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Hilarious video: Anita Sarkeesian vs The Legion of Doom

The saga of that still-just-hypothetical “documentary” about Anita Sarkeesian and other evil Social Justice Warriors just got a little stranger.

The dogmatic duo behind the project — lady hating YouTube blabbers jordanowen42 and Davis Aurini — are still having a bit of trouble raising the necessary funds (so much so that Aurini wrote an angry, rambling blog post aimed at those who think he and his pal are too inept and biased to make a decent film).

But a new video  — put together by Kav P and a friend, and posted above  — reveals that the dogmatic duo has found some surprising new allies.


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If they really want to be the Black Knight they’re going to have to learn to ride a horse and hold a lance. Can’t see that working out too well for one dude who’s too lazy to put on actual clothes to make a video and another one whose coordination is barely up to lighting cigarettes.

What Fred_the_Dog said. I’d prefer Paulie, both after you-know-who, and after one particularly dumb troll (“So simple?”) we had here the other day.

Thanks for posting, David! I’m very flattered that some of you seemed to think it was an Owen/Aurini original. Shows I got into their heads. 😉

… I need a shower.

To be completely honest, I couldn’t sift through it alone. I got my partner to write a transcript for me so I didn’t have to watch the whole thing in one sitting; I could just find parts that sounded funny and appropriate and listen to the excerpts then.

I have such a weak stomach for bile…

Sully! Shall we start calling trolls Sully?

But Sully from Monsters Inc. is cool! I wouldn’t want his name, uhm, sullied by association.

[Dunks head in bathtub for awful pun.]

Not to mention the duc de Sully who was Henri IV’s chief minister!

Oh, I’m only the bigger person in public spaces where it’s been made clear that the community prefers that kind of snark not to happen. In private spaces all bets are off.

Oh good, it’s not just me.

@ Kav P – Very cool! Many kudos to you and your partner for putting that together. Thinking of these lunk heads as cartoon villians is much more palatable than believing they’re real, oxygen breathing humans

Copy editors and proofreading are for betas!

And crap writing is true Alpha Male Shit™.

Okay, how did that stray apostrophe get in my post? Is there an Apostrophe Mammoth here too?

Shame that some of you missed the whole “men are bad at writing because of misandry from teachers” thing, which was one of Steele’s greatest hits.

Okay, how did that stray apostrophe get in my post? Is there an Apostrophe Mammoth here too?

What are you, an idiot? There’s no such thing as an “Apostrophe Mammoth”.

That’s a spore from a stray punctuation fungi. Leave it alone on your screen for too long, and it’ll sprout an entire ring of nested brackets, ampersands, and then a fruiting octothorpe or two. If you let it get to that stage, you may have them infesting your Word files forever.


@ idledillettante

“Then again he probably doesn’t look good with his shirt off.”

Interestingly enough, he is shirtless in the majority of his earlier, contra-Gail Dines videos. Back in the pre “Armenian Smiles”-days.

Here’s a little Jordan Owen backstory. You may take this how you wish since a lot of the video evidence has long since been deleted by Owen. Hopefully some of you may remember.

Back during the halcyon days of Youtube atheist vs. Creationists, Jordan Owen was part of a cadre of atheists who went after a disturbed, Christian fundamentalist kid who called himself VenomFangX. This cadre of atheists included Thunderf00t who, at the time, only concerned himself with debunking creationist talking points, i.e. his ‘Why Do People Laugh At Creationists’ video series. Anyway, VFX and Thunderf00t had quite the pissing match and VFX ended up filing several bogus DMCAs against Thunderf00t. For whatever reason, Jordan Owen was in the core group of individuals who started hounding VFX both online and eventually offline. It got to the point where VFX’s parents had to get involved as Thunderf00t was screaming for blood and lawsuits.

Interesting aside – at the time, Jordan Owen identified as a Satanist of the atheistic variety. Nothing wrong with that per se, however it appeared he abandoned Satanism for a complementary philosophy, namely Libertarianism (of the Randroid variety).

Like I mentioned earlier, Owen deleted his videos that he made during this time, but I remember them. He would make videos where he would rant, rave, and scream about VFX’s exploits and talk about how there would be repercussions. I can’t say that Owen was responsible for VFX getting his docs dropped (I don’t think he was), but he was certainly there fanning the flames of hate for this kid. And yeah, the kid was an asshole, but it was like watching a dozen chickens pecking a weaker one to death.

Later, Owen made a bigger name for himself by going after Gail Dines. IMO, Gail Dines is very problematic. Her stance on sex work and the porn industry angered Owen so much that he made video after video after video about how the big, bad, boogeyfeminist Gail Dines and her horde of RadFems was coming to take his precious porn away. It got to the point where it became repetitive, then tiresome, then creepy. The whole time this was going on, he was promoting his self-published book about the porn industry. Eros Empire I believe it was called. Some people defend his work on deconstructing Gail Dines. I’m neither here nor there about it, I just maintain that he did it not so much to counter Radical Feminist arguments against sex work, but rather because he was like Gollum when it came to his porn.

My preciousssssssss.

Earlier I had mentioned that Owen is a Libertarian of the Randroid variety. As somebody linked in the comments above, he and my friend HannibaltheVictor13 have been duking it out over Atlas Shrugged and Rand. Hannibal has also made a few videos about Owen and his creepy fixation with Anita Sarkeesian.

Seriously, Owen and some dude who goes by the name MundaneMatt recorded chat sessions where you hear them obsessing over Sarkeesian’s skin tone. See, according to Owen, Anita is trying to hide her ethnicity. His proof? Still of her videos where she’s under studio lights and others where she’s in more natural light. Since her skin tone doesn’t match, she’s obviously hiding something. Also, she alters her facial expressions so she has a white smile.

Yes, you read that correctly, a white smile. Here’s a really long video by Hannibal. The relevant section is from approx 37:00 to 41:13 where Owen elaborates on his Alex Jones style conspiracy theory about Anita and her ethnicity.

And so now we’ve arrived at Owen and Aurini and their epic facepalm documentary proposal. I hope to hell it gets made. It will be comedy gold.

Sorry for the wall o’ text. I’ve been watching Youtube shit for years and that’s NOT something I’m proud of.

Well, shit. This Aurini tool lives in my city.

I’d say, “there goes the neighbourhood,” but who am I kidding? Our neighbour is Edmonton.

I hadn’t heard of Patreon before, but it looks really awesome. It’s nice to see artists making money of their work. I’m sure it’s not easy to get a following, but it’s good that if someone *wants* to be a patron, there is system in place for it.

Another hero kitteh – yea for hero kittehs (suppresses suspicion that own kittehs would abandon me to any danger whilst running for the hills themselves).

(suppresses suspicion that own kittehs would abandon me to any danger whilst running for the hills themselves)

I don’t think I could summon up that much suppression! 😛

Haha of course they are having trouble. They are asking for twice the amount the total amount she asked for…..each month….to make a documentary saying why her documentary is wrong. Talk about unnecessary.

@ theladyzombie

“Jordan Owen was in the core group of individuals who started hounding VFX both online and eventually offline. It got to the point where VFX’s parents had to get involved as Thunderf00t was screaming for blood and lawsuits.”

I was subscribed to his channel when that happened, so I feel the need to add that it was not just the DMCA-issue that got VFX’s parents involved, also that his “ministry” was defrauding the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. Fortunately Jordan, VFX’s parents, and some others on youtube ended up holding an intervention for him. Apparently it worked and last I recall Jordan and VFX were on good terms.


A white smile? What like, she has clean teeth?

…or does he mean white as in Caucasian because…

what the fuck does that even mean?

Heh heh, my partner just posted some insightful comments on Aurini’s blog post, asking how Sarkeesian was relevant to the twaddle he was spouting. Aurini linked him to proof: one of his own videos.

This is why I love my partner. <3

Something seems off about this video. It *looks* legit, but I was *at* that meeting and I don’t remember seeing those guys there. One moment…

Okay, I contacted The Legion. They say this guy is not a member and never has been. In their own words:

“… yes, with our combined power we are undoubtedly the greatest force of evil the world has ever known, secretly responsible for the torment of millions, but seriously? You thought *these guys* were associated with us? C’mon dude, give us *some* credit.”

This was funny and all, but I’m just not buying the guy ranting in his apartment as a supervillian. I mean, MRA Anton LeVey is bringing his cheesy supervillian a-game, what with the funny lighting and cigarette smoking and all, but what’s the other guy doing? He could at least wear a cape or something.

Read Aurini’s blog entry regarding the project and the funding that has yet to appear.
…the cigs and booze are not as potent as his sense of self-importance.

Nor does he do something like, say, talk about his own qualifications for doing an investigative documentary. Anywhere, ever. I mean, if I were going to fund someone’s documentary in part, I’d kind of like them to have done a little video journalism, or maybe some investigative work of some sort.

@ puddle. Jordan needs an Elvis cape… Or Liberace. Lotsa rhinestones. Aurini needs an old- school Dracula cape.


“A white smile? What like, she has clean teeth?

…or does he mean white as in Caucasian because…

what the fuck does that even mean?”

If you think that’s a doozy, he also thinks that Sarkeesian tired to use Neurolinguistic Programming mind-control tricks in her Kickstarter video because she said the words “donate what you can” and used to work for a PR company that set up some conferences and a guy who spoke at a few of them went on to write a book on NLP that is used by pickup artists.

I’m not a fan of Sarkeesian, but I think that if Jordan Owen ever came across video footage of Anita making a tuna-melt, he would upload it to his channel as an expose and comment on the sinister motives of how much mayonnaise she used or how the direction in which she sliced the sandwich.

Oh, and the recent threats that caused Sarkeesian and family to leave their home, Jordan thinks they are bullshit…

…despite that the whole Sarkie-truther movement being started by someone dropping docs about her *and her family* (0:00 to 2:14. Important to note that Jordan makes it explicitly clear that he will not nor has any intention to release said information about her family and only focuses on what he deems “relevant” about Anita herself).

I should probably point out that the Badass Digest is the first film/game site I’d been do where the majority of people were genuinely supportive and inclusive, which is the only reason why I had actually said that I was female on there in the first place (after 10 years of being anonymous online).

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