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Segregation now, segregation forever, declare Red Pill Redditors

Mighty white of you (Screenshot from University of Alabama's Alpha Phi recruitment video.)
Mighty white of you (Screenshot from University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi recruitment video.)

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Yet another reminder that Red Pillers aren’t just insufferable misogynists; they also tend to be racist as hell.

For proof, look no further than this comment from a TOP ENDORSED COMMENTER in the Red Pill subreddit with dozens of upvotes. The topic at hand: that video from a virtually all-white University of Alabama sorority that looked a bit like a recruitment video for the Stepford Wives.

Naturally, the Red Pillocks love the video, especially its unbearable whiteness of being. Don’t cut yourself on the “edgy” racism below.

FLFTW16 31 points 5 days ago ANY group that racially segregates formally or informally has my support. Our liberties are being attacked and chipped away so they must be defended at every opportunity. One fundamental liberty is the freedom of association. Be friends with whomever you wish. Whites are more comfortable around other whites. Newsflash! Blacks have black only fraternities and sororities. Hell they even have black only universities. They self-segregate because it gives them an advantage. Latinos do the same. Some of you might not know this but there are Jewish fraternities as well. There are also what one might call "One percent-er" fraternities, such as Skull and Bones. The rich and powerful prefer to associate with the rich and powerful, so they have barriers of entry that prevent poor losers from gaining access. That's their privilege and liberty and it must be defended. Sheboons and femtards want to gain access so they can do what sheboons and femtards always do: shit all over the place. The only people who protest this group are people so pathetic and malformed that no self-respecting social group would accept them. They are so disgusted by each other that they don't even want to form their own group of outcasts, they prefer to just fling poo at the pretty white girls for being too pretty and too white.

Hey Reddit, you know you can just ban blatant racism. There’s no rule saying you have to provide a platform for the world’s worst shitheads.

Oh, wait, I forgot that Reddit’s key demographic is the world’s worst shitheads. Never mind.

H/T — r/TheBluePill

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I seriously doubt their idea of “diversity” includes fat women. A vast number of people who would never overtly discriminate against a race will still discriminate against fat people, as there’s a perception that we are lazy, eat too much and do not exercise.

Jarnsaxa: the irony there is these are all the same kinds of behaviors that thin people regularly engage in, but no one notices when they eat a lot or don’t exercise.

Another horrible irony is when fat people are seen watching what they eat ot exercising and are and vilified for doing so. I’ve seen that happen.

Like women who are resented for putting on makeup and expected to just roll out of bed naturally beautiful, you’re just supposed to be thin already, without any effort.

@ Talbotfish I think it’s legitimate to criticize these women. Blonde white women can believe and support white supremacy as much as blonde white men. There are lots of women of color they could show are welcome. There are lots of women of differing body types they could show. They gave agency, if they are in such a bubble that they only want women of a certain type, and race to join their club I think they should be criticized for that, given the side eye. I’m not advocating personal insults, or threat to these women but I cannot respect them or their organization based on what they are advocating with their actions. In a racially and ethnically diverse nation with so many body types you can only have such videos and organizations by being exclusive on purpose. Maybe some of them will change and learn to value participation of other types of women as well as forming relationships with other types of women. As a person of color I’ve seen and read too ,much about when white women don’t really extend sisterhood to nonwhite women it’s excused in some way. I really don’t think it’s cool. This is the type of thing I give the side eye to. Also ,to me it’s not a big deal because of the sorority itself but they will probably only have the back of women who look like them and are of the same class. Just because they are victims of patriarchy doesn’t give them a pass when they do something hurtful to other women or exclude women of color. But in this world we can all give passes to whoever we want. It’s all good.

Re hair: I’ve got dark blonde hair but dark brown eyebrows. My brother and mom, both redheads, are the opposite: their eyebrows are lighter than their hair.

…And continuing from the original poster’s ahem, logic, where does segregation end? I guess we should segregate people who display the same behaviours too. So maybe these young women should only hang out with people who have their photos taken while they’re lying on the ground in a circle with their heads together. I’m just saying.

The video is more than a little creepy mostly because of what theyre wearing and doing. It looks like one of those sanitary napkin ads from the eighties, with women frolicking happily in green fields, because they are so FREE!

Pear_tree | August 23, 2015 at 3:41 pm
Why are people comparing these women and girls to frat boys singing songs about rape and lynching?

Because they’re both part of a culture that teaches them toxic things and they run with it. It’s not to say that the frat boys are on the same level as the sorority, because the frat boys are far worse, but rather that these are two separate symptoms of a problematic culture.

The group is very homogeneous but they have not explicitly said “no diversity allowed”. If questioned a lot of the women/girls would probably say something that is pro diversity.

Because if they explicitly said “No diversity allowed”, they’d be railed even harder than they are now because that would make them look even worse. No one (except maybe Donald Trump) would come out and say something like that because we know the social consequences of such actions.

That’s the thing about racism (and rapists, actually). We tend to think being called a racist is worse than being actually racist, because the word has such negative connotations for social status.

On top of that, just like rape, not everyone knows what racism actually is (hence all the white people claiming “reverse racism” when black people are talking about their treatment at the hands of white people).

So, we can’t really go “Well, they didn’t come out and say they didn’t want black people in their group!”, because there’s so many reasons for them to not do that, regardless of their intentions.

Granted, they could legitimately not mean to shut black people out, but they aren’t showing that in the video. (Also, check out weirwoodtreehugger’s link to the Jezebel article if you wonder why we’re assuming that this might not be completely innocent.)

I know that in reality there is both structural and actual racism that prevents racial diversity in fraternities and sororities. However, unless the sorority in question has prevented non white/thin etc members from participating in the video, I don’t think the comparison with the fraternities is quite fair.

Uh…did you watch the video? I only saw thin white blond women. Unless you meant “participating” like in helping shoot and produce the video, in which case, it’s still fucked up that they only show thin white blonde women in the video.

After all the fraternties did something beyond not being diverse to be judged (and for the most part they also lack diversity). There are structural problems in many sororities/fraternities and this should be addressed but I’m not sure this group deserves particular criticism.

Considering the history of racism in sororities and fraternities, I don’t think that this should slide by without a second thought.

Addressing the many, many small issues start to get people wondering if there is a bigger systematic problem at work, and it looks like there is.

I’m also not sure brain washing is a fair comment. There are real social, financial and political advantages from being in the right sorority/fraternity. People also have a lot of parental and societal pressure to join. Conforming to this pressure isn’t brain washing but giving yourself all the advantages you can.

I can’t speak for who made that comment, but I think it was referring more to pushing the idea that your sorority/fraternity is somehow “better” than others because you only let a specific type of person in, and you think that that type of person is better than you by association.

This is also why it is serious that fraternities and sororities become more diverse. It is unfair that advantages with respect to future careers goes only to limited people based on race and appearance.


lkeke35 | August 24, 2015 at 1:28 pm
The video is more than a little creepy mostly because of what theyre wearing and doing. It looks like one of those sanitary napkin ads from the eighties, with women frolicking happily in green fields, because they are so FREE!

They’ve gotten a bit better, but I still see ads like that from time to time and it always weirds me out that they want to make periods seem so clean and happy. I’m highly envious of the women who undoubtedly made those commercials (which I doubt that they were the only ones with say in it).

I still like this spoof far better than any tampon commercial I’ve ever seen:

Eagleland Condominioum Tenants Meeting

“OK, so the first order of business is…”

“Hey, can we talk about the janitor”

“”Please don’t interrupt. Now as I was…”

“But the janitor keeps beating me up”

“Well, if you’d care to look at the agenda you’ll see that we do have that as item 27”

“Oww! He’s doing it now!!”

“Ok, if you have any specific points to make about your particular circumstances you can raise it in ‘any other business'”

“Argh, he’s punching me!”

“Look, do you mind keeping the noise down. We need to look at the issue of next year’s rent. This affects you too you know so I don’t see why you don’t want to hear about it”

“He’s choking me!”

“OK, I see your point. Hang on”

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m standing next to you”

“Never mind that. Get him off me!”

“Well, I’m not sure I can do that. You may have a problem with him; but he is very good at fixing my boiler”

“You’re an absolute *!#!*!**!**#!”

“Well, if you’re going to use language like that there’s clearly no point in continuing. Meeting adjourned.”

The genetics of hair pigmentation and its heritability / variation of expression is really frikkin’ fascinating. I wish it was something that could be discussed in company without either (a) someone think you’re trying to be a Nazi or (b) someone expressing their weirdo Nazi opinions.

I wish we could just be like, “OH! THIS IS REALLY NEAT!” and start to wonder about the role that hair texture played in climate adaptation without racist assholes stomping about.

I’ve often wished the same thing.

On a related note, ever notice how bone-straight hair has become normative, to the point where a woman with natural curls gets told she “doesn’t look professional” unless she straightens her hair? And how many curly women must waste hours before the bathroom mirror every morning, spending obscene amounts on hair products that never work, and obsessing throughout the day in case any humidity should arise? How on Earth is that supposed to make them “more professional”? If anything, it’s like having all your brainpower sucked out through your hair.

And this shit has been going on forever, too. As a kid I hated myself for never being able to have Farrah Fawcett wings, like all the “hot” girls at school. (I also hated myself for being very pale and not being able to tan, only burn. I don’t freckle significantly, either. Yup, I’m a freak even among the freakish.)

And the worst was being asked if I’d gotten a perm. I always used to look at people like they’d come at me from Mars when they said that. Why would I WANT my hair to look poofy and unmanageable? If only I weren’t so tongue-tied back then…I could have asked them if they wasted hours every morning trying to make their hair fall so flat that even a lightning bolt couldn’t lift it.

And this is a white woman talking. I can only imagine how much worse it must be if you’re black, and have the additional pressure of outright racism weighing on top of it all. Natural hair isn’t “professional”, and neither are braids. (Is ANYTHING? Other than being born white and with straight hair, that is?) But if you straighten your hair with what they euphemistically call “relaxers”, eventually you end up with severe hair loss, because that shit has lye in it, and lye EATS hair. I had my hair chemically straightened once, and not only did the damn $60 (and two-hour) hair torture fail after just two weeks, my hair kinked right back up again and then broke. I was cutting and picking split ends out of it for the next 2-3 years. And I’d never had so much as a single split end before, even though I must have burnt it with enough heat to fry the Sun in my futile attempts to iron it straight, or at least iron my curls into some halfway acceptable shape…

That was enough conformity for me. From then on, I decided I’d just live with my curls, and do whatever it took to make them look good, AS CURLS. Curly hair, don’t care. I learned how to shampoo less, condition more, and love all those oils that the shampoo commercials are always telling you are dirty and greasy. And what do you know? Finally, I love my hair. Finally, it’s manageable. And I get compliments on my curls now, because proud curlyheads are a rarity in a world where everyone is being pressured to either straighten up or get weaves if their hair isn’t naturally “correct” to begin with.

Maybe if more women became the change we want to see in this world — acceptance for all colors! AND textures! — we’d stop getting that maddening pressure to “professionalize” and waste ages and fortunes on a perfect head of hair that can never be ours. Hair liberation NOW! (raises fist)

My best friend shaves her head. I’ve never understood why it isn’t more acceptable.

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