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Happy Pride Day, non-existent gay men!

Well, you're no lady. But I guess you'll do.

Today, as many of you no doubt know, is Gay Pride Day. Here in Chicago, that means the annual Pride Parade, a celebration of all things LGBTQetc — and a nice aerobic workout for parade participants. (Gyrating on a float for three hours dressed in a leather harness and thong will burn roughly 1000 calories. But beware of chafing!)

Rookh Kshatriya, proprieter of the Anglobitch blog (devoted to the notion that women in the Anglosphere are, well, bitches), has evidently decided to celebrate Pride Weekend by offering us all his theories on gay male sexuality. Which is to say, his theory that there is no such thing as gay male sexuality, and that all those gay men out marching today would much rather be spending their Sunday eating bagels and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle with some comely (non-lesbian) lasses.

Yep, in Rookh’s World, gay men – or, as he puts it, “gay” men — are actually nothing more than exceptionally horny straight men who have been unfairly denied sex-on-demand with women of their choosing.

Let’s let him explain this:

Despite their rhetoric about lifestyles and the contemplation of flowers, gay men are clearly entranced by orgasm to an extent far surpassing that of heterosexual men.

Alas, in our Feminazified world, women sometimes refuse to have sex with men. Deprived a natural outlet for their sexy urges, horny dudes have to, well, improvise a bit. Why try to finagle your way into a vagina assiduously guarded by some dumb lady, when other dudes just as horny as you have holes of their own available for the asking?

As Rookh  sees it, these uber-horny dudes really have no other choice.

[A]re most gay men just hyper-sexualized males – a self-selecting group whose priapic urges can only be satisfied by rejecting the relative sexual deprivation inescapably attendant on heterosexuality? The more one considers this possibility, the more plausible it seems. Even some badass with the looks of Apollo, the Game of Roissy and the confidence of a warlord would struggle to enter a nightclub and say: “I want sex NOW!” and expect to get it.

A terrible, terrible injustice. But there is a way out:

Yet homosexual men can enter any gay bath house in any Anglosphere city, say the very same words and expected to be sexually serviced by several men in a matter of minutes! In short, the sexual mismatch between the sexes makes the heterosexual lifestyle a poor option for any hyper-sexualized male – a non-option, in fact, if he wants to fully slake his sexual thirsts. By contrast, adopting homosexuality allows him to instantly indulge his every sexual whim in every manner conceivable.

Unless, of course, these whims involve sex with, you know, women. But lust is apparently stronger than mere sexual orientation. As Rookh sees it, homosexuality is the only rational choice for uber-horny men – even if they’d rather be boning women.

Since sex is so scarce and difficult to acquire in a heterosexual context, it simply makes no sense for an Anglo-American male with priapic urges to remain heterosexual – hence the self-selection of hyper-sexualized males towards homosexual lifestyles, not to mention the hyper-sexualized nature of homosexuality itself.

Is this all a prelude to a touching coming-out announcement by our man Rookh?

No such luck. It’s actually an excuse for, yes, more feminism-bashing. For it is the evil feminists who, in Rookh’s world, have been  encouraging the “female sexual ostracism” of poor suffering straight men:

As we all know, women seek to control men by limiting sexual supply, be it representational (pornography) or actual (prostitution) – and that feminism is, essentially, an institution created for that purpose.

And so, in Rookh’s world,

homosexuality has advanced in lock-step with feminism. … [F]eminism – by assailing marital monogamy and allowing women to indulge their primordial attraction to dangerous thugs, moronic bullies and swaggering plutocrats – produced an unwanted ‘rump’ of educated, economically stable but sexually disenfranchised males. Given that gay males are disproportionately intelligent, solvent and educated, it is fairly obvious that members of this group have opted for homosexuality as a means of escaping the living death of involuntary celibacy, that the two phenomena are in fact closely related and that feminism is directly responsible for the advancement of homosexuality across the Anglosphere.

Feminism, by encouraging women to say “no” when they don’t actually want to have sex, may have created modern homosexuality, in Rookh’s view. But that doesn’t mean that feminists actually like gay dudes. No. Ick!

[T]he vast majority of Anglo females detest gay men as vehemently as they hate men in general.  … the real link between pan-Anglosphere feminism and homosexuality [is that] the latter is a reaction to the former, which hates it with boundless counter-reactionary zeal.

Yeah, seems to me that the only one here who really “detest[s] gay men” is, well, Rookh, so much so that he’s decided to completely erase gay male sexuality – to put “gay” in scare quotes – in order to give himself another opportunity to run down feminists and women in general.

Now, human sexuality is a weird, messy, complicated, wonderful thing. It may well be that some bisexual men end up having sex with men more often than with women because they find it easier to find male sex partners for casual sex. But guys who are thoroughly gay – who would score a 6 on the famous Kinsey scale – don’t actually want to have sex with women. They really don’t. Drop a beautiful, eligible, horny (straight or mostly straight) woman in the midst of a bunch of Kinsey 6 guys, and this is what you get:

Court’s free!

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11 years ago

Ithiliana, you must ALWAYS trust COLBERT, at least when it comes to tech! If I ever get an e-reader, which I probably should because then it’ll be easier to carry books and my knitting (because I must always have my knitting and books, just in case), it’ll be an iPad.

Hi, we’re LJ/DW friends (put three numbers after my name and you’ve got me), and I’m so glad that you’re here too. Makes it even more friendly and cool! *hugs*

Doctress Julia
11 years ago

Oh, wow. Long thread. darksidecat, we’d get along fine. I became loud and over-the-top after four years in the juvie system/nuthouse circuit. I was told to be quiet/normal/feminine. Medicated. Etc. FUCK THAT!!! I have trouble with eye contact since I still have my Evil Frog telling me I’m ugly and that if I look at someone I am challenging them. I LOVE books! Especially sci fi and comix! My first fave was Elfquest, Love and Rockets soon after. I am bisexual but have not had a woman kiss me in far too long. Sigh. I like people with eyes; I don’t discriminate against cyclops! Brown eyes make me melty… the other night I was drunk and confessed a crush on a woman who works at the Glass Nickel. She’s moving away and I had to tell her. I told her she is ‘so beautiful, like a unicorn’. Oh, yeah- she’s ‘fat’. For what that’s worth. After my last ‘boyfriend’ I decided never to have another one. Not after the way he hurt me. When I stress/have panic attacks, I can’t eat at all. Sometimes for days. Even if I do eat, if something upsets me, I puke- sometimes on the spot. Out a car window, in a bush, wherever. I’m Doctress the Puker, I want to be in a freakshow. I waver between being repulsed my myself and being amazed at my ability to survive and my amazing intellect/sharp-as-monofilament wit. I struggle with alcoholism since I am in constant agonizing pain all over my body. I am NOT a complainer- just another shot of tequila, please. Cannabis is my anti-alcohol. I know at least it won’t kill me. I like to bike to the Jade Monkey on Sundays and have mojitos. I talk a fucking blue streak and can go off on a tangent for hours. Can y’all tell? :3 I don’t have many friends- people seem to want to put me in a comfortable category and I fit none of them! 😀 I don’t tan- I get cancer. It killed my dad and fuck if I’m gonna let it kill me. I am currently playing the Borderlands expansions (Dr. Ned) and watching all the X Files episodes in a row, a few a night. Also, showing Female Trouble to a guy I am trying to convince that John Waters is awesome. I think I’ll go out and engage random strangers in conversations about space travel this evening. Why not? :3 I love you all. All of you.

11 years ago

Gem: I should always trust Colbert! I’m so glad to see you here–and we’re also starting a manboobz LJ spin off!

*high fives you*

11 years ago

Ithiliana: Yay and thanks! I have joined the manboobz LJ spin off.

*high fives you back*

11 years ago

Amandajane: OMG, I didn’t see that you r follow LOTRips fan! I’ve not been writing much either for a couple of years, but am hoping to get back in this year.

THE HOBBIT upcoming will help!


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