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Plagiarised posts on A Voice for Men mysteriously vanish without explanation or apology

Now you see it, now you don't!
Now you see it, now you don’t!

UPDATE: Elam has belatedly posted an acknowledgement of (some of) the plagiarism. Then he called me fat. See my take here.

Earlier today, I pointed out that two recent posts on A Voice for Men were plagiarised, constructed almost entirely with cut-and-pasted chunks of text from an assortment of sources ranging from Wikipedia — the classic plagiarist resource — to weird little right-wing blogs.

Both posts — by marital rape legalization advocate and Holocaust denier Amartya Talukdar — have now disappeared from A Voice for Men, along with the rest of Talukdar’s posts on the site.

In a new post, AVFM head cheese Paul Elam took full responsibility for publishing Talukdar’s brazenly plagiarised posts and …

JUST KIDDING! Elam deleted the posts with no explanation or apology. And he hasn’t sent me a note of thanks for uncovering his site’s journalistic failure.

Reports of Elam stomping around his condo with steam coming from his ears have not been confirmed.

This isn’t the first time I’ve brought Talukdar’s, er, problems to AVFM’s attention. Not that they did anything about it; AVFM kept publishing him even after I informed them that he was a Holocaust denier. Indeed, Dean Esmay (who was still on “staff” at that point) declared me a “stalker madman” for pointing him to evidence of Talukdar’s troubling views.

But I guess Talukdar’s blatant cut-and-paste plagiarism was harder to ignore than his numerous Tweets suggesting that the Holocaust was “a Russian fabrication to hide allied war crimes.” (He is also, for what it’s worth, under the impression that Hillary Clinton is a “Jewess.”)

I’ll continue to check the site and Elam’s Twitter account to see if he posts anything about the deletions or the plagiarism.

But as of right now the only interesting things I’ve seen on Elam’s Twitter feed recently are these tweets (recently pointed out by the indefatigable @TakeDownMRAs).


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@boobury – thank you for the welcome.

@ Victorious Parasol – thanks and no kidding. Reading that wall of “logic” hurts and is far too time consuming.

@ brooked – I learned long ago that whatever an abuser/bully accuses “you” of, they are doing themselves.

My apologies for being so late to reply. I had to post and run yesterday.


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