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The Apocalypse of the Other Jim: How Lorde and Lena Dunham are destroying Western Civilization, allegedly

Lorde: Harbinger of doom?
Lorde: Harbinger of doom?

So over on The Spearhead, the fellas are discussing pop star and self-professed feminist Lorde — no, really — and, well, I have some bad news for you all. Apparently we’re about to be taken over by Barbarian tribes. No, really — again. Blame Lorde, Lena Dunham, Lady Gaga, and of course Sex & the City. Among others.

According to a comment-cum-manifesto from The Other Jim, which won itself a couple of dozen upvotes from The Spearhead’s highly civilized readers, Lorde’s feminism

is merely symptomatic of the fact that we live in what can only be called, ‘The Fem-Centric Reality” … Where the culture of the West caters to female desires. Thus, it’s why we see movies, tv, books, music, etc. targeting women(with the govt. legally and economically empowering women eg Title IX, Lilly Ledbetter, etc.), but more importantly appealing to their innermost desires.

It’s why we’ve seen the popularity of such things like ‘Sex & the City’, ’50 Shades of Grey’, ‘Rom-Com’ movies and shows, ‘Girls’, ‘Dancing With the Stars’, ‘The Bachelor/ette’, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, ‘Grrll-Power’ Heroines like Jennifer Lawrence in the ‘Hunger Games’, ABC News, the ‘War on Women’, etc. All of it catering to the fleeting whims and desires of women. Thus, we all live in ‘Chick-World’. *

So, the ‘Fem-Centric Reality’ is the dominant cultural force in the West right now. Of course, it won’t last, nothing ever does, but the price it will exact from Western Civilization will likely help in usher in a cultural, if not civilizational collapse as the Barbarian tribes surrounding the West see the weakness the Fem-Centric Reality engenders and are patiently waiting to take over a weaker civilization.

So there’s that.

Jim ends with this, well, intriguing theory about trans women:

* It’s also why we’re seeing more MTF transsexuals in the public eye, IMO due to a form of Stockholm Syndrome whereby some men aren’t merely sympathizing with the hostage takers(women & the FemCentric Reality), they’re trying to become the hostage takers(women) and be at the center of the FemCentric Reality where the benefits are quite generous.

Fellas: just make sure to get your transition in before the barbarians take over, if you want to enjoy the lady benefits while you still can!

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Katy “Ur So Gay, and I Kissed a Girl to Impress My Boyfriend” Perry is a sign of how much Western culture favors women? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year. Congratulations, delusional misogynist.

Justin Bieber is going to bring about the fall of Western Civilization?

Oh excuse me. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence are going to bring about the fall of Western Civilization. Yeah, that makes much more sense.

So, why are books, movies and tv shows targeted at women so bad? Manly men must dominate all the things! Raargh!

About the inclusion of Lorde on his list, is anyone else as amused as I am that dude can’t recognize a hipster when he sees one? And hasn’t noticed that hipster culture has been a thing for a while now?

Keep your fingers on that cultural pulse, guys.

Ally is only saying that because we’re holding her hostage in our evil lair full of kittens and cupcakes.

How will having strong female heroines in our media portray us as weak, again? If anything, doesn’t that mean fear us all? And that’s only thinking in the binary, which doesn’t exist. Can this guy get any more oblivious?

Of that whole list of Harbingers of Ultimate Destruction, Entertainment Division, I only enjoy two of them. Most of the rest simply don’t interest me so I don’t pay attention to them. Shockingly, no one is required to listen to Justin Beiber or Kay Perry. Or watch ABC news, for that matter.

John the Other, more power to you if you want to settle in and binge watch Sex in the City and The Bachelor. It;s a free world. Just don’t subject yourself to it and then cry about “Chick-World.”

“The Other Jim”? Um, who’s the FIRST one? Or is this just John the Bother again, talking out his other anus?

Yeah, dude, evil FemWorld is out to get you. And turn you into a transsexual. Booga, booga, booga!

And just when I thought MRAs couldn’t be worse assholes than they already are… I shouldn’t be surprised, though, since “society favors women, it’s true!” isn’t really new from them.

(Hello everyone, de-lurking for the first time. *waves shyly*)

Got to love the way “the West” is actually just ‘Murrica. Title IX et al don’t actually apply anywhere else, duder.

mildlymagnificent – I read about Ms Raintree on Raw Story this morning. Lots of cheering her there (and quotes from the stoning scene in Life of Brian, heheh). 😉

All those programs and singers and whatnot – I’ve heard of most of them and watched/listened to none, since Mr ‘Murrica-Is-The-World wouldn’t have been talking about our ABC News.

Also I want to know who these barbarians at the gates of Rome the West are. Vandals? Visigoths? Ostrogoths? Industrial Goths? Who???

These guys have a serious case of the Non Sequitors. Also, “self-professed” is kinda how feminism works, you know? You announce it because that’s how you choose to define yourself, like “self professed Christian” or “self professed MRA” or whatever?

It’s a pet peeve of mine, because for years I read xtian publications using the term “self professed witch”, and it’s like um YEAH, either you’re not a witch, you’re a self professed witch, or you’re an accused witch, duh. And how else does a girl explain her propensity for building altars and casting spells? Is it more polite to make people guess?

Anyway, I prefer Lorde owning the label feminist over Katy Perry denying it while living off of the progress feminism made for her, just as I prefer Lorde’s 16 year old hipsterism to Katy Perry’s increasingly desperate fifties racist schtick, but hey. According to these guys, they, and JUSTIN BIEBER, are all just products of the misandrist forces of evil. No differences between them or any other aspect of the culture At All.

When did these evil forces of forceful evil impose matriarchy and female supremacy upon us all? I must have missed that whole thing.

I don’t think “the other jim” has any connection to “john the other.”

As for the barbarians, my guess is that he’s probably thinking of Muslims. but who knows.

Ally is only saying that because we’re holding her hostage in our evil lair full of kittens and cupcakes.

But I would never dream of leaving. The kittens provide me all the estradiol and spironolactone I need. Every week they toss me a bottle of HRT pills with their little paws. And they fetch me femme clothes and help me dress up – just like the mice in Cinderella.

The evil feminist lair also has the singing and dancing tea set from Beauty and the Beast, because Disney is totes feminist.

The barbarians at the gates are definitely Cyber Goths.

(We forced them to leave the evil feminist lair because their hair hurt our eyes)


nah, cybergoths are too girly with their garden hose hairfalls. rivetheads will conquer the west

If you start from the most westward part of the west (Hawaii) the first thing you hit will be New Zealand. I guess someone saw a documentary about the making of LOTR and got a big confused. Orcs!

Also I want to know who these barbarians at the gates of Rome the West are. Vandals? Visigoths? Ostrogoths? Industrial Goths? Who???

Canada, obvs, because Canada is literally the worst place on earth to be a man.

@Lili – yeah, “self-professed” is one of those constructions that people use to de-legitimize something by making it sound like a passing fad. It’s asinine. They think they’re putting sneering air quotes around “feminism”‘, but instead they just come across as ignorant about how the world really works,

Why does the existence of a few TV shows and movies aimed at women somehow negate the blozillions of action movies, video games, advertising, etc. directed at men? We live in an oppressive gynocracy because Justin Bieber? Come on.

It reminds me of that MRA movie review site that trashes films like 300 because they contain buff men in revealing outfits which, by appealing to females (sic), are total misandry and violently oppress men.

They’re such delicate flowers.

Yes, it’s too bad that there are no programs on TV any more aimed at men. As a man myself, what I want to see more of is hairy chested manly men, with their shirts off and no more of this girlie stuff 24-hours a day.

I even had to stop watching pro football when they made the entire defensive line wear aprons and the entire offensive team Velcro bows to their helmets. Basketball a safe refuge? I hear most of them are on hormone injections already, and not the manly kind either!

Even our dear (well, only) sport up here in the Great White North is starting to look a bit effeminate.

Nope, I’ve given it all up to hang out with the manly men at AVfM where all video hangouts are done sans shirts and they find good strong women who can actually spell and stuff for us to hang out with.

(Before the PC folk jump all over me I truly think this is the way their minds work, so please don’t take offense at me, save it for them!)

Canada, obvs, because Canada is literally the worst place on earth to be a man.

Hey, it’s got me and my Germanic ancestresses, and our magic Valkyrian helmets of doom, so we must be doing something right!

The greatest proof of today’s male hatred is that there are some pieces of media not directly targeted at straight men. Truly misandry will rot our society until we rid ourselves of all these occasional lapses of judgement.

It reminds me of the huge freakout over Free last year, and how revealing that freakout was.

Semi-on-topic, a friend sent me this piece of misandry:


I suspect that this is what they’re really all afraid of.

I hadn’t heard of Lorde before, so thanks for that. I like her voice. She’s going to be amazing in a few years, I think.

And yes, we Canadian women are barbarians. Beware our fearsome box cutters and, um, posters and whatnot.

Maine is riddled with Tim Horton’s and road signs in kilometers. The invasion has already begun. I am typing this quietly inside my closet, in case my story somehow makes it to the outside world.

We’ve already eaten Vermont, what with our single-payer medicine and all…Maine, you’re next! Muahahahahahah!

“I don’t think “the other jim” has any connection to “john the other.”

My bad. Sorry. I could say it’s all a feminist plot to oppress men whose names start with J, but the truth is is’s late nights and stupid fingers.

I propose to you: humanism. The idea that we should care for and respect one another equally because we are all humans has been around for centuries, long before feminism burst onto the scene and chained itself to the scene’s railings while trying to set itself on fire. There’s nothing misleading about the term humanism in the same way that there is about feminism. It doesn’t just try to break down the barrier between genders, but more importantly, the barrier between races, sexualities, social classes, and religions, which in their own ways are also some of the reasons total gender equality has not yet been reached.


Speaking of The Spearhead, did what’s-his-name (the guy who runs it) ever come back from disappearing?

Maine may fall to the manly manly barbarians, but I’ve got One Direction pillowcases. I can hold out forever!

Oh look, a black windowless poutine truck just pulled up and some masked men got out. I wonder what they wan

Yup, feminism is just drawing in the barbarian hordes. They are attracted by the scent of women who exercise their right to vote and feed on the tears of men required to pay child support. Only the truest of Alphas can repel them with his mighty ability to write a misogynist screed on the internet.

The funny thing? My dad is someone most MRAs would think of as a stereotypically manly guy. He’s an auto mechanic, owns his own business, hunts and fishes, even over 60 still plays basketball with friends every week (except for right now because he broke two ribs), etc. The one black mark here is that he respects women and has been happily married for 32 years. He also is a huge Dancing with the Stars fan. It is the only show he never misses.

Not content to merely jump the shark the HuffPo has decided to capture several sharks, strap their writers to them and train them to perform underwater ballet. As we theater folks would say, a bold choice. Stupid and wrong, mind you, but bold.

Honestly, when you have AVfM’s managing editor showing up in the comments to applaud your take on feminism you might want to re-consider your life choices.

As for The Beiber heralding the downfall of ‘Western civilization’- oh, please. I have clothing older than he is. That list of the Pop Stars of the Apocalypse is just pathetic. What kind of self-respecting civilization is threatened by Katy Perry or Dancing With The Stars?

My opinion on what the manosphere, or at least some of the men in it, believes is this. The world is made up of two groups, one that dominates and one that is dominated. Naturally, in the manosphere, it is men who dominate and women who are dominated. In their eyes having women have equal rights is unthinkable. In the zero-sum game of their way of thinking any attempt of women trying to have equality is a step towards women dominating men.

Good to see the MRAs are indulging in some racism again, driving them even further from public acceptance.

Also, media not aimed at or populated solely by white, straight men is apparently misandry now. Add that one to the ever-growing pile of things apparently destroying civilization forever.

The fact that two manospherians have taken the trouble the christen themselves “the other,” I have to wonder who the ur-John and ur-Jim were.

John and Jim Belushi?

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