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Is Mark Minter, Misogynistic Marriage Mocker, Really Getting Married?


Mark Minter, a bitter, angry, divorced man in his late fifties, made a name for himself over the last year or so in the tiny world of the misogynist manosphere as that subculture’s most vociferous opponent of marriage.

In a series of little manifestos, deposited as comments on various manosphere blogs, Minter excoriated the institution he thought made a “slave” of men. “Get it through your head,” he wrote in one,

Men are from mars; women are FUCKING IDIOTS.

Never marry. … Duh. Game. Duh. Pump them, dump them, next them. Duh. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO WIN. Duh!!!!!

That was the old Mark Minter. Then, last week, word got out that Minty was getting married. To a single mother (oh no!) over the age of thirty (eek!) that he’s apparently never even met in person (well, actually that does sound a bit worrisome).

If this isn’t all some elaborate work of performance art, it may well be turn out to be the most entertaining drama I’ve seen since I started following the manosphere three years ago.

It was Minty’s future wife, a mysterious manosphere-friendly woman known only as Kate, who first broke the news, in a comment on Heartiste’s “game” blog, where she is something of a regular fixture. Heartiste posted about the strange engagement shortly afterwards, wondering if it had been his blog that had “brought these two lovebirds together into a promise of holy matrimony.”

Needless to say, some of Minty’s fans — now ex-fans — reacted as if he had just pooped in the punch bowl.

“Oh crap, the one man wh ostands agianst marraige……destroyed by the unmerciful claws of marraige,” wrote one commenter, evidently too overwhelmed by emotion to type properly. “Farewell Mark, you will be missed. The medusa kate has you now.”

“Speechless,” wrote another. “This is like having Jesus spit in your face while saying ‘FUCK YOU BROTHER!’”

Feeling a tad defensive, Minty rushed to defend himself, and his future wife. In a comment on Chateau Heartiste, he explained

I suppose I have to eat crow. So why the change of heart?

First, I would say I saw some photos that the rest of you have not.

He’s seen some photos? Am I right to think that the only possible interpretation of this is that the two haven’t actually met in person yet?

Second, she is Red Pill and has actually been in this community longer than I have. You cannot imagine what it is like to have conversations with a woman and say “Remember the CH essay on ….” and have a girl say “Yeah, He was right on with that one.”

And I think the odds of men finding someone that fits the first statement AND the second are pretty remote. I believe I nailed down one of the 2 or 3 that might exist in the world that have photos that can make a fellow sit up and pay attention, and then having the intellect and the preparation to keep that attention.

After some proud blabbing about Kate’s apparently quite traditional values, Minty brags about what an alpha dog he is for scoring her:

To me, this engagement is a validation of Game.

I practiced what I learned here. I am 58 year old man. None of you know what that truly entails until you get to that point in your life. Kate is an attractive 34 year old woman, with options galore if she chose to take them.

And in following what I learned here, following the suggestions, the psychology, the mandates, I have an attractive woman 24 years younger than me that is ready to commit to me.

Top that motherfuckers.

As for the medusa Kate, he defended her honor in another comment,

When this Facebook announcement thing happened and members of Kate’s family learned of it, my name got Googled and the writing I have done came to the attention of her family. And some of it was quite provocative and written by me to be intentionally provocative.

And her family came straight at her.

They set up something like an interdiction where she was confronted by not only her family, but also by a PhD in Psychology …

The family compelled her to attend this session with them and this counselor.

They could not believe that a rational woman would wish to marry a known sexist and misogynist.

So she went into that meeting alone, and she stood her ground, she defended our ideas of the Manosphere, she stood up for me, my right to write what I have written, and she won the day. …

She deserves your respect and she has earned it.

Not everyone in the manosphere is convinced that she — or Minty — deserve this respect any more.

In a post yesterday, PUA skeezball Roosh V denounced Minty as a “phony” and warned him that he would no longer be tolerated in Roosh’s corner of the manosphere:

He is like the conservative politician who espouses family values while diddling young boys on the side.

What? What kind of a world do you live in where a man who announces his plans to get married is in some ways equivalent to a child rapist?

He is the PUA who sells products on how to get laid but can’t even approach a single woman, someone who creates a false character to gain either money or—in this case—praise, at the expense of everyone’s trust.

For that reason, he has lost all respect from me. If he were to knock on my door, starving, begging for food and drink, I would only place the sustenance on my front step. He would not be permitted to enter my home so that the foul odor of hypocrisy that now trails him does not infect my place of sleep.

I hope his name will forever be synonymous with a man who doesn’t live by his own code. He deserves to be permanently exiled from the manosphere community. No more praise or compliments should be directed his way.

Contributing to Roosh’s disillusionment with Minty: his discovery of comments left here on Man Boobz by Minty’s ex-wife Suzanne Minter, which depict Minty as something less than the swashbuckling figure so many in the manosphere took him to be. With somethig less than fondness, she described him as

an absolutly insane person. … we have been divorced for ten years, dont you think it is time to get over it? …

[He] has 2 children, including a 19 yr old daugther. He has never paid a dollar of child support in his life, so all of the crap he spews is crap. He has not worked in 5 years because no one will hire him. Amazingly, he has been fired from EVERY job he ever had. He lives with his sister because without her support he would be homeless.

This is the man that people are calling “great” – he is a bitter ass.

In a comment on a site called FOKMCAST, which had posted something supportive of Minty,  Suzanne elaborated further:

Mark Minter is a fraud. … Mark is the biggest victim I have ever known. You say his children didn’t appreciate him? What the hell did he do for them? They were 7 and 3 when we finally divorced. He never saw them because he moved out of state and then emptied out is 401k after getting fired for the 6th time , to go to South America to have relationships with women he met on the Internet. (As a result of that brilliant financial decision he owes the IRS about 35k in back taxes and penalties and fees)

You people act like Mark is the greatest thing ever. He is a fraud and a liar. 99% of what he has written on the web is fabricated. Don’t you people have real lives that involve human interaction or do you only have the social abilities to exist in cyber space? I really would have thought that one or 2 of you might have been smart enough to do some fact checking before you took Mark as your messiah.

His engagement is a sham. Don’t you find it odd that he is marrying someone he has only seen pictures of? Well, I take that back, he did marry a columbian woman he met on the Internet which she shortly after had annulled. …

Moral of the story: mark is a liar and a fraud and they way you people idolize him his a sad testament to the modern Internet. I am a 5’7 135 lb blonde who earned 200k last year. I raised my children on my own and was single for almost 10 years before marrying someone 8 yrs younger than me. I am clearly the slob, pig, bitch, moron, bloodsucker here.
Have a great Sunday.

After quoting Suzanne Minter’s comments here, Roosh sadly added “I don’t know what to believe right now, but our manosphere “innocence” has been violated.” In a followup comment, as he evidently began to take in the implications of all this, he wrote:

Our enemies will use this against us for a long time. Minter has done serious damage. I accept blame since I helped spread his writing. My troll radar seemed to have failed me this time.

Dude, speaking as one of your enemies, we figured out that Mark Minter was full of shit the minute we first ran across him. Why do you think I was writing about him with such obvious relish months ago, back when he was still your hero? When Suzanne Minter came by to tell us that he was (to borrow your own description of him) “literally … a basement dweller troll,” we didn’t even blink, and I didn’t even bother to write a post about it. We already take for granted that the gurus and would be gurus of the manosphere are a bunch of liars and frauds. The fact that the manosphere is full of gullible idiots is not news to us.

In the comments to Roosh’s post, some commenters wondered if he was some sort of “feminist psyop,” sent to disrupt the manosphere.  “Until I see the photo of them in wedded matrimony,” wrote taterearl.

I’ll just take this as a pleasant fairy tale for us to bark about. For all we know they could be actually be double agents from Jezebel posing as people with the elaborate plot of trying to take down the place.

Well, it’s pretty clearly not that, but whatever it is, I suspect it will be providing us all with some lovely drama for some time to come. Will the now happy-couple make it to the altar before the old marriage-hating Minty rears his ugly head once more? Will Roosh and Heartiste start a feud? Who the hell knows, but it should be entertaining nonetheless.

Suzanne Minter summed up her reaction in an email to me,

This can not be real.  Seriously, Mark is penniless and I don’t see his sister forking over the dollars to buy him a car (he has not owned a working vehicle in 3 yrs) so he can go meet his fiancée in person.  I can’t see a woman with an IQ higher than 40 signing up for this, no matter how “red pill” or what ever the hell it is that she is.   …

It does blow my mind though that a man who lives like a troll in his sister’s spare bedroom for 4 years, hasn’t had any real human interaction in years, can’t get a job dispute the fact that he is truly gifted in a math/computer science sense, has managed to create a name and following for himself in the cyber world.

I should add that while I have confirmed Suzanne’s identity (and that she’s really the one who’s made all these postings of hers I’ve quoted), I don’t know how much of what she says about Mark is true. I also don’t know if the engagement is real, or even if Kate is a real person. Of course, I don’t know if Roosh has slept with a single HB8. In the manosphere, it’s fair to say, roughly 80% of everything is bullshit. I’m guessing the truth value of Suzanne’s comments is higher than that.

To keep up with the ongoing drama, I suggest starting here:

The original, ever-growing thread on the Roosh forums

The comments to Roosh’s “Mark Minter is a Phony” post.

The comments to Heartiste’s announcement post

For more on Minter see:

Roosh’s two earlier posts quoting him at length.

My posts on him, especially Mark Minter takes on Marriage, Mangina Manservants and America’s Matriarchal Infrastructure.

For Suzanne Minter’s take on the alleged engagement, see her comments to that post, starting here, as well as her comments on the FOKMCAST post, some very pointedly directed at the mysterious Kate.

For more on his future wife Kate, see this post of hers on the racist manosphere blog Eradica, where she urged white men to “alpha up” lest white women desert them for men of other races, thus destroying civilization. Yep, she’s a real prize.

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Ally S
9 years ago

OT, but speaking of terrible comments, here’s an awful one I just found on FB:

Totally! Women’s Liberation’s goals have not yet been achieved, so there is no basis for other “feminists” including 3rd Wave, post modern feminists or men who are feminists. Feminism does not mean equality for all, it means equality and advancement of females.

In response to this image:
comment image

Ally S
9 years ago

To clarify, I’m averse to the comment and the photo because to me they seem to imply a rejection of trans*-friendly feminism and intersectionality (common reasons for rejecting third-wave feminism). Maybe I’m being too sensitive.

9 years ago

That comment is almost too nonsensical to be offensive. Plus, they used “females,” which is always my cue to not take them seriously.

And what a complete and total misunderstanding of feminism, wow.

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Fuck the comment, that image is rage making though. Yeah I totally reject radical feminism cuz patriarchy, not cuz y’all are hella transphobic!

Otoh, thank you Hugo. Fucking. Schwyzer. for making male feminists look like bad people. Yes, please go, we don’t want you. No, that doesn’t mean we’ll apologize for being meany meany pants if you attempt suicide. Yeah, that shit is also hella fucked up!

Things I have no use for: (cis) male feminists making it All About Them, people trying to gain sympathy for how mean you were to them by suicide threats/attempts, other abusive and/or manipulative behavior, women born women living as women feminism (bye radfem hub, don’t let the door hit you!)

9 years ago

Argenti: this is why I have zero patience for men who want (and court) being feminist leaders.

Ally S
9 years ago

lol, you folks would have hated me when I was 16. I identified as a cis guy then, and I was a big supporter of radical feminism, especially the eliminationist kind bent on “eradicating gender” for the sake of equality. Once I actually started understanding what it means to be trans*, though, my views changed profoundly (and so found myself more able to sort out what my true gender identity is).

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Ally — I was a fucking pro-life Christian at 16, pretty sure I was worse!

Ally S
9 years ago

Yay for 180 degree worldview changes! ^_^

M Dubz
9 years ago

@a horse of course- THANK YOU for mentioning the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It is awesome and complicated and beautiful. FEELINGS. That is all.

Eliezer Ben Yehuda
Eliezer Ben Yehuda
9 years ago

we don’t know if Mark Minter is an Alpha; we know that YEARS after the divorce….. susan is still following-up on him. As if to say that she HERSELF never again found a guy to stay busy loving on.

We don’t know how much money Kate’s parents have; nor what they may have promised/done to Mr Mark Minter in the face of the possibility that their fatherless grandchild might gain an actual Adult Male Presence in his life at an age where it is urgent for a young lad to have one.

8 years ago

“lest white women desert them for men of other races, thus destroying civilization.”

Hello, Manboob. That it would destroy civilization wasn’t my point. What I meant was that men were expecting loyalty where they weren’t giving any. In my opinion, a lot of the breakdown between men and women is due to unrealistic expectations on both sides.

Aunt Edna
Aunt Edna
8 years ago

If anyone’s interested in an update (because why not), Kate and Mark’s affair… erm, marriage, seems to be, well, stale, according to their Red Pill friends:

There is more from Kate, who valiantly defends Mark* against other posters’ accusations, on that thread.

Nobody does hysterical soap operas like manospherians.

*It must be a sign of True Alpha (TM) to have a woman fight his battles for him.

Kate Minter
6 years ago

Is that the same thread where Rollo is convinced Mark and I are the same person? Poor guy. He just can’t keep up 🙂

Still married! ❤

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