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PUA asshat Roosh V declares victory in Montreal, gets drink tossed in face

Roosh celebrates his "victory" in Montreal
Roosh celebrates his “historic victory” in Montreal

Yesterday was a big day for Roosh Valizadeh, pickup artist, rape legalization advocate and would-be philosopher of “neomasculinity.” Some highlights:

Roosh was the inspiration for a demonstration against rape culture in Montreal.

Roughly 100 demonstrators held a peaceful demonstration in Montreal’s Norman Bethune Square targeting rape culture in general and Roosh in particular. It is not known how many of the demonstrators were undercover Roosh operatives dressed as “a homosexual hipster (i.e. male feminist).” Best estimates put the number at zero. The rally was covered by both CTV News and The Montreal Gazette.

The mayor of Montreal weighed in on the issue, declaring in a tweet that as far as he was concerned Roosh was not welcome in his city. 

On the Roosh V forum, meanwhile, Roosh’s fans scoured the news footage for identifiable faces of people they could smear, and debated whether or not they WB (“would bang”) or WNB (“would not bang”) various women who had attended the demonstration.

Roosh (apparently) gave his talk, celebrating afterwards by posting a video claiming a “historic victory in Montreal.”

After calling on his followers to spread false information about the super seekrit location of his talk, as part of what he charmingly called “Operation Goebbels,” Roosh apparently gave his talk in a rented room at a Montreal restaurant.

Afterwards, evidently quite proud of himself,  Roosh posted a victory video on Youtube. On the Roosh V forum, his fans happily posted celebratory gifs, including this one.


Donning a wig — no, really — Roosh hit the bars in an evident attempt to find a woman in Montreal who was not repulsed by him.

He failed, as this video of a woman tossing a drink in his face suggests.

Roosh went on Twitter to report being assaulted by “a mob,” and apparently reported the incident to police.

He might have undermined his case a little by suggesting it was “worth” it because, well, he got some action out of it, sort of.

The woman with the “sexy legs” responded, and suggested that Roosh had in fact put his hands on her first.


On the Roosh forums, Roosh’s fans urged him to file charges for assault and to sue everyone in sight.  And debated whether or not they WB the alleged beer-pourer.

Meanwhile, Roosh’s plan to smear his opponents online continued apace.

“By Monday,” one Roosh fan wrote, “we’ll have identified every single one of these pieces of garbage and work on decimating their future career options.”

According to this Tweet, Roosh himself was threatening to falsely report one of the organizers to social services as a bad mother.

On Twitter, the #IStandWithRooshV hashtag has been having a little trouble getting going, generating all of 3 Tweets as of noon on Sunday.

This does not look like a grand victory for Roosh, unless his aim was to show the world what terrible shits he and his supporters are.

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6 years ago
Reply to  katz

We do a bit of self defence teaching for people who aren’t conventionally able. Often these are people who need it most. It’s just a matter of adaption.

I once knew a martial arts student who was both blind and paraplegic. It did not go well for the person who thought they could pull a snatch-and-grab on the blind guy in a wheelchair.

That being said, that guy was definitely an outlier. He was usually the only visibly disabled person at seminars/conventions/whatever you call them.

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ maistrechat

That being said, that guy was definitely an outlier

Yeah, one factor is that a lot of people with disabilities, and the population generally, probably don’t realise that you don’t have to be able bodied or minded to learn self defence. So there’s an element of self de-selection.

I always point out that 95% is non physical anyway; the use of force aspect is generally, although not always, best as a last resort.

In terms of the hierarchy of skill sets in self defence, it goes:

Strategic Thinking – Knowing how assaults go down generally
Tactical Thinking – Reading the particular situation you’re in.
Psychological coping – knowing what happens to your cognitive functions in a violent situation and most importantly overcoming the ‘freeze; response.
Technical skills – knowing all the moves etc
Physical ability

As you can see, your physical attributes are the least important. You don’t have to have the conditioning of a commando to be effective in combat. Even the most unfit person can effectively defend themselves; and you certainly don’t need to be able bodied.

John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

As a Canadian I have never been more disappointed in my country and generation.
Do you know why men read Roosh’s material? I would wager a large portion of his readership were once men like myself who played by your rules. Society told us not to objectify women and we obliged. We felt a righteous zeal against rape culture and misogyny while female authors like E.L. James and romance industry profited off rape culture and misogyny. We ignored the contradictory behavior of women who went home with the biggest misogynist in the bar.
Roosh is not an admitted rapist. Outside of satire, and outside of your insane definition of rape, please cite one credible source where he says as much. The Communist Broadcasting Corporation refuses to do its due diligence because we prefer feel good mob justice.
Roosh’s movement has so far lead to a bodycount of zero. On the other hand, I have seen Roosh’s critics advocate any means necessary up to and including violence to censor his tour.

6 years ago
Reply to  John Smith

Unfortunately word salad doesn’t pack enough calories for me to retain a healthy weight, so could you serve up something meatier next time?

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

please cite one credible source where he says as much

Well that would be in his own writings; but is he a ‘credible source’?

Ooh, logic bomb.

6 years ago

Do you know why men read Roosh’s material?

I have a guess, but I’ll also wager that my guess is better than what you’re about to say.

Society told us not to objectify women and we obliged. We felt a righteous zeal against rape culture and misogyny while female authors like E.L. James and romance industry profited off rape culture and misogyny. We ignored the contradictory behavior of women who went home with the biggest misogynist in the bar.

Oh sure, you were totally filled with a “righteous zeal” against the very thing you now support. Yeah, I totally believe you on that one.

Here’s what really happened. You lived your childhood as a typically dumb-ass male kid, joking around in the locker-room while realizing that that garbage wasn’t permissible in polite society. You heard the message that misogyny was wrong and that something called “rape-culture” exists, but you never really understood either concept but felt that it somehow was painting you and your locker-room joking as a bad person and didn’t want to let something so nebulous to you interfere with your day to day life.

Then one day you started reading assholes like Roosh, who told you that those nebulous things you never really understood but made you uncomfortable were actually bad things. He reinforced what media told you about girls loving the “bad boy” because Roosh also bases his worldview on media stereotypes. He convinced you that you were being fed a big lie that you never realized mattered to you until just then, but Roosh, of course, had the solution you never needed until now.

When you say “we, you don’t mean “I,” you mean the archetypal beta male sucker that Roosh wants you to believe you avoided becoming. Hell, who knows if you’ve even personally tried to flirt in an actual bar, or have lost out to someone demonstrably misogynistic.

But hey, I could be totally off base. Why don’t you explain how you were once against rape culture, but then a couple women seemed to take part in that culture and so now you’re all for it.

6 years ago

Men were asked not to objectification women and they complied? When did this happen? I missed it.

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