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Gullible Men’s Rights Redditors fooled by fake Jezebel article arguing that paternity fraud is “one way to break the rule of fathers.”

Some people are easily fooled.
Some people are easily fooled.

This just in: Men’s Rights Activists are some of the most gullible nincompoops in the history of ever.

The latest evidence of this? The regulars on the Men’s Rights subreddit were fooled by an obviously fake “screenshot” of an article from Jezebel that had been altered to make it look like a Jezebel staff writer thinks that paternity fraud is justifiable as a way to fight patriarchy.

No, seriously, the Reddit MRAs actually thought that Anna North of Jezebel had written that “the ability to lie about your children’s parentage is one way to break the rule of fathers.”

Here’s the “screenshot.” And here’s the original thread, which has been deleted from the Men’s Rights subreddit but which is still up, just not reachable from the subreddit.

The irony in many of the comments is off the charts. “It’s Jezebel, of course they think this way,” writes Riesea. “Wow,” says actorsspace. “If Jezebel had a sense of humor, I would suspect them of trolling.”

Blueoak9 — what happened to the original eight? — is stunned that even the evil feminists would sink so low:


There are, of course, a few teensy clues that North’s supposed quote about “break[ing] the rule of fathers” is a big fat fake (as are some of the others in that “screenshot”).

One is that nobody at Jezebel writes or thinks like that.


In fact, Anna North, the author of the Jezebel article, makes an argument that’s the exact opposite of the one attributed to her in the “screenshot.” Challenging a writer in the London Times who had argued that “the ability to pass a child off on a man was a potent female weapon,” North countered that such a stance was not only morally questionable but also pretty antifeminist:

I’d rather “make male claims to omnipotence absurd” by, say, being economically and politically equal to men — not by making them raise babies that aren’t theirs.

Now, you might wonder why exactly the Men’s Rights crowd on Reddit was reading a screenshot of a Jezebel article and not an actual Jezebel article. Well, that’s because the Men’s Rights subreddit has banned all direct links to Jezebel and other Gawker media sites because the MRAs are still mad about that Violentacrez thing.

Yes, the subreddit that links in its sidebar to a site — A Voice for Men — that not only has offered thousand dollar bounties for the personal information of its feminist enemies but that also carries an open call to firebomb courthouses and police stations in its “activism section” is still pig-biting mad about Gawker’s “doxing” of the man who helped to ruin the lives of countless teenage girls by founding and protecting Reddit’s Jailbait subreddit and dozens of other noxious subreddits.

And so someone was able to use this fact to exploit MRA ignorance and paranoia about feminism and make the inhabitants of the Men’s Rights subreddit look like fools.


Or some MRA with zero ethics wanted to make feminists look bad and failed utterly. I think this is less likely, but with MRAs, anything is possible.

When you’re done reading the original discussion of the fake article on the Men’s Rights subreddit, you can read the discussion there about how they were trolled. Including the comments from this person who thinks that “even if it’s a troll… so what? It’s still presenting an opinion that many a feminist has held.” Straw feminism is REAL! And this person (with dozens of upvotes) who thinks they should just ban all links to all feminist blogs because, hey, what’s the point in knowing anything at all about something you talk about constantly?

EDIT: Thanks to the AgainstMensRights subreddit, I was able to find the link to the original banned post, and so I’ve put the link (and some comments from the discussion) into the post above.

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8 years ago

It’s pretty lame that you would necro-troll this thread to complain about the contents of two Jezebel articles without bothering to provide links. Are we supposed to waste out time checking out your accusations or just take your word for it?

Considering that Jezebel, along the whole Gawker blog empire, churns out terrible articles at a steady clip, I wouldn’t be surprised if two articles like that exist. Just stop being a really lazy troll and back your words up with more than canned outrage.

8 years ago

I’ve seen the infamous “lol I abuse my boyfriend” article on Jezebel, and yeah, it’s as terrible as it sounds. Not sure what that has to do with a fake article about paternity fraud, unless poltive is using “think[s] that way” to lump all anti-male thoughts and actions together in a big misandry soup.

And not that this excuses the article in question, but Jezebel has a history of posting appalling shit to generate traffic. They’ve also run an essay by a man about how much happier Parisian women are since they aren’t as worried about consent, and more recently they had a post about a rape caught on video which included the video. This is one of those rare instances where MRAs are correct: Jezebel is terrible.

8 years ago

Luckily, there’s a new subreddit where feminists can officially condemn things like random tumblr posts, racist feminists who died in 1930, and that Jezebel article.

8 years ago

I like Lindy West, but some of the writers on Jez are just awful.
Not that that has anything to do with this post.

8 years ago

Wow, Jezebel is awful, stop the presses. Next thing you’ll be telling me is Pope Bear shits in Catholic woods!

8 years ago

Uh, sorry for saying something people already knew?

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