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Women don’t belong in nerd-friendly “male spaces,” because nerd girls are ugly, MGTOW explains

Pew! Pew! Pew!

We’ve been treated, over the years, to endless misogynist manifestos declaring that nerdy hobbies like comic books and video games should be kept free from pesky females, for all sorts of ridiculous reasons that usually come back to some allegedly innate characteristics of males and females that show that only men can appreciate said hobbies and that all of the women who claim to like them are only pretending, because really what they want is endless attention from nerdy dudes.

I recently ran across one of these manifestos in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit. While it was full of the same tired old BIOTRUTHS as most “male space” manifestos — only dudes “are wired to be adept at tasks with inanimate objects,” only dudes have the necessary “diligence” to be true fans — this manifesto offered another powerful(ly dumb) anti-nerd-girl argument I don’t think I’ve encountered before: Nerd girls should be kept out of male hobbies because they’re a bunch of icky uggoes, “sub-4 at best.”

Let’s let the somewhat ironically named NuclearTruthBomb explain this particular “truth.”

The simple fact of the matter is that most women are not, and never will be, into the activities of low-status, but intelligent males. Yes, a few exist. My sister loves drawing, animation, and even video games. But she’s also on the upper end of the autism spectrum, and pretty unattractive.

Dude, really? She’s your SISTER.

Women have status simply by existing. There is only a very small number of girls who are so hideous, no man will show interest in them.

Empathy, not a big thing amongst MGTOWs.

Being a nerd if often considered a sign of low status. Trust me, none of us got laid for being on the chess team. Because women are so concerned about appearences, they will refuse to associate with nerds by default.

So that means, natch, that the only “females” who want to have anything to do with male nerds will be the ugly uggoes.

Male nerds tend to range from perfectly average to the bottom of the barrel. Female nerds however, are sub-4 at best, genetically cursed at worst. They were rejected by the popular girls a long time ago, and will wear a shirt that screams YAOI FAN for a modicum of attention.

These discrepancies cause female geeks to be not only low in number, but of poor quality in general. 

And now a cameo appearance by Chad Thundercock, or at least his brothers Brad, Joe, and Darren Thundercock, as well as their cousin Bill BigDick and his friend Tyrone.

Ironically, while women will forever flock to the sports stadium of Brads and Joes, nerds will spell the future for the human race. The guy who gets shoved in the mud by Bill BigDick this decade will be inventing the technology of the next one. The quirky glasses wearing freak will create that game Darren plays after Daisy gives him a rimjob. And all those countless code monkeys will be responsible for the social media websites she meets Tyrone on.

To do list:

  1. Shove nerd in mud
  2. Rimjob w/ Daisy
  3. Vidya Games

Only when these nerdy dudes get super rich will the hotties have any interest in them.

Once she realizes that these men are making bank, she’ll try to swing branches. And many simpanzees will takeher anyways. Us on the other hand, can enjoy our own specific tastes without worrying “Buh-buh-buh, what would Sally think of this!?”

MGTOWs have turned “stewing in your own bitterness about women possibly giving other dudes rimjobs” into America’s fastest-growing hobby. This is a male space no one should want to invade.

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woman-created erotic fan fiction and art, and an entire genre of erotic fiction marketed to women.

I was actually gonna make a point that in most fan fictions, the person who does the seducing of their partner usually has the partner orgasm first during sex. Like, you have a dynamic where one person is concentrating solely on their partner’s pleasure first before orgasming themselves because they essentially get off on their partner getting off OR they both orgasm simultaneously.

I couldn’t fit that in though.


“In a hookup her, I don’t give a shit.”

Dudes, this right here is a huge part of why women aren’t as interested in casual hookups as you are. Just saying.

Yes, this. I have had exactly one satisfactory sexual experience with a man and that was a fucking fluke. None of them actually try to be a decent lay, and when you combine that with the other huge reason women aren’t as interested in casual hookups with men – the epidemic of misogynistic violence – you get the reasons I’ve basically decided not to bother with men ever.

This whole inane trollgument reminds me of a quote from a misogynist (and trans-exclusionary, of course) manchild character from a recent Swedish comedy show:

Whenever you read a sex story and it says the girl had a bunch of orgasms, you know it’s all made up. Girl’s never orgasm. They CAN’T orgasm – they don’t even have a dick.

@Dalillama and IgnoreSandra:

Yeah, it’s a mess out there. Dudes see “interested in casual sex” and they think that means “I’m a wh*re who will fuck anyone who asks and I don’t want respect! :)))”

And when that perception is challenged by women not being comfortable enough to fuck them, then it’s all “Why did you put casual sex on your profile then?!” and “I didn’t want to fuck you anyways, ugly!”

Jackie and I are okay with the other seeing other people casually, so I’ve considered going on to Tinder or OkCupid to find a hookup, but the general online dating scene has really put me off out of fear. Couple that with my depression, anxiety, and working through my self-loathing about my appearance…it doesn’t seem like a fun time.

That, and the fact that OkCupid has been called out on their tendency to not do shit about men who harass women and threaten them (because most of their mods are men), and in fact have banned women from their site who blog about their experiences elsewhere is also gross as fuck.

There was a spat of OkCupid bloggers on tumblr getting banned (some were eventually reinstated, though I don’t know about all of them) solely for sharing caps of the shitty conversations they’d had with gross men on the site.


And when that perception is challenged by women not being comfortable enough to fuck them, then it’s all “Why did you put casual sex on your profile then?!” and “I didn’t want to fuck you anyways, ugly!”
There was a spat of OkCupid bloggers on tumblr getting banned (some were eventually reinstated, though I don’t know about all of them) solely for sharing caps of the shitty conversations they’d had with gross men on the site.

Oh goddess, this. Fucking this. I also feel you on the depression/anxiety/self-hatred of my own appearance shit. I’m currently single, but I’m a fan of relationship anarchy and polyamory so it’s very likely I’ll never have just one partner.

I’m sometimes interested in casual sex, but dealing with men always helps me come to my senses. Men seem to believe that if a woman wants to have sex, she’s gonna tolerate them being abusive dicks. It’s one of the intersections that makes me side-eye kink some – mainly that there are so many men who constantly broadcast they are “doms” as some kind of excuse for abusing others.

I’m fortunate in being bi, and mostly attracted to women anyway. I don’t HAVE to deal with men if I don’t wanna. Which is good. Because I’m done dealing with men in a sexual sense.

First, for the nth time, I am NOT Mark, hellsbells, give a devil his due why don’t you, or rather don’t give a devil what’s not his due 👿

Second, it was an accident that I thought you were a male so I retracted immediately. Not everything I do is deliberate, you know. 😰

Third, nobody with a lick of sense would expect to find a “decent” heterosexual male, in the context of a sexual relationship, by using hookup apps

Sure, enlighten us about what a “decent” male is, then.

April 3, 2017 at 6:12 am
First, I have spent literally thousands of waking hours and thousands of dollars over the decades

I’m a bit late to this discussion, and I haven’t joined in the comments section in ages (though I read through and enjoy the discussion whenever I have time). I just wanted to say I read this as “literally thousands of wacking hours.”

Given Humbug’s other references to the “efficiency” of a sex bot and the joy of games that involve raping to punish women for objecting to sex assault … yeah, easy mistake to make. Chingale.

Jim “Fucking” Sterling on “The Creepy cull of Female Protagonists”

This should drive humbug right up the wall

Humbug | April 5, 2017 at 6:39 pm
Third, nobody with a lick of sense would expect to find a “decent” heterosexual male, in the context of a sexual relationship, by using hookup apps

First, I’m not looking for a “hetersexual” male specifically. There are plenty of bi and pan dudes out there whose acquaintance I would also like to make, as well as many lesbian, bi, and pan women. And if there happens to be an ace/aro person or someone already in a monogamous relationship looking for friendship (which does happen), I’d love to get to know them too.

Second, who the fuck said that this would be a solely sexual relationship? I would also like to make friends. I know that’s impossible to wrap your brain around Buggy, but it’s true. I would very much like to be friends with the people I have sex with and vice versa, and even with people who I wouldn’t have sex with and/or vice versa.

Third, who the fuck said that all heterosexual men on dating apps were not “decent”? I didn’t say that. Mostly because that would be shitty. I said “dudes” which has a particular connotation, and even then it should be implied that I wasn’t referring to all men, let alone heterosexual ones on dating apps. A hit dog hollers and all that.

There are plenty of awesome dudes on dating apps right alongside the shitty ones.

What I said was those apps have a large collection of NOT decent men, and the app owners/mods aren’t doing anything about it, and THAT is what makes me leery.

It’s not just the awful dudes, it’s the fact that no one’s doing anything about them.


Not everything I do is deliberate, you know. 😰

Is that a fact.

PS: More emojis. You need to use more emojis in your posts.

The white male feelz are real, you guys.

So I guess I’ma give him the only thing he’s apparently capable of relating to : moar white male feelz. (Just don’t tell the Jim Crow people about it, I’m not technically allowed to.)

I don’t use dating apps for two reasons : social anxiety and I live in an area where those aren’t really used anyway. Okay, mostly social anxiety.

I’m a (mostly) cis (mostly) het dude. For the longest time I’ve also been (mostly) not-decent, thanks to internalized social norms that make it more acceptable to lie about not ever being attracted to other people than to accept one’s own tendency to polyamory.

I’ve been to both far ends of the casual vs monogamous “spectrum” (actually there’s no such thing ’cause sexuality is a rather fluid thing but I’m simplifying for you, trolly) starting with a period of partying hard and having all the sex around age 15 while pining for a “real” relationship out of the misguided belief that it would “fix” me and my depression, social anxieties, drug addictions. Back then it looked to me like I was just lookin’ for love – I’m older and wiser now, thank goodness. Then a few monogamous relationships, all of which went to shit on some variation of the “poly but tries to deny it” theme.

After roughly a decade of that back-and-forth shit, I’m now in the middle of one long-ass dry spell, both romantic and sexual. It correlates with a hell of a spike in how nasty my underlying mental illnesses have gotten, due in part to how one of the aforementioned relationships ended. Still, I’ve finally been able to reach a healthy outlook on my own sexuality and how it relates to my mental issues.

See it turns out that the world and its people aren’t clear-cut black-and-white things, and that includes me and all the people who’ve crossed my path.

And more importantly, it turns out that I ain’t to blame for this shit. And the various women who’ve been involved with me romantically or sexually at any given point aren’t to blame either. Okay, except for the one who didn’t punch her father or let me do it when he asked her “Are you sure John’s not a Jew ?”, but that’s beside the point. What’s to blame is all the toxic bullshit we were made to swallow and spew back from birth.

Guess what freed me from that bullshit ? That’s right, those evil (and chaotic !) sex-negative feminazis.

ETA : Just realized he’s banned, heh. Well, that this teal deer was for the benefit other commenters and lurkers rather than his own anyway. I’m way past trying to help trolls learn anything.

The mgtows don’t like girls. They’re like a bunch of little boys who build a clubhouse with a “no girlz alowed” sign written in crayon. Look at the bright side: this means they’re voluntarily taking themselves out of the gene pool.

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