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Was Janet "Judgy Bitch" Bloomfield kicked off Twitter for posting a picture of a cake? I don't think so.

Ce n'est pas un gâteau: archived tweet from Janet Bloomfield to a half dozen prominent feminists.
Ce n’est pas un gâteau: archived tweet from Janet Bloomfield to a half-dozen prominent feminists.

So our old dear friend Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield — you know, the A Voice for Men PR gal best known for her habit of calling people “whores,” including the underage victims of the late, disgraced British “entertainer” Jimmy Savile —  has been suspended from Twitter, for reasons unknown.

Bloomfield, for her part, is suggesting that it might have to do with some cakes she was baking. No, really:

So it seems that my account on Twitter has been suspended. I find that odd since most of my most recent tweets have been about baking a wedding cake. Not exactly controversial. I suspect some sort of automatic response was triggered when a lot of people simultaneously reported me for abuse but I have no idea.

Naturally, Bloomfield’s comrades at A Voice for Men have spun this as “Judgy Bitch was censored for a cake!”

And in her most recent post, Bloomfield seems to have decided to go with this “explanation” as well.

Yeah, somehow I don’t think that was it.

Let me offer an alternate hypothesis: Bloomfield was suspended for sending threatening and harassing Tweets to assorted feminists on Twitter and/or for spamming Twitter with graphic images of a baby boy being circumcised.

Now, this is just a hypothesis, but I do have some evidence that seems to back it up.

While Bloomfield’s “JudgyBitch1” account on Twitter is suspended, as a helpful reader pointed out to me, you can still see some of the pictures she’s posted to Twitter in an archive over on

If you go there you’ll see a mixture of pics and broken pic icons. The pics that remain seem to be pics that she’s retweeted; the others are ones she tweeted directly, and most link back to her suspended account.

But there’s an interesting thing about these broken pic icons: if you click on them, some of them will actually load.

So what does a little bit of clicking reveal?

Well, in addition to a few pics of the cakes she’s been baking, we find pics featuring threatening language and imagery directed at feminists. Like the one I posted above.

We also find a graphic picture of a boy being circumcised, which she reposted several times, and which I imagine violates all sorts of Twitter rules.

Most of her pics, alas, won’t load. But somehow I suspect we’d find a few more like these in the bunch.

And if it’s not always clear what photos she posted, it is clear that she has her own little army of followers who are happy to spam feminists with these pics. Here’s a link to an old post of hers archived on Topsy showing various JudgyBitch fans all sending Jessica Valenti the same hostile message and the same (now deleted) pic. Somehow I suspect it wasn’t a picture of a cake.

Here are other harassing tweets sent by Bloomfield to Valenti, most of them retweeted by her fans:

These are just in the past ten days.

Going through these pics not only suggests that AVFMers are being dishonest in how they’re trying to spin Bloomfield’s Twitter suspension; it also reveals a lot about the workings of the Great Internet Lady Harassment Machine, Twitter edition.

Consider this tweet I ran across, which tries to equate feminist writer Jessica Valenti’s “male tears” t-shirt with beheadings carried out by Islamic terrorists.

The original Tweeter, a reactionary antifeminist living in Canada, is clearly a reader of A Voice for Men and assorted alt-right racist websites. If you scroll down through his Twitter timeline, you’ll see that he retweets AVFMers like Paul Elam and Dan Perrins, as well as “dark enlightenment” Twitter accounts like the explicitly racist “hbd chick.” And as you can see, he included JudgyBitch1 in the list of recipients for his tweet.

The AVFMers also pay attention to him; if you look at the archive of this tweet on Topsy, you can see that Elam retweeted his graphic comparison of Valenti to a terrorist, as did AVFM fans Markis One and Cora Newbold. One of his other retweeters is a big fan of Roosh and a regular retweeter of assorted other “dark enlightenment” assholes.

[EDIT: AndrewV691 is perhaps better known, at least in Skeptic circles, as AndrewV69, a prolific contributor to the SlymePit, an online forum largely devoted to attacking feminist skeptics on FreeThoughtBlogs and elsewhere, where he has offered his considered opinion on topics such as “Ophelia Benson is a complete fuckwit!” Needless to say, his Twitter avatar is not actually a picture of him; it’s of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.]

Now, MRAs like to pretend that they have no connection with the alt-right – that is, racist – assholes who populate much of the “manosphere.” In reality, MRAs and “manosphereians” intermix freely, and there are more than a few who are both MRAs and racist right-wingers.

It’s not just that these people share remarkably similar ideologies, similar obsessions, similar buzzwords, and similar misogynistic attitudes towards women. They also work together in a de facto alliance to harass feminists online.

In other words, MRAs and manospherians are both heavily implicated in what I call the Greater Internet Harasssment Machine. Indeed, as we can see from the above, notable MRA figures like Elam and Bloomfield are themselves part of the Harassment Machine.

Whatever it was that got JudgyBitch1’s Twitter account suspended almost certainly had nothing to do with cake.


272 replies on “Was Janet "Judgy Bitch" Bloomfield kicked off Twitter for posting a picture of a cake? I don't think so.”

I think it’s generally a giant violation of the kids’ privacy to post images of them being assault on the Twitter and I think it’s the wrong environment to even broach such matters in so, yeah, I would say “This is not the place to do that” if someone was posting images of little children having their genitals cut on Twitter.

And @janet_wilkinson, I’m a Brit so yes, I know who Harriet Harman is. She is a determined feminist who has been outspoken against child pornography and child abuse, was ruthlessly mocked by the Sun newspaper when she argued against page 3 and has regularly taken flak for being an outspoken feminist over the past 4 decades. Oh, yes, and in 1977 as a very young politician, she worked for the left wing group Liberty, 2 years after their leadership had allied themselves with PIE, something she had no connection with herself other than through her employers but which has been used, 40 years later, to smear her by association.

Thanks for bringing that up as the big GOTCHA. Yes, one feminist, 40 years ago, worked fro some grotty people while MRAs actively support the lowering of the age of consent and hail child abusers as heroes of their movement. Well done, there. You really showed us!

I don’t think Twitter is an appropriate space for posting graphic and possibly upsetting images in general, given the very high likelihood of people who may prefer not to see those images while they’re just going about their days running across them.

I’d also suggest that if you have a Twitter account, you might like to report JB’s new account. They’ll only know she’s bypassing their suspension if enough people tell them …

I don’t think Twitter is an appropriate space for posting graphic and possibly upsetting images in general, given the very high likelihood of people who may prefer not to see those images while they’re just going about their days running across them.

Especially with Twitter’s new policy showing you the pictures posted by people you follow automatically. I’ve had to stop following a number of people who were active in trying to protect animals because it was unbearable to see the pictures of cruelty they were posting (especially Taji)

the abusive mother who finally got on Prozac for her OCD and depression resulting in “everyone being happier” is coming dangerously close to me as equating abusive behavior with disease/mental illness. But maybe I’m just a bit sensitive right now, I don’t know. Reading too many comment threads lately with “bipolar” being the armchair diagnosis for asshole.

@ Nitram
Better explain myself:

These are my diagnoses: Major Depressive Disorder that’s becoming more treatment resistant over time, PTSD (complex PTSD isn’t an official DX, but I looked it up and I’m like, oh yeah…) and DDNOS shading towards Dissociative Identity.
A fairly stiff case of the brain cooties, yes?
I can get pretty horrible to be around if my depression’s not under control.
I bite heads off.
I have both hard work on myself and gub’mint pills to thank for being the sort of person I want to be. Kind, empathic, patient…
I am not a screamy, potentially physically violent person who gets enraged at the drop of a hat.
And yeah, I have the potential to be the latter. Especially with the PTSD, because things that are innocuous read as life-threatening sometimes.

I don’t know if that makes a difference in how you read the post I made last night about my mom.

@ Everyone regarding whether Janet Bloomfield is being an irresponsible parent by, well, being Janet Bloomfield in public…
I think I stated it clearly enough back on page one of this thread, last night.
I refuse to go all SWIWOTI on you if you think Bloomfield’s being a bad mom by putting her kids at heightened risk for bullying.
I respect your right to see the facts and come to a different conclusion.

@ auntie:

I’m trying to stay out of this conversation because what I said is still being twisted but had to respond to that one.

To you, it seems that we are twisting your words…but perhaps we’re simply misunderstanding them.
What I personally understood your position to be is the following:

JB’s obnoxious public behavior could inspire people to harass her kids, therefore she really should moderate her behavior for the sake of her children.

Have I grasped your position correctly?
If not, would you please be so kind as to correct my error?

Ok, I don’t know where to start, so I’ll start with the OP and that circumcision pic — I have tweeted WAAAAY worse. I’ll spare you all a rant about Myanmar (Burma) and genocide, but go google Rohingya genocide. Tweeting pictures of, uh, massive trigger warning here, cuz genocide, children burnt beyond recognition, burnt corpses being dragged through the streets, etc? Not gotten me banned. And I think we can all agree that that’s more graphic than the circumcision pic. So, on this one point, I’m gonna defend JB — I have no problem with tweeting graphic pics to raise awareness of a cause you believe in. (Edit after finishing the thread, ah, I see you no longer have to click to view and thus trigger warnings would be useless, yes, in that case I think you should use links to pics, not pics themselves.)

Now, that cake? Can’t defend that, way too much frosting!

As for the thread…I’m more confused by wtf happened here than by the endings of Clue! But I think we’ve got some people saying that bullying is a reality, others saying it doesn’t have to be, and more people asking how to make it not one? Yes? My two cents on that? Well, at least one of my bullies had parents who were PROUD of the bullying, because gotta stamp out us different people, or something like that. Are kids inherently bullies? Terrible twos? Yeah, they really can be at that age, otoh, we know bonobos understand sharing because of the psych tests developed for kids in that age range (bonobos can, afaik, do all the tests we’ve developed for pre-verbal kids, and kids at that age are equal opportunity assholes, it’s the all about me show, not bigotry — bigotry has to be taught). Point is, kids can be jerks, some are more prone to it than others, particularly by grade school age, but who they chose to be jerks to? You can thank society and their parents for that part, excluding anything under the lovely heading “child psychopathology” (fun class, not fun disorders). In case, that one is six degrees of complex, and doesn’t seem to be why people are making accusations of nastiness.

I’m pretty sure all the nasty is stemming from whether it’s JB’s fault if people decide to be nasty to her kids because she’s a nasty person? Or whether anyone said that it would be her fault? Or whether parents need to consider how their actions might affect their kids? Or if only women get that line? Idk, I’m seeing lots of nasty when it seems most/all of us would agree that jerk kids can and will use the actions of a kid’s parent to bully the kid, but those jerks are gonna bully based on SOMETHING prolly anyways, and policing what women say cuz think of her kids! is BS…but JB is a horrible person who should STFU.

In other things, LBT wanted me to let everyone know that he’s doing another write-a-thon, but not really up for socialization yet, so here’s the info — “The theme will be servitude, and I’ll have a post on my blog,, either late tonight or tomorrow morning.”

And I named the axolotl (and yes, there will be pics, give me a minute to get them online) — Nivi. Niveum is a Latin adjective, for snowy or white, and salamander is Latin is salamandra, a feminine noun, so Nivi’s full name is Nivea Salamandra. Were salamander a masculine noun, the plural would be niveī, which sounds very much like Nivi in English, and sounds feminine, despite being a masculine word. So I like it, and it works regardless which sex ze turns out to be once sexually mature. Now then, back in a jiff with pics!

I’m re-reading JB’s brilliant thoughts about Jimmy Savile again (as linked to in the OP), and wow, Twitter should have exorcised her, not just banned her. 😛

I’m reasonably confident in my belief that JB was not banned for tweeting pictures, of either circumcision or of cake, but for harassment, and let’s not forget that recent libel.

Little cutie!

Though yeah, since you mentioned Nivea I’m thinking handcream too, now. My favourite brand. 😀

That is a cute axolotl! 🙂

And yeah, I’m saying she should have been exorcised so she’d stay banned. Just ew ew ew ew ew.

I had forgotten about the possibility of litigation. That may very well be the pattern of behavior that prompted them to ban her.

I suspect that sock puppeting to get arond a ban will likely get a permanent banishment.

How, though? All she needs to do is keep setting up new accounts under burner emails and it’ll be like playing whack-a-troll.

Nivi is a fascinating amphibian that has gills and never leaves the water! Thanks Wikipedia!

@thebewilderness: I hope so. Between defending people like Paul Elam and Jimmy-boy, and harassing anyone that even suggests that she may be in the wrong, I think it’s well past time for some discipline on her part.

I think they use bots for that cassandrakitty. Whack a mole bots patrolling. That is what others do, so I am assuming they do as well.

Also, I imagine they have ways of banning really egregious trolls by IP if it comes to that.

I was under the impression that Twitter doesn’t do permabans? I don’t use it, so obvs going off of hearsay and whatnot, but I thought that banning the account (not the actual user) was basically their harshest penalty.

It’s possible to mask your IP too, and she seems devoted enough to trolling to try it.

I’m actually relatively new to Twitter myself, so I’m not sure of their policies regarding that. I know it’s hard enough to report someone doing something abusive there…I bet they only ban if a lawyer or a sheriff’s deputy comes calling. 😛

That said…when plenty of lesser Web forums have much better tools for fending off trolls and sockpuppets than the biggest social-networking sites on the Web do, you know something’s off. 😐

If any of the prominent MRAs were as scared of the evil government/feminazi conspiracy as they claim to be they’d be using TOR. The fact that they make no attempt to hide their identities is actually a pretty good indication that they know their views don’t put them in any real danger.

That cake looks like “today the new decorator was learning how to make frosting roses”. And from what I can tell, she did a pretty good job, they look good and really consistent, just… too much. Way, way too much.

Blahlistic — twats? Are you an Emilie Autumn fans by chance? (For the confused, she calls her tweets twats)

Nivi says thankie. And is looking even better now, ze was a bit…pale, if a leucistic critter can be pale, but zir gills are a nice healthy looking red now and I’ll get more pics tomorrow! I’m amazed how easy it was to get zir to eat (most of) a scallop. As the pet store has live bearer fish and was using excess fry as feeder fish, wasn’t expecting frozen food to just need a little wiggle!

…Have hear the name, but not read her…no, an online friend has an arrogant, entitled sister in-law.

( And I generally find lines I’m not supposed to cross by tripping over them and faceplanting, they aren’t necessarily apparent to me.)

“Heh… I am suspicious I have a wheat allergy…so I guess I’m anti-pastriarchy.”
Blahlistic, I have to warn you that you are no longer scraping the bottom of the barrel, and are, in fact, evidencing a distressing trend upward toward mediocrity. We have come to expect so much worse from you.

Blahlistic — if you’re interested, I’d start with listening to either Enchant or Opheliac, then ponder reading her book (but I’d read her book before listening to FLAG, because that album is basically the music to The Asylum: The Musical [a thing that better actually come to pass because SQUEE!!])

( And I generally find lines I’m not supposed to cross by tripping over them and faceplanting, they aren’t necessarily apparent to me.)

No probs, lots of us do that! 🙂

So, in addition to issuing thinly veiled threats to a number of feminist writers, JudgyBitch also takes the time to take an “If you’re not with us, you’re against us, and we will knock you down if we think that you’re in our way” stance while fighting her battle for men’s rights. Given that MRAs frequently rail against feminists for supposedly holding a similar stance, that particular tweet seems awfully hypocritical. All and all, more proof that JB is a terrible social media director. Then again, maybe she’s realized that, so she’s upped the ante so that she can get banned from Twitter for persistent harassment and libel so that she could raise awareness for her cause by claiming that she was unfairly censored because of the Feminazi Matriarchy.

Hopefully this is sorted now, but I took exception to saying that the filth jb spews is the same as the work actual activists do. Also that it would be so terrible to try and ‘silence a woman’ when this post was about twitter ‘silencing her’. I’m sure as a mother she is aware of what consequences her actions could have for her family so I don’t know why you’d choose to be a libelous dick all over the internet. I also thought Lea was completely disproportionate in her response.
Maybe its because I’m a filthy European where there are actual laws against hate speech but I don’t believe everyone does have the unreserved right to say and do whatever they want. Woman or not.

Given that MRAs frequently rail against feminists for supposedly holding a similar stance, that particular tweet seems awfully hypocritical.

It seems hypocritical if you don’t follow their logic.

Everything a feminist does is wrong.
Everything MRAs do, even if it’s the same thing, is fair game.


For whoever wanted lemon recipes: Individual Lemon Berry Buckles
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Zest of 1 large (not Ponderosa) lemon or a bit more
2 eggs
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Extra sugar to sprinkle plus cinnamon
Juice of two large lemons
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Re: too many lemons. If you like lemon curd, that’s a good way to go. ,a href= “”>You can even make it in the microwave. The finished product will freeze for a few months, too.

I think I’ve got a lemon that’s about to go iffy. I might need to get on this myself…

Maybe its because I’m a filthy European where there are actual laws against hate speech but I don’t believe everyone does have the unreserved right to say and do whatever they want. Woman or not.

Given I’m a Brit, I guess I’m a filthy European, too. 🙂 But I disagree with how you have framed the argument.

Twitter is not “silencing” JB. Twitter is affirming its rules against (I suspect) harrassment and spamming, and its right to suspend any account that does not abide by them, just as David is perfectly in his rights to ban a troll and is not “silencing” that troll by doing so.

I’m not arguing that a woman (or a person of any or no gender) gets to say or do anything they like, regardless. I am saying that telling a woman (or person of any or no gender) that they should be thinking of their children before voicing a controversial opinion so as to make them afraid and so reluctant to voice that opinion is “silencing” them bacause it is using a veiled threat (“if you do this, your children will be bullied and it’ll be all your fault”) to stop them speaking at all.

I am claiming that this sort of tactic is used primarily against women and rarely against men. And it is unfair and victim-blamey. JB should not be scared off voicing her repulsive opinions because of bullies using it as an excuse to bully. She should not be libelling or harassing, not because her children might be bullied but because it is WRONG and should be illegal.

What’s the old chestnut? “I disagree with what you are saying but I will fight to the death to protect your right to say it”. I’m not saying JB isn’t wrong. I’m not calling for her to be allowed to do or say anything, no matter how libellous or hateful, with no legal consequences. I am saying that the potential bullying of her children by hateful bullies should not be something that is used to threaten or control her behaviour.

Oh, and agree with you that JB’s hateful spewing on Twitter is nothing like activism. Except that if I allow that JB should feel guilty because what she says might lead to the bullying ofher children, them I’m agreeing that anyone who voices an unpopular opinion should feel guilty that bullies might bully their children as a consequence. and that, IMO, is wrong.

Sadly, can’t have my cake and eat it. Even lemon berry buckles. Mouth watering here.

Should mention that original recipe had 3/4 cup sugar, not 1/2, in the cake batter. Personally I like it less sweet, but others may prefer more sugar.
I make a really good lemon tart, too, if anyone wants the recipe. Basically a lemon curd of zest of two lemons, 2/3 c. lemon juice, 7 tablespoons butter, 3/4 c. sugar, 4 whole eggs, baked in a sweet tart crust. I started with the curd recipe from Marion Cunningham’s “Breakfast Book” and lowered the sugar, upped the juice and (important) cut the butter slightly for more tang. Suppose it would make a good lime tart too if I ever had the energy to juice that many limes.

And though I don’t want JB’s kids to get bullied by anyone, I’m most worried about JB herself bullying her children.

Same here. I can just see what would happen if one of them was molested by some random stranger on the street: First, she’d call the kid a stupid whore, and go full-on victim-blaming in the privacy of her home. Then, to cover her shame on the internets, she’d claim that feminists and the left somehow had a hand in it. And would organize a troll-swarming of Jessica Valenti, or anyone else whom her hateful fancy happened to get tickled by at the moment.

I also worry that they’re picking up the world’s worst behavior modelling from Mommie Dearest Her Own Judgy Selfe. If they don’t grow up to be bullies as well, it will be a god-damned miracle. Frankly, I hope they grow up to be the nicest people in the world, just to spite her. She would probably end up disowning them because of it.

Nivi just gave me a bit of a fright — moving zir gills the way fish do when something is wrong…apparently it’s axolotl for “I’m too lazy to move, I’ll just move my gills instead”

I wonder how well they can see and if they grasp “outside the tank”, cuz Nivi looks to be staring out the window, but I somehow doubt that’s anything more than chance.

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