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MRAs at The Spearhead Blame Women, Feminism for Cleveland Abductions


So The Spearhead has weighed in on the Cleveland abduction cases, and has not failed to disappoint.

Spearhead head boy WF Price uses the terrible unfolding drama as an opportunity to attack the notion of patriarchy. His logic: the alleged abductors weren’t rich dudes, so therefore patriarchy is a lie. No, really, that’s his argument:

Feminists love to point to these incidents and use them to discredit the overwhelming majority of ordinary men, as though they have anything in common with the Castro brothers. They are used to portray every middle class guy as a potential menace to society and freak who would keep girls in a sex dungeon. But it turns out that, in fact, the fellows who kidnapped these girls are about what you’d expect: a few disheveled, low-class weirdos.

So why is it that despite the fact that the guys who commit these crimes are almost always on the bottom of the male power and privilege scale, feminists are constantly linking abuse of women to men’s power, and agitating for stripping what remaining male privilege exists?

It’s time for the patriarchy/male privilege narrative to be exposed for the sham it is. Privileged men are least likely to abuse women; patriarchal types are most likely to protect them. It is overwhelmingly the powerless, those without privilege and the undesirable who resort to crime to obtain sex. The few others, like Ted Bundy, are simply the exceptions that prove the rule.

Price ends his post with an especially nasty bit of victim blaming that seems to be a favorite trope of MRA types:

But perhaps the real issue here is that women aren’t as interested in making up stories about guys like the Castro brothers, because those guys don’t turn them on like Christian Bale in American Psycho.

Yes, that’s right: Price thinks that women worry about rape and abuse because the thought of being raped and abused by Christian Bale turns them on.

Of course, The Spearhead being The Spearhead, the comments are even worse. Norm starts the party off with this:

The Castro bros. will have many women getting their panties wet over them, especially when their trial is over.

Daniel, meanwhile, is angry that Ariel Castro’s alleged crimes have done real damage to … men. That is, if the whole thing isn’t a big false-flag fake:

The truth is, this was the worst that could happen for anti feminist public relations at the moment. If this guy – Mr Castro – only knew how much damage he has done to men by doing this.

The case is such a gift basket for feminism, that I almost suspect it is fabricated.

Groot blames feminists for driving non-alpha men to desperate measures to obtain access to “multiple women”:

What feminists fail to see is that as men are driven more and more by their agenda to the bottom of the power and privilege scale, more and more crimes like this will be committed. Unchecked hypergamy ensures that men like these have no real chance for healthy relationships and often take through criminal efforts what alphas and the elites have access to; that being multiple women.

MRA agrees:

Heroic singles moms created most of these men, we can say that is women exploiting women. The Betas and Omega that commits such crimes are the results of 40 years of feminism raising the number if these low privilege class men.

Keyster offers up this miniature manifesto blaming feminism:

Of course feminists have been playing a game of “self-fulfilling prophecy” with regard to disenfranchising men and destroying the concept of the nuclear family. This can only manifest and perpetuate itself through more instances of disaffected and socially pathological males acting out. The male/female relationship is what tames the male. And so there will be more cases where feminists can say – “See, men are the problem.” But of course there will also be more females acting out that will not be reported or discussed – such as the recent proliferation of female teachers sexually abusing students.

Jacob Ian Stalk — you may remember his 12-Step Program for Recovering Feminists — moves beyond blaming feminism and “single moms” to blame the literal victims themselves:

I have to ask, how did three adult women with at least one child between them fail completely to make their distress known, if it ever existed, to anyone in their own street for ten years, unless they themselves had no intention of being found?

There’s a great deal more this case that we are being told by the hysterical press. Call me a trafficking apologist if it satisfies your need for drama, but I suspect we’ll find the women are nowhere near as innocent or as victimised (if at all) as the cutesy-pie pictures being plastered all over the papers suggests.

Doc, meanwhile, uses the horrific story as an opportunity to brag about his alleged success with the ladies:

The fact is that men who are desirable to women have no need to resort to these types of crimes. I pretty much have my pick of women for my bed, who will pay their own way so that they can have sex with me on trips that I take, and otherwise do whatever necessary to be with me.

So thanks to feminism I have an unending supply of 18-25 year old women who are more than willing to share my bed. Why would I want to commit a crime to limit myself to one, or in this case 3? Seems way too limiting to me – it would be worse than being married. No thank you…

That’s nice, Doc. You’re a moral monster.

EDITED TO ADD: And here’s a late-breaking extra-creepy comment from Darryl X, edited slightly (and paragraphs breaks added) because he’s not only creepy but very verbose. Also, as you’ll see, he apparently thinks Jerry Sandusky was innocent too.

I have a sneaky suspicion that these women (when they were still girls) selected these men. The same way more than half of all women in the US during the past forty-five years selected men for marriage knowing darn well they were going to divorce him later, take him for everything he’s got and then marry up. Too many things don’t add up about this case. So many that I am even willing to question whether or not these girls were even kidnapped. More likely they are runaways who thought they were getting a better deal with these men than with their own parents. And when they got old enough to realize that they can do even better still, they stuck it to these guys (never underestimate the irrational boundlessness of hypergamy). … I don’t think these men are as guilty as the media portrays them and I don’t think the girls are as innocent as the media portrays them. …

When I try to think about how I would go about kidnapping just one teenager and hold her for a decade into her early 20′s in a suburban neighborhood, I am presented with so many logistical obstacles that it would seem near impossible to overcome all of them. Just for a few months let alone a decade. Then throw two more into the mix and that isn’t just near impossible but almost completely so. Not without their voluntary complicity. None of these guys looked to be of any excessive financial means. They weren’t rich. None of them looked like Einstein to me either. There was nothing accommodating about the geography. Their home wasn’t isolated from the community. It wasn’t off in the wilderness somewhere. It wasn’t remote. Think about how hard it would be to hold just one captive for a decade under these circumstances. Then think how hard it would be to hold three. The problems with that don’t grow linearly but exponentially. The cost. The risk of escape. Many other logistical problems.

I don’t buy any of this for a second. As soon as I heard this story, little red flags went up all over the place. Same with Casey Anthony and Arias and Strauss-Kahn and Sandusky (yes, I know). Too many red flags in this culture of feminism usually means something. I’m not sure what it means here but it definitely means something.

So, yeah. Actually, the other brothers aren’t being charged, so even that aspect of Darryl’s disgusting bullshit is off the mark.

Joeb, meanwhile, has a completely surreal and fucked-up Evo Psych take on the whole thing. It’s possibly the most perverse comment in the whole thread, which is saying something.

These men picked these women as sexual companionship , Not mating stock .
If they where looking for mating stock the number of off spring would have been Higher .
I think some men today get confused with Mating and breeding . VS sexual entertainment.
These men are predators but , They have Truly deprived themselves of the one thing men should be looking at , The quality of offspring .
I know its eugenics , but we all look for the best possible outcome when choosing . We want large Male children .
These men choose what I would consider ” good entertainment” but , Not worthy of my DNA .
We make suggestions ever so lightly around the MRA , the modern Male being smallish and effeminate, But when the Modern Male chooses his stock for procreation we chose fucking stock over breeding stock .
I would consider this an evolutionary sickness . A mental illness or defect . Witch is obvious in this case but,It gives us a chance to look at The problem ” for what it is , Inferior males seeking sex . Or like we hear a lot of in the MRA , Pussy hounds , Pussy beggars , These might have been white Knights if put in a social setting that lets them flourish .
Most Likely they would have been The same ,pussy beggars :with the ability to influence any social setting .

What the hell, dude. I don’t even know where to start with this crap.

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9 years ago

Is it just me or is anyone else reading crellas name as cruella?

Yep. Credulous works too.

This troll isn’t smart enough to be here.

9 years ago

RE Thomas Ball and his suicide.

One thing I want to add is that, as far as I am concerned, committing suicide when you have a minor child that you claim to care for (barring actual mental illness) is no different than simply walking out on that child. Except A LOT more damaging. If nothing else, people whose parents or siblings committed suicide have statistically higher chances than the general population of suffering from clinical depression and attempting suicide themselves.

Being a parent doesn’t only involve benefits. You also have responsibilities. Those responsibilities include: “don’t walk out on your child”; “don’t commit suicide”; and “don’t put your stupid pride ahead of your parenting.” In the eyes of the MRM, Ball is a tragic hero for having committed suicide. To me, however, his suicide is yet more confirmation that he was egotistical and narcissistic, and that he viewed his daughter as a mere prop in his life. A valued prop, perhaps, but a prop nonetheless.

9 years ago

crella: So, you want to answer my posts and not have me read them? You just want to posture without opposition?

That’s posturing. Unless you want to pretend the (repeated) requests that you explain/defend your position are meaningless babble. After all, you could, rather than make excuses (e.g. in response to one comment of mine make it appear to be from two people, and so far removed in time you can’t keep track), you could just; you know, reply.

Instead you make the effort to say shit like this.

Moving on.

“But not for three women who were tortured and raped for about 10 years.”

I said that !? Who’s lying?

You came in here to defend the idea that the women were going to swoon for this guy if he goes to prison. You defended Thomas Ball. You claimed (more than once) that Sodoni, Lepine, Breivik, aren’t praised in the MRM. You’ve said, “many” in the MRM are black.

But in all of this the only thing you’ve said about the victims being trashed in the post/comments being talked about in the OP is… nothing.

Your silence speaks volumes. About the MRM, you care. About how vile women are, you care. About victims of kidnap, systematic rape, enslavement and torture you are careless.

9 years ago

@princessbonbon: This is really late, but I am happy that Ms. Brosh feels good enough to update Hyperbole.

Also, I have conceived a MIGHTY NEED for that shirt.

9 years ago

“smack his 4-year-old daughter and bloody her mouth”

He hit her once, and now he’s a serial abuser? I don’t approve of hitting children…but does one smack equal abuse? All accounts were that he hit his daughter once. One report says ‘multiple times’ . In the link that was posted above-

I was going to engage in Crella, but this abuse apologia is disgusting. Even if there’s only evidence of it occuring once, he BLOODIED HER MOUTH AND KNOCKED HER DOWN. That is obviously child abuse.

If you lose your temper and hit your child, you’re in agreement that they should be taken away from you? I

Fuck yes.

9 years ago

Catching up:


I didn’t get the tape, the water, OR the flower metaphor. The one I got was much more in-your-face: a paper heart, and every time a boy had sex with you, you had to tear off a piece and give it to him.

All the hugs, Rogan. All the hugs.

9 years ago

So in response to my suggestion that if Crella thinks MRAs are being treated unfairly when they are quoted saying awful things, then maybe those MRAs should be called out, Crella wrote this:

They’re all independent adults, I’m not babysitting the MRM to prove something to you. Since when am I under obligation to monitor comments on numerous blogs, comments by people from 18-65 ? Do you similarly police numerous sites to make sure no one is making comments to make your views look bad? Is that even possible?

No, I don’t police numerous sites to make sure there aren’t feminists saying shitty things. I do keep an eye on the sites I participate in, though, and crucially I don’t ramble onto completely different sites just to complain about how unfairly my friends are being treated.

So I’ll suggest it again: If you want David to stop quoting awful things from the Spearhead, try to convince the people at the Spearhead to stop saying awful things.

9 years ago

@ Kittehs

“We do! But you know nobody will believe the Furrinati Furrinators innocent dogs and cats could be such evil masterminds. They are the masters of PAWSIBLE DENIABILITY.”

True. Maybe we should market it as fiction? At the very least the truth, like the x files, will be out there.

9 years ago

crella: He hit her once, and now he’s a serial abuser?

Goalpost shifting. You asked for evidence he had committed abuse. That the courts preventing him from having access is a mark in their favor; since he refused to engage in the least effort to show that he wouldn’t abuse her again.

If you lose your temper and hit your child, you’re in agreement that they should be taken away from you? If it were you, you would agree? No second chance, just never see them again? That’s right and just?

Automatically, no. But it wasn’t automatic. The court said that he needed to take one (1) class in anger managment. He refused. It was that refusal which cost him access to that child (he was not denied access to his other child).

It was said here that because some MRAs admire/look up to/praise Thomas Ball, Lepine and Sandini (which I have a hard time believing)

Despite links to just that.

Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Dude…idk how you did it, but you just reported something you said ten hours ago. I haz a confused.


9 years ago

@neuroticbeagle – excellent thought!

Though we’ll still be in danger from the FBI (Furderal Bureau of Investigation). Because they’ll know we know.

::adjusts tinfoil hat::

9 years ago

argenti: I was rushing to work, and it looked like I’d not posted it. I was tired (and forgot to ctrl f) and assumed wordpress would refuse to let me repost.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

On the flip side, maybe the repetition will make crella actually attempt a real response.

(again, not holding my breath).

Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Lol, so I totally get what you were going for with the Latin, but if that’s your biggest // highest degree of mistake, congrats, you win at life. *said utterly non-sarcastically, well, except the usual smirking at the oddities of Latin*

And one can hope, but I haz doubts.

9 years ago

I was quoting The Mass, it was cultural reference.

Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Lol, and I fail at those as usual.

9 years ago


“Though we’ll still be in danger from the FBI (Furderal Bureau of Investigation). Because they’ll know we know.”

Oooh! We’ll be the next great human rights movement! Pawesome! We’ll just need to hoard treats like survivalists hoard guns…just in case.

PS. I love you.

9 years ago

“Pawesome!” 😀

“PS. I love you.”


9 years ago

Wowwww. That’s some IMPRESSIVE abuse apologia there. Goddamn, is it child abuse week or something? It seems to be everywhere in the comment threads these days. Chalk it up to another thing the MRM don’t give a shit about.

Crella, I am disappointed in you.

9 years ago

Crella’s a regular on the Spearhead, apparently, so she’s trotting out the sort of shite one would expect from a feMRA.

9 years ago

LBT: I’m not disappointed. She’s a regular at the Spearhead. I don’t, actually, expect anything better from them. She disgusts me, as I am disgusted with a centipede in the vegetables.

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