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Red Pill Theorist alarmed by the prospect of women freezing their eggs, having sex in their 40s

Dirty scheming bird women!
Dirty scheming bird women!

So the manosphere blogger who calls himself The Red Pill Theorist has managed to work himself into a tizzy over a Wall Street Journal piece by a woman who — gasp! — froze some of her eggs in her 30s in order to give her more time in which to find the right guy with whom to have kids.

In her op-ed, titled “Why I Froze My Eggs (And You Should, Too),” Sarah Elizabeth Richards wrote:

Between the ages of 36 and 38, I spent nearly $50,000 to freeze 70 eggs in the hope that they would help me have a family in my mid-40s, when my natural fertility is gone. For this baby insurance, I obliterated my savings and used up the money my parents had set aside for a wedding. It was the best investment I ever made.

Egg freezing stopped the sadness that I was feeling at losing my chance to have the child I had dreamed about my entire life. It soothed my pangs of regret for frittering away my 20s with a man I didn’t want to have children with, and for wasting more years in my 30s with a man who wasn’t sure he even wanted children. It took away the punishing pressure to seek a new mate and helped me find love again at age 42.

I have a lot of reactions to this op-ed, ranging from “damn that’s a lot of money” to “that’s kind of a sad way to look at your past relationships” to “congratulations to you, I guess, but I don’t think this is really a solution to the work-life dilemma faced by most working would-be-moms.” (See here and here for discussions of this latter issue that are a lot more informed than my gut reaction.)

The Red Pill Theorist had, well, a different reaction, worrying that egg freezing could become a “grrlpower-enabling” technology, much like the birth control pill before it, and predicting that evil Democrats will soon demand that it be covered by Medicaid.

His real worry? That egg freezing will allow women to have sex with a variety of men into their 30s and even — gasp! — their 40s without “settling down” with the hardworking betas who’ve been waiting patiently on the sidelines for a chance to score a little nookie with the ladies before these ladies get completely old and ugly.

If women begin freezing their eggs en-masse at thirty, and embark upon fifteen more years of debauchery, watch out.  The current trend of beta misery, female misery, and alpha ecstasy is only going to get worse.  Now 30-35 year olds with a lick of sense leap off the carousel with all the alacrity they can muster.  But what if they don’t have to?  They’ve got frozen eggs, and early-thirties women can be decent looking.  There’s going to be a massive increase in the supply of female sexuality in the dating market.  We all saw how well that worked out for women in the sixties.

The Red Pill Theorist imagines that somehow these gals will manage to stick those poor, pitiful, endlessly used and abused beta schlubs with the bill:

In the future, there won’t just be divorce-rape.  There will be pre-divorce rape.  Crafty college gals will extract financial resources from their beta boyfriends to freeze their eggs, and then unhaapyness will set in, and the beta will be stuck with the bill.

His grand conclusion:

Egg freezing is one more brick in the wall of total sexual marketplace deregulation. Bit by bit, the chains that once encircled the hypergamic beast are falling away.  There’s never been a better time for men with options, never been a worse time for men without them.  …  It’s the next sexual revolution, except this time, women 30-40 will get to have some ill-advised fun.

Imagine that. Women in their 30s and 40s. Having fun. The horror!

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Not to mention that he doesn’t seem to have specified which culture(s) he’ll be profiling. If we’re talking about gender relations (also not yet defined) on a global scale, information gleaned only from English-speaking message boards will hardly be representative. If he’s attempting to limit it to the US, he’ll need to ferret out which commenters are not from here so their replies don’t skew his results. But even within the US, there’s a great deal of variation, which probably won’t produce the “one true answer” he seems to be looking for.

But guys… he is going to explain Da Universal TROOF! It won’t matter what culture people are from, nor what level of self-selection/limits are on the collection of data… because TROOF!

If I were a more cynical person I would say his research is really a search for confirmation bias supporting comments.

But that would be petty, and small minded.

@because science

How does this sexual marketplace work exactly*? Are there bubbles and recessions? Is there quantitative easing? Are there mutual funds? Can people buy shares of boner?

So glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that XD I am now trying to imagine how a ‘boner share’ would work…

And I am unwisley respond to what ProPatria said days earlier because I fail keeping up on manboobz forever.

I’d of course love it if everybody would become Catholic


nd like most American Christians I’m allying with the rest of traditionalist Christianity against secularism,

Gosh secularism that would be horrible. Also, you may want to touch up on your definition of most.

I’m anti-choice on abortion though.

Well, I’ll give you a micron of a brownie for admitting birth control would be necessary for that, and half a micron for coming out and admitting to anti choice. You’re still a shitstain though. Don’t worry, we won’t try to tell you what to do with your body and you don’t tell us what to do with ours, okay cupcake?

I am currently working on a treatise about the true nature of gender relations.

True nature? lol. Okay, good luck dude.

in fact it was anti-feminist women who convinced me to be anti-choice on abortion.

Well, I’m not surprised she was an anti-feminist.

My goal is to set up a kinder, gentler patriarchy,


A gilded cage is still a cage. Kindly go shower with legos.

All the secondeds.


Do you also support forced organ donation?

Everyone should ask this to anti-choice people. It bugs me so fucking much (the anti-choiceness).

The patriarchy is inherently oppressive. There is no such thing as a kind, gentle patriarchy. It’s a protection racket that doesn’t even keep women protected.

QFT. You guys were all being so awesome while I was gone…

But go ahead and ally with the radical pro-life movement in your attempt to marginalize us moderates

Moderate isn’t (necessarily) a good thing. Just because more people (in America it seems at the moment) are pro-life doesn’t mean it’s right. It just means it’s common.

My treatise will also reveal how international corporations have taken over both the mainstream pro-choice and pro-life movements in order to cripple the political system and distract everyone from important truths.

I’ll give you this: that actually does sound fascinating, in the point and laugh way.

bviously not all women agree with you about the patriarchy being a cage.

Yes, ProPatria, women are in fact, not a hive mind.

Lots of women feel that they are better off under a patriarchy than under any new system which might take control.

Hahahahahahahahhahahaha ::DIes laughing:: Dude, if you’re going to say lots of, you’re going to need a fucking citation. That doesn’t come from your ass, kthnxbye.

I must defend their freedom to feel that way.

You aren’t defending their freedom. You’re just trying to control the rest of us.

And this is too long, so I’ll post it. Sorry if I’m necroing a dead thread…just behind :/

But go ahead and ally with the radical pro-life movement in your attempt to marginalize us moderates

Moderate isn’t (necessarily) a good thing. Just because more people (in America it seems at the moment) are pro-life doesn’t mean it’s right. It just means it’s common.

Adding on to what is said here…

Moderate doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing. I bet lots of moderates thought women were just being extreme for wanting the vote, dang it, and why can’t they compromise?

Just because a lot of people think a thing doesn’t make it a good thing.

And yeah, I have no patience for pro-forced-birthers. I’m like this ready to ask people “well, if you’re pro “life” are you also pro forcing people to give organ donations? Because if you are you are creepy and do not respect people’s autonomy, and if you aren’t you are creepy and do not respect people’s autonomy and also an enormous hipocrite”

/touched a nerve; I hate pro “lifers”

Where are the anti-choicers supporting women? Where are the anti-choicers calling for better-paid jobs and hours for single parents? Where are they calling for cheaper childcare and better educational opportunities? I



Spiders don’t eat cereal, so if they went in there it was because there were already bugs in the cereal. Sweet dreams!

YMMV. I’m squicked out by the idea of spiders in cereal, but don’t really mind weevils, which used to get in allllll our cereal two moves ago. They’re small, and not really a bother. ::shrugs::

God I’m probably too used to eating bugs unintentionally.


Most horrible thing I’ve found in food in the last few years was the unopened bag of rice that had some sort of freaky looking moths hatch in i




Did I already tell the story of the (very large, still alive) moth I found in one of those pre-washed bags of lettuce?


You have. ::shudders too::


We support both strict regulation of abortion and strict regulation of the economy for the good of the people.

Cute. I don’t know much about economy shit, but you don’t get to tell people what to do with their own fucking bodies.

kthnxbye,dont forget to step on a lego on your way out.

. I will just say that the argument for the morality of abortion based on just war theory is incredibly weak.

“I will say this, but I will not make an actual point on why I think this because…wow look at the timeIhavetogogoodbyenow!”

@Argenti Aertheri

“abortionist/Mind Control”

Pro-choice = mind control = ability to summon Sir Pecunium. It all makes sense now! Or wait, was it that witches can summon demons?

I am too tired to make sense of this comment, but something tells me I like it…


Ugh, Democrats for Life. Funny how the “life” always refers to a fetus, and never to a woman.

More QFT!


Yes I privilege the concept of life over the quality of life


Yet liberal feminists want the government to regulate a lot of aspects about people’s lives. When it comes to abortion though they act like the government has no right to tell anyone what to do.

That’s because, again, abortions happen in peoples bodies. I don’t know much about the rest, but I’ll share my take on it:

If you have someone asking “well why do we tell people what to do with taxes if not abortions?” that’s kinda different. Yeah, some people are going to use the stuff taxes goes to more than others, but try funding a road without them. Lots of parts of society we depend on each other for. You don’t depend on other people to…have babies? There is no shortage of babies. I may be arguing a strawman, though, because I have no fucking clue what you’re on.

My thinking may seem less organized and more unclear than most writers here. In real life I’m a much better communicator.

Whatever you say, bub. Also, this is relevant how?

I am experimenting with a revolutionary style of artistry in intellectual discourse.

…This seems like something that one troll would say. What was his name? Drunk mensa test person?

Gonna post this now cuz I just had a scare that my computer turned off…Just went into sleep though.

Marie — the comment about summoning pecunium because witches can summon demons is based on a twitter convo we had about, of all things, it being rainy. He won’t melt => demon; I hate it => witch. Witches can summon demons, ergo I can summon pecunium.

And/or I can control his mind through my magical powers of mind control conferred by being pro-choice. Either way.

(In reality, I have his email addy, but that’s so mudane and boring, the members of the Royal Assassins should have some magically link to the knight in charge of us — Sir Pecunium)

Pecunium — you have the magic the gendering cards handy? Can you post them?

This is the major moral failing of the Conservative Movement. It’s how they can be “Pro-life” while allowing the poor to starve, and privileging the rich over everyone else.

Ugh. Yes. All of this.

I’m anti-choice on abortion though.

Probably shouldn’t have one, then

Emilygoddess, do you mind if I steal this if I have to get in one of these conversations in meatspace 😀

There’s an awful lot of (understandable – I don’t like insects in my food either) insect hate going on in these comments. As an insect enthusiast, I’d like to offer some gorgeous beetles to balance out the fear.

I found one of these last fall. They’re a beautiful metallic blue, and really stunning in person. (Don’t pick them up, though. They’re not aggressive, but they’re called blister beetles for a reason.)

The smaller one is the male. Poor guy. Another victim of feminism, no doubt.


Pecunium — you have the magic the gendering cards handy? Can you post them?

There’s a post about them in the forum, it’s the sticky in the “Whatever” subforum. Ami’s card’s are here in her photobucket, if you’re specifically looking for Pecunium’s card it should be on the second page.

There is at least one other card on the forum made by BlackBloc, and I also made a few that can be seen either on the forum or on my imageshack page.

Emilygoddess, do you mind if I steal this if I have to get in one of these conversations in meatspace

I stole it from a bumper sticker, so go for it!

Page four just noticed Pecunium’s apropos use of “truthiness”. It’s perfect for ProPatria.

Thanks Myoo!

And anything you can do he can do better…except sew 😉 (you know, come the zombie apocalypse, you’re going to need me arround so you don’t all freeze to death running around naked!)


I stole it from a bumper sticker, so go for it!

Sweet 😀

@Argenti Aertheri

(you know, come the zombie apocalypse, you’re going to need me arround so you don’t all freeze to death running around naked!)

So many of you guys’ll be useful in the zombie apocalypse, and the only thing I’m really qualified for is making fancy-ish cakes, stopping fights between little kids, and some (hopefully not) misremembered karate I had to stop b/c of back pain.

But I will bring guiinneeeeeaaaa ppiiiiiggggssss.

Speaking of which, if I ask my mom to email me a pic or two I can finally show you guys them! 😀 Not good quality pics though, but they were taken from her phone…

“stopping fights between little kids”

Said like that isn’t needed for the survival of the species XD

Though really, being a decent person is quite enough. But yes, pics please!!!

And cakes! We will need cakes after the zombie apocalypse! But in any case, Argenti is correct that being a decent person is enough, and you more than qualify on that front Marie.

@Marie: Such adorable guinea pigs! Squeeeeee!

Come the zombie apocalypse, I’ll be the one to come to for alcohol! I make the greatest wine ever, and decent harder liquors too. I can also sing and play the guitar quite well, and I’ll be able to run fairly entertaining D&D or Call of Cthulhu campaigns while we’re waiting for the horde to pass by our hiding place.

…oh my Shub-Niggurath. I’m the bard of the adventuring party.

I don’t think anyone past college has fun anymore. They spend the rest of their lives working for some jackass, causing everyone to age rapidly. I’m 20 btw

leventa2 – LOL are you serious?

First, not everyone goes to college/university, so get that idea out of your head.

Second, I loathed school, and my life has steadily improved with every decade. Not materially, I might add: my income’s low. But I’ve only worked for one real scumbag in my thirty years’ working history; there have been a few idiots along the way, sure, but they were not overall enough to spoil the jobs. I like my current job best of all the ones I’ve had despite the general manager being a jackass.

You’d also better define “fun”. I suspect your idea of it might be very different from mine. Pleasure isn’t limited to what generally seems to get called fun.

There’s also this thing called maturing. You might find yourself looking back in ten or twenty years and wondering why you thought your teens were as good as it was going to get.

RE: Kittehserf

I would never, EVER want to return to my teen years. Rape, closet, dissociation, and rage? Why on EARTH would anyone try to claim those the best of my years?

It was AFTER all my goddamned schooling that I got to go to NZ and your country. AFTER that I moved here, where I met a lot of wonderful friends! AFTER that I joined the local comics creators and started making a name for myself as an artist.

College was ass. I realize that my experience was apparently unusually bad, but seriously guys.

I don’t think anyone past college has fun anymore. They spend the rest of their lives working for some jackass, causing everyone to age rapidly. I’m 20 btw

Crushing debt in exchange for an often not that useful degree might have something to do with this. Colleges (USian ones, at least) also have a vested interest in promoting the idea of the “college experience” and the idea that college is basically Disneyworld for young adults. The cost of running a university has increased a lot in the last few decades. State appropriations have not, leaving greater enrollment and higher tuition as the only available revenue source. It’s easier and cheaper to attract kids with sports and drinking than with small classes taught by actual professors.
But, just because the conveyor belt is there doesn’t mean you have to ride it.

Makes me wonder if college student is actually doing any work, or is just pissing around, and has a dim realisation that adults who have to work for pay don’t get to do that day in, day out.

LBT – yeah, my teens were not even on the radar for dreadful things, but if they really were “the best years of my life” I think I’d be suicidally miserable by now.

The only thing I’d like to get back from my twenties is a body with all the bits working.

Yeah, My husband’s great, but according to him, he was a ponce back in his younger days. It wasn’t… well, not until his late twenties that he really started hitting his stride, according to him. He never went to college, though. (Did accompany me to grad school, though; his big accomplishment was slugging through the coursework with me, which was really hard for him.)

I can only hope life can continue improving, since godDAMN have I had enough rough goes of it for a while.

I had fun in the quasi-college year I had – it was a replacement for doing sixth form, meant to be an introductory year – but that was doing applied art, so it wasn’t exactly hard academic slog. The kids were a nice crowd, totally different from the douchecanoes at high school, but the only thing of real importance that happened that year was seeing Mr K’s portrait for the first time. No need to say how life-changing that was!

PS and ‘college’ here doesn’t mean ‘university’: when I was there, RMIT was the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and tech colleges were very different from universities. Still are, though the state government is busy gutting the entire tech system AGAIN.

Teens were fun, twenties were fun, thirties have been fun too. I think I sense a pattern here – it’s called “not being a miserable, negative asshole like leventa”.

Wow. I just got the most sexist “joke” from one of the Sydney office blokes. I mentioned I’m losing my voice and he said “The boys’ll be pleased about that, won’t they?” What a fucking loser thing to say.

I have had good and bad years since my teens. I do really love being able to be fully independent, live the way I want to live, and spend my time in grad school working towards a kickass career. I’m only 25, and I’m looking forward to leaving the tumult of my 20s behind.

How does this sexual commercial center function exactly*? Are there air pockets and retreats? Is there quantitative facilitating? Are there common assets? Will individuals purchase offers of boo?

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