Janet Bloomfield — who are every bit as dishonest and abusive as their male counterparts.


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blahlistic (@blahlistic)

“scuse me, Bloomfeld

7 years ago

Oh, jeez! I may have to sign back up to Twitter, just to watch the show!

blahlistic (@blahlistic)

Will prolly start unicorn fart deluge tomorrow, tonight I let my brain be one with the oatmeal…Transcendental vegetation…

7 years ago

Get ready for some tempermental argumentation!

7 years ago

I remember when judgybitch commented on Slate, back in the day when Slate still allowed comments. It was pretty much what you’d expect, but one day, she commented on the issue of school districts that prohibit parents from sending foods to school containing peanuts or peanut products.


She so furiously foamed at the mouth about peanut allergies being the problem of people who have them, so hatefully protesting the minor inconvenience of only giving her kids peanut-free snacks, a creepy thought occurred to me: without that no-peanut policy, judgybitch would be putting peanuts in EVERYTHING she sends to school, and probably smearing her kids in peanut oil, too, just so she could stick it to those kids who have peanut allergies and their “entitled” parents. Because what good is having unfettered access to stuff that can put another child in an ICU unless you get to use it and thereby show you are superior or something? You know, misogyny is one thing. I am convinced that it’s reflexive for a lot of people who have merely been conditioned that it’s normal and don’t know any better. But lamenting that you can’t poison a bunch of kids? That’s just straight-up as evil as it gets. She isn’t stupid, she isn’t misguided, she isn’t deformed by her middle-class neighborss disdain for her stayathomemomness or whatever; she is just fucking evil. She hates people, pure and simple. Misogyny is just a subset of that overwhelming hatred; organized misogyny is an outlet for it.

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