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The Top Ten Completely Untrue Things I Learned from GirlWritesWhat’s Red Pill “Ask Me Anything”

Karen "GirlWritesWhat" Straughan: Everything she says is "true"
Karen “GirlWritesWhat” Straughan: Everything she says is “true”

Karen Straughan, the soporific, pseudoscientific YouTube antifeminist, doesn’t seem on the surface much like a “Red Pill Woman.” She’s a single mother with short hair, well past “the wall,” who makes a point of not wearing makeup in her videos.

But she’s got one quality that apparently makes up for all of her other defects as a Red Pill gal: she tells the Red Pill guys exactly what they want to hear, defending their noxious views, feeding their sense of victimhood, and hand-waving away their blatant misogyny.

So it’s hardly a surprise that she got a warm welcome when she showed up yesterday in the Red Pill subreddit to do an “ask me anything.” Today, I girded my loins and popped a caffeine pill and read through her answers. Well, skimmed them, anyway; I’m no masochist.

I learned a lot. Unfortunately, most of what I learned was not true. 

So let me present the Top Ten Completely Untrue Things I Learned from GirlWritesWhat’s Red Pill AMA, and One Thing That Might Possibly Be True. 

All quotes are straight from Straughan’s AMA. I’ve bolded some of the most-untrue bits.

1) Roosh V isn’t a bad person for wanting to legalize rape

“One commenter expressed a wish that I’d learn to speak more wisely and circumspectly on topics like RooshV’s suggestion to make rape legal on private property (all I said was that however stupid or unfeasible or offensive his idea was, his stated intention was to prevent rape, so I wasn’t going to call him a bad person for it).”

2) Red Pill dudes only say terrible things about women because they love them so much

It’s not misogynistic. Some of the rhetoric here is very angry, and very generalized. A lot of that is from a sense of betrayal–I was taught women are wonderful and believed it, and then the shit hit the fan. There’s a point, though, if the journey isn’t suppressed through punishment and shaming, where these men tend to realize it’s the false paradigm they’re angry with, not women. … If these men didn’t love women in the first place, they wouldn’t be able to be hurt by their failure to live up to the unrealistic expectations society has encouraged them to have.”

3) When men rape women, it’s probably some woman’s fault, if you think about it

A rapist is a very damaged man (usually damaged by women) or a man who really really really wants sex but can’t convince a woman to willingly lie down with him.”

4) Women might look cute, but GWW can see the total-not-cuteness of their souls

“Neoteny. It’s important. The cuter someone is, the nicer we assume they are. For women, that cuteness is also associated with attractiveness to the opposite sex. So everyone thinks cute women are automatically nice, and men also find them sexually appealing.”

5) I’m a fatty who might possibly be wearing a fedora. No, really, for some reason my weight and possible hat choices came up

“Have you guys seen David Futrelle? Or “Angry Aussie”? Or any number of other hipster douchebag male feminists who are fat, have neckbeards, wear fedoras, have difficulty getting laid, etc?

A lot of the men I’ve met in my travels through the MRM are awkward or otherwise don’t remind women of Matthew McConaughey. But a lot of them are quite presentable. Confident, attractive, fit, and definitely not virgins.”

NOTE: I have doublechecked and I am definitely not wearing a fedora.

6) “Most feminists” probably have Borderline Personality Disorder or something similar

7) Red Pillers are the Malcolm X to the Men’s Rights Movement’s Martin Luther King

“If you rebelled without disseminating a message, you’d be a hindrance. But doing what you’re doing, you’re helping, even if you’re just presenting a Malcolm X for MRAs to juxtapose against MLK.

8) Black activists only protested the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown in order to get white people mad and make money for themselves, probably

When you try to cast blame over all whites for perpetuating a racist culture in a Martin or Brown case, whites don’t like that. They get pissed. It gets the animosity stirred up on both sides of the racial divide much more effectively than if the shooting was 100% unjustifiable. And it stirs up white resentment of blacks.

It’s like these particular people (activist leaders) are invested in racism, and they (maybe subconsciously) go out of their way to perpetuate the conditions that keep them in paychecks and justify their existence.

If racism ended, they’d be out of a job. The last three generations are the least racist, sexist, homophobic in history. Where’s the money and status in that, for your average Sharpton?”

9) There’s no epidemic of rape in India because half of all rape cases there are total bullshit

“[T]here’s significant evidence that about half of rape reports in India derive from consensual sex between unmarried persons, but which fall under statutory definitions of rape that are being questioned within the system as to their moral basis in a changing social landscape.” 

10) Women are less stable than men because science?

A woman has to be more emotionally stable than 85% of women to be as emotionally stable as the average man. A man has to be more sensitive than 85% of men to be as sensitive as the average woman.”

11) Chimp dudes don’t have wingmen. (Wing-chimps?)

“Human males are more cooperative with each other than males of almost any other species, really. The phenomenon of guys trying to get other guys laid just isn’t a thing in chimpanzee society.

That last one might be true, I guess. What the hell do I know about chimps?

EDIT: I have been informed that chimp dudes sort of do have wingmen, but in a horrible way.


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This Charming Girl
This Charming Girl
7 years ago

What the fuck did I just read?

4 years ago

Hahaha and here I thought I was going to maybe read something remotely intelligent, but nah. Just the same, I found your writing really amusing and enjoyable, largely because it was too stoopid to even be offensive. I took added pleasure skimming over the other comments of your readers. I look forward to returning here for a laugh every now and then; you’ve won over a new reader! Good job!

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