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Incel arrested in Utah for threatening to “kill as many girls as I see” shows why the idea of “enforced monogamy” is so dangerous

Christopher Cleary’s YouTube channel is devoted to fast food and sports

By David Futrelle

No one casually watching Christopher Wayne Cleary’s YouTube channel would suspect that the 27-year-old Denver man has a long history of stalking and threatening women, culminating in his arrest last Saturday in Utah after he posted an angry Facebook screed warning that he would soon take symbolic revenge on “all the girls the turned me down … by killing as many girls as I see.”

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Obsessed much? Dude who’s tried to post 86 comments to my blog since I banned him … accuses me of obsession

Well, at least he’s a fast typist

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“Females want to be preyed upon.” It Came From the Unapproved Comments, Part 237867


By David Futrelle

I learn so much from the comments that people leave here that I don’t let out of moderation. So I thought I’d share some recent nuggets of truthiness with you all.

#gamergate aggrieved entitlement anti-Semitism cyberbullying harassment irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny stalking

Check out my NYT piece on the ideological battle over accused bomb-threatener Juan Thompson

Accused bomb-threatener Juan Thompson

Check out my NYT piece on the right-wing media’s tendentious takes on accused bomb-threatener Juan Thompson. Here’s the lede:

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