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Make me an LGBT sandwich, hold the L. And the T.

Some clubs are TOO exclusive.

“Kloo2yoo,” the moderator of Reddit’s Men’s Rights Subreddit, is worried that racists in his subreddit will give Men’s Rights a bad name. So he’s put out a call to some of the more artistic readers of the subreddit to come up with a nice new logo for it, to show how broad-minded and all-inclusive Reddit’s Men’s Rightsers really are. Well, not literally all-inclusive. As Kloo put it in his call for artiistic help:

New logo needed, to emphasize racial and lgbt inclusiveness, but not feminism.

Oh, but even that turned out to be a bit too inclusive for some of the commenters there. Specifically, they objected to the “L” portion of LBGT. And some of the Ts. As white_cloud put it:

I don’t think you need to appeal to the L in LGBT. It is well-known that lesbians are the most radical of all feminists. They will never feel welcome here and we should not go out of our way to make them feel welcome. Male to female trans pretty much the same thing. They’ve already renounced their male gender, they don’t care about male rights

Scott2508 concurred:

ok i am in favour of inclusivness and im not sure if i am going to word this right so stick with me , the one thing i am curious about is how we bring ourself in line with the lesbian [angle]  of it all simply due to the hostility that can arise from that community towards men

Kloo replied:

point taken. we can embrace lesbian mras, without embracing lesbian supremacists.

Apparently these are the only types of lesbians in the world.

In any case, despite these design constraints, I have come up with what I think is a very compelling logo that I think will convey just what Kloo would like to convey. What do you think, guys?

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MRAL: a short p.s.: plus, when my ex-colleague was harassing me online he was not a criminal (in the sense of having charges filed, pled guilty, etc.) (I don’t recall the exact charge at the moment). He was a man who was very pissed off at a bunch of women he blamed for ruining his life and was acting out. The vandalism in the building did not lead to charges because of lack of evidence tying him to it–it did stop after we changed the keys and installed security cameras (he didn’t turn in his building key when he resigned). He now has a record because of his tendency to blame teh wimminz for everything that went wrong and because of internet harassment.

Just a note: I’m in therapy now, and I’ve been advised not to post here in the near future. I think he’s right. I might be back some day, but I guess I’m enacting a self-imposed ban now.

If you can still see his, I’m glad you’re in therapy. I used to have problems with anger, driven by anxiety; I’m in therapy now and on medication, and it’s helping a lot. Good luck.

I feel a bit bad about posting so late but in case mral is reading this still (not posting) I want to clarify some things. I take internet harassment very seriously, it’s the reason I’m reluctant to post anything online. In the link to Hugo blog which he stated he had been harassed by someone from Boston University it was obvious he wanted to do something about it; I aided this request (even though he had no interest of doing anything about you). You admitted it yourself that you were one of the people sending him harassing emails. I have no idea what the content was but it obviously disturbed him enough he felt a need to post it on his blog. I am sorry if that wasn’t you but you share a profound hatred of him, live at Boston University, and have no qualms with making violent comments so I felt there was reasonable enough proof to inform Hugo (plus you admitted to it).

You seem to be pissed that I told him and claimed you’re not a criminal (harassing someone can get you in trouble you know). But you know what; you’re nothing more than what you claim everyone else is, a bully. If you did indeed harass him then why don’t you grow and act like a big boy and take responsibility for your actions rather than whine on about how I told on you. This isn’t preschool. The problem is not me telling on you for your childish mistake but your own childish mistake.

tl;dr grow up mral
I doubt therapy will help rid of all your personality issues but I hope you learn a bit more of restraint, empathy, respect, and most importantly self respect. I am a bit pessimistic about people changing dramatically but hey I had my own 180 so maybe you can have one too.

Have a good life.

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