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MRA Dean Esmay stunned that hurling obscenities at feminists does not cause them to take him seriously

Dean Esmay: One fingered typist?
Dean Esmay: One fingered typist?

It’s a day ending in “y” and “Men’s Human Rights Activist” Dean Esmay is spamming another hashtag on Twitter with belligerent and nonsensical Tweets directed at some imaginary feminist living in his head.

Wait, these were Tweeted yesterday, not today. Let me check something.

Yes, Thursday is also a day ending in “y,” so let’s continue. 

It seems Mr Esmay is angry that his propensity for calling women “cunts” and other gendered slurs sometimes causes people to take his alleged ideas less seriously. (Click on screenshots to see archived versions of each Tweet.)



Er, laterally? 

of or relating to the side; situated at, proceeding from, or directed to a side: a lateral view. 2. pertaining to or entailing a position, office, etc., that is different but equivalent or roughly equivalent in status, as distinguished from a promotion or demotion: a lateral move. Laterally | Define Laterally at

Oh, wait, I think he meant “literally.” Which leads me to my next question:

Er, literally?

Men are literally being set on fire for saying the word “cunt?” Where exactly?

Esmay, naturally, provides no citation for this claim.

Then, literally two minutes later, he literally followed up these two “cunt” tweets with this:


Philogyny, by the way, is not some term you’ve forgotten from biology class; it means love or admiration of women, the opposite of misogyny.

It’s sort of a weird thing to bring up immediately after defiantly asserting your right to call women, or feminist women (or whoever Esmay is talking about) “cunts.”

It’s even weirder when you consider that Esmay’s very next tweet is this “warning”/veiled threat to feminists/women/whoever that men even worse than Esmay are waiting in the wings, eager to attack feminists/women/whoever even more viciously.


“Penetrate” is an interesting choice of words in this context, no?

Also, I regret to have to inform Mr. Esmay that the “way more extreme” men aren’t actually “way more extreme” than he is. Nor are they waiting for Esmay to fail, or indeed waiting for anything; they are already attacking women energetically, sometimes rhetorically, sometimes physically.

After a couple more Tweets along similar lines to those previously quoted, Esmay channeled his inner angry teenager and declared


I can’t help but finish Tweets like this in my mind with “… MOM!” and the sound of a bedroom door slamming.

Several minutes and several angry Tweets later, Esmay posted … this:


I’ll just end this post here, because WAT.

I bring you these Tweets not because they are the worst things that Esmay — or any other MRA — has said. I bring them to you because they are in fact rather typical for Esmay, who Tweets dozens and perhaps even hundreds of Tweets much like this every day.

Esmay — the “Chief Operating Officer” of A Voice for Men — is one of the highest profile Men’s Rights Activists online. (Oh, sorry, Men’s Human Rights Activists”) online. This is what he does all day, every day, attacking imaginary feminists for the benefit of his mostly imaginary followers.

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6 years ago

He’s got quite the imagination, doesn’t he? Not only imaginary friends/followers, but imaginary enemies as well. Wow.

6 years ago

Classic Esmay innit?

6 years ago

Surely that helps him not be looked upon as part of a hate group.

Spencer L.
Spencer L.
2 years ago

I left the MRA and adopted 2nd wave feminist ideals. Im actually trans ^___^ . These MRAs think they have friends in Russia. But i spoke to a Belorussian soldier when i was an MRA and told him my beliefs; he called me a pussy and a coward. Also pathetic. No they don’t have friends in Russia. And furthermore, american men are actually not manly enough to handle a Russian woman. At least not the men who subscribe to MRA. . Also only 5% of men manage to have an active sex life, and that’s in Russia. They too have to try forever to get sex. So MRAs are very mistaken in their belief that Russia is a land filled with easily bedded — apron wearing women. They consistently misjudge how many women are willing to touch dicks at any given time.

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