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Roosh V prepares for Toronto by pretending to be Muslim, urging followers to have sex with feminists

How do you do, fellow Muslims?
How do you do, fellow Muslims?

Fresh off the Battle of Montreal, which the almost universally despised pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh insists on considering a grand victory, Roosh and his minions are preparing for what he is imaginatively calling The Battle of Toronto.

He’s starting at a bit of a disadvantage here, given that the mayor of the city has already made it clear Roosh isn’t welcome, and has been urging all possible venues for Roosh’s event to refuse him their services.

Naturally, as was the case in Montreal, Roosh insists on planning his super seekrit “operations” in full view of the public.

First up is what Roosh calls “Operation Fornication,” a three prong plan, announced yesterday, to “Identify” and “Infiltrate” his opponents, who at this point comprise virtually everyone who has ever heard of him, and then to, er, “Inseminate” them.

Roosh, trying his hand at humor, explains that:

The best way to gain the trust of a woman is to fuck her. Therefore I ask you take one for the team and seduce these feminists in order to gain access to their plans. It should be easy since they are constantly surrounded by limp-wristed manginas who provide them with no sexual attraction.

I understand that these women are universally repulsive, overweight, and often in late stages of the devastating Lindy West disease, but no one said spycraft would be easy. A commendation medal is in store for you if you gain intelligence through the fornication that saves the event. Just be sure to record the sex act because these girls are the most likely to falsely accuse you of rape.

Yeah, we saw what happened the last time Roosh tried the whole fornication thing, didn’t we?

Last night, Roosh announced an even sillier new plan that he is calling “Operation Caliphate.” In this plan he will pretend that his noxious ideas and behaviors stem from his Islamic beliefs.

Even though he doesn’t actually have any Islamic beliefs.

Even though he recently ran a post on his Return of Kings blog titled “Islamophobia Is Perfectly Natural” and another on dating Muslims in which the author declared that 

Islam presents a direct threat to a free, open, prosperous, and advancing human civilization with justice and equal rights for all.

Roosh’s new plan is so half-assed that he didn’t even bother to proofread his announcement:

The attacks against me is [sic] obviously Islamophobia. My traditional beliefs on women and family come from my father, who is Muslim (Shia branch). White Canadian feminists forget to check their privilege before attacking our masculine views which stem for [sic] the mighty Koran.

As you know I am a practicing Muslim man. The mosque is my sanctuary in which I strengthen my views on masculinity and patriarchy. The Prophet Muhammad and I stand together against SlutWalks, false rape accusations, obesity, and cat tattoos.

Oh, and that crappy photoshop of Roosh as a Muslim at the top of this post? I didn’t make it. Roosh did, declaring it to be “a recreation of how I look in traditional Muslim garb.”

He’s about as convincing as a Muslim as Vincent Adultman from the Netflix show Bojack Horsemen is at pretending to be, well, an adult man.

I have no idea what Roosh is even trying to do here. Either Roosh thinks feminists are even more gullible than the idiots who’ve paid $50 to see his little talks, or he’s drunk. I can’t tell.


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Well, it’s good that they’re deleting the false reviews, but I noticed the guy who started that thread is blaming everybody but Roosh for it and actually seems to be pro-Roosh.

[Presumably the cafe owner’s name] took a picture of him and posted it on IG with a slightly negative caption that could have led to bad shit happening. nothing happened but knowing the volatile situation with feminists, it could have been bad.

Yes, because it would have been “Feminists'” fault if Roosh did something more than get his cultists to spam Yelp…

i dont mind Roosh and don’t care much. I’ll let people fight for what they believe in but not on Yelp.

Dude, the thing they believe in is rape. Their entire ideology is rape.

And Yelp wonders why nobody takes their site seriously anymore.

*If Roosh or his cultists did something more than spam Yelp, I should say.

@SFHC I agree the yelp moderator seems unwilling to take a stance like the owner of Café L’Artiste Affamé. The café owner was willing to say what he thought of Roosh and risk retaliation from the Rooshevites to alert others where Roosh was.

I was just glad the flood of spam was caught and yet more people realize to what this group really stands for. The spiteful retaliation is actually driving more traffic to the shop as word spreads according to the moderator who said:

“and since petty people won’t stop ’til they get full satisfaction which is usually inflicting serious financial damage, well, we’re being continuously hit with spam.

and all this is doing the opposite of what they want actually as it is creating more foot traffic for the café (they are located in a shit neighborhood. tourists don’t stop by and summer is the worst period for coffee shops). its extremely childish but at the same time, i find it incredibly funny”

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants:

When the beer hits your wig
Like the mud on a pig
That’s a more….


If I was near Montreal I would make a point of visiting the Starving Artist Cafe for the same reason I signed the petition to ban Roosh or follow David’s mockery of the modern misogynist. I want to support those willing to take a stand.

I don’t think I can say enough thanks to those willing to act or those willing to speak like the commentators here. I appreciate reading what I find a valuable response each day, followed by the brain bleach- especially the cats, puns and other silliness despite the vile subject matter. Portia is gracing my lap and Theo Thunderpaw my shoulder and chair back, probably looking for more cat pictures.

Seriously? We have a code name operation to steal feminist “plans”? Two questions: how old is this guy and has he ever talked to another human being? He sounds like a kid that’s trying to figure out where his mom hides the wine. Only keeping it on the top shelf so the kid doesn’t get it is hardly hiding.

Ha! And now we’re being prejudice against Muslims are we? Isn’t Roosh V American? Nice try. He’s not the target of discrimination, the women who he promotes assault and manipulation on are. Give me a break, you already know you’ve lost here. We’ll take our manginas over your degenerates any day. Sincerely – Attractive, slim feminist (not that it matters)

Tradecraft is the term used in the HumInt community for the tricks of the trade. At one level this is correct usage, as what he proposed was an attempt at clandestine collection.

On a broader level his broadcasting the plan “in the clear” pretty much negates any attempt to use such. The odds of a Roosh follower having the ability to hide his general disdain for feminism long enough to engage in any practical elicitation is laughable.

the volatile situation with feminists

What are we, gasoline? Do we give off brain-warping fumes that explode in a fireball the instant some fool lights a match? Methinks the “gentleman” (note the quotes, there for a reason) doth protest too much. And for the wrong causes, too.

In fact, I wonder if he’s not a Rooshie plant.

Theo Thunderpaw

That has got to be the best cat name ever. Does Theo perchance have extra toes?


There are such creatures as American Muslims. But aside from that, yes, you’re quite right.

As a recent revert to Islam, 3 weeks Tuesday, NO practicing Muslim who was truly one would never ever say or write the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) name without some form of saying Peace Be Upon Him in their language or Arabic. As you can see by my use in the brackets. Also the fact that sex outside of marriage is forbidden and that women are actually treated with respect as is actually the teachings of the Qur’an as is also the way Muslims spell it from what I know, not Koran, also shows that he is full of it. Can’t forget the fact that alcohol is also expressly forbidden as well. That asshat is truly so stupid that only those of his low level of intelligence could fall for his BS. lol

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