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Comments I don’t let through: Saturday afternoon hate potpourri

We get a lot of these around here.
We get a lot of these around here.

Once again, a look at some of the comments that people try to leave here, but which for assorted reasons don’t get past the rigorous We Hunted the Mammoth screening process.

I kid; the process is not rigorous at all. You just need to pass a minimal standard of basic human decency. Here’s an assortment of comments from people who, well, fell short. In each instance, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to guess why.

I’ll take “Protocols of the Elders of [BLANK]” for $400, Alex!

Oh so we’re supposed to believe the whole destruction of European culture is all just a miraculous coincidence? And that the world is just jealous at all the Jews for their success? I find it more of a conspiracy theory to claim that than to just look at human history and conclude that Jews are always bad news. I rather have European rulers, than some hook nosed freaks from the desert.


This fellow, like a lot of manospherians, seems really, really obsessed with cuckolding.


is this David Futrelle “for real”? He looks like a parody of what the cuckest of the cucks would look like. A no-life guy with morbid obesity and 2 fucking cats!?? Lol tell me this is a joke


This fellow tried to post a number of comments on the same theme. This is is most succinct:




I’ll take “I don’t condone violence but you feminists totally deserve it for making jokes” for $200, Alex.

I don’t condone any sort of violence but this was bound to happen. There isn’t absolute good or evil among people. The feminist movements have been poking at a bear with a stick while confined on a cage. Once the bear realize the cage is but imaginary, the person doing the poking will be devoured. This will bring misandry topic onto the table at last. The I bathe on male tears isn’t so funny when the shoe is on the other foot now is it?. That person predictions will continue to come true, after all the bear is still being poked at.

tl;dr: This guy, not really a big fan of women. (Spot the “we hunted the mammoth” for bonus points.)

don’t worry about stats, it’s women who are out of cuntroll world wide and time a real man beat the shit out the Great Whore mentality and knocked some ass to the ground… women ARE children their entire lives, treat them as such… just like if they want to run around being holes for dick – gotsta let a hoe be a hoe… walk away from the natural born worthless LOSER whores. men built, own and run this world… what the fuck has a parasitic whore done but gestate the life man gives them so they have purpose and to take care of them only to have a cunt think she’s better…? GOD HAD a wife ya know?! didn’t none ya mutherfuckers ever read the damn thing or between the lines? they are parasites off of mankind. second place is always last place… in nature.  PS: fuck your feeling whores, time to grow up and put your whore ass where your whore mouths are… get the fuck to work and let’s see something besides excuses and laying around looking to sex up the best buck to pay for your lazy asses… ET-fucking-CETERA.  want another example of rampant Americunt Sex in The City – Life as A Human Toilet whining world wide – LQQK AT “MODERN” UKRAINIAN WOMEN. no values, morals or brains just like the rest everywhere. trash.

You thought that last one was the worst it gets? Unfortunately not. Whoever sent this one — from a dubious IP address — is either a giant douchebag of a troll, or the next Elliot Rodger. (Please be the former.)

I hate women. I hate women so much that I’d like to set them afire, shoot them, cut off their heads, drown them, poison them, and do whatever else it might take to see them suffer.  I’m going to make that happen. You don’t believe me. You don’t have to. I’ll have my fun.

I’m going to just stop now. This post turned out a bit darker than I expected.

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7 years ago

Just woke with horrible hangover – from reading above (and other evidence I found – enthusiastically scrawled notes about ableism on a chinese takeaway menu) looks like it was a relatively productive night of drinking for me (asking blunt questions to kindly strangers on the internet so they explain stuff to you is learning stuff, right? Def more productive than other drinking nights) Thanks everyone!

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
7 years ago

This is going to be a wall of text, I’m afraid.

A few years ago, I briefly worked with a guy who had diabetes. He also looooooved sugar. And he hated pricking his finger to test his blood sugar levels and giving himself insulin shots. These things are understandable when one thinks about them a bit – I also love sugar and I hate it when I prick my finger, and I haaaaate shots..

But, because he had diabetes, these things together meant that he regularly put himself into a medical crisis. He would binge on sugary foods and drinks and wouldn’t do anything to compensate for it. He was in the emergency room about every other week. Everyone who knew him knew that he was going to die from this someday, and it was all very preventable and very tragic.

But nobody – nobody at all – ever suggested that the solution was to throw him into a locked ward and force treatment on him. He came across as completely sane. He was therefore allowed to do self-destructive things as much as he liked and it never crossed anyone’s mind that ripping away his agency was something that ought to be done.

I hope you see where I’m going with this. There is a double standard for how we handle self-destructive behavior, depending on whether a person is (perceived as) mad or not. People who get the “insane” label are treated differently from people who don’t, even if the insane person is fully capable of rational reasoning, and even if the insane person is hurting no one but themselves.

This is not to say that self-destructive behavior needs to be ignored and normalized. What I’m saying is that if we’re going to throw a bipolar person into a locked psyche ward when that person self-harms, we need to ask why we don’t do the same thing for Mr. Diabetes when he self-harms. If you knew and really understood why someone who is in a depressive episode does what they do, you might not find their motives bizarre at all, just as I don’t find Mr. Diabetes’ dislike of needles at all bizarre.

That double standard exists for other aspects of how we treat mad people. I’m lucky, in that my mental illness is relatively easy to conceal from strangers and casual acquaintances. I can “pass” for sane, so I don’t experience that double standard very often. People who have psychoses that make their behavior visibly “off” are not so fortunate.

There’s a reason why mad people are more likely to be homeless: you literally cannot get and hold down a job, even one you’re fully capable of doing, or obtain housing, if you can’t pass for sane. People assume you are dangerous and won’t have anything to do with you, even though insane people are, statistically, less dangerous than sane people. No one would think twice about renting an apartment to someone who looks sane, even though that sane person is more likely to be dangerous than the guy who is constantly mumbling to himself about Jesus and the angels. The mumbling guy might as well not bother applying.

Seeking care for madness can be fraught. If you have a drug problem, but are not a criminal, you can go to get treatment for it and not have to worry much about being kidnapped and held against your will. If you have diabetes, but are not a criminal, you can go to get treatment for it without any worry of being kidnapped and held against your will. If you have schizophrenia, getting treatment for it without being kidnapped and held against your will can be extremely difficult. So what do you do? Do you seek treatment and run that risk, or not? “Not” starts to sound really damned good once you’ve experienced involuntary commitment. Involuntarily commitment is awful. Awful. Even if the facility is well-run and not abusive (and many of them don’t meet these criteria), having all ability to control what you do and where you go stripped from you is awful.

People who are mad and also violent need to be treated as violent, which means we need to look at how we treat other violent offenders and ensure we are being consistent. If we’re going to lock up a mad person for domestic violence (not something I would oppose) then we need to also lock up sane people for domestic violence (something that would be very beneficial in my opinion).

So when you look at someone who is violent and you say, that person must be insane! you are contributing to the idea that violence and madness go together. When you look at someone who is saying something that is irrational and you say, that person is crazy! you are contributing to the idea that irrationality and madness go together.

Someone can be irrational and sane, irrational and mad, rational and sane, or rational and mad. Determining someone’s rationality status doesn’t actually tell you whether or not they are mad, but assuming that all irrational people must be mad stigmatizes mad people. That stigma leads directly to the double standard in how mad people are treated. The same goes for violence.

I haven’t even gotten into the poor medical care that mad people sometimes receive, because doctors assume we are making shit up no matter what we say. Or the horrible way we are treated socially, when acquaintances condescend to us and treat us worse than children. Those things are also important, but this has gotten long enough.

7 years ago

What these guys, or really a lot of people who complain about misandry don’t get, is that the shoe already is on the other foot. Women and femme people are already at increased risk for violence. So misandry jokes are being made in that context – by people who are already at-risk and scared. Whistling in the dark, basically.

Then again, there’s a lot of stuff these guys don’t get.

Also, that last comment was horrifying.

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