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A “Red Pill” Redditor Explains Why Wanting To Not Be Raped is Like Throwing a Tantrum for a Pony

These ponies want nothing to do with the Red Pill subreddit
These ponies want nothing to do with the Red Pill subreddit

Some words of wisdom from TheRedPill subreddit, a lovely little subdivision of Reddit devoted to a sort of mishmash of Men’s Rights and Pickup Artistry. It’s at least as ridiculous as the sum of its parts.

And I can prove that with actual numbers. Well, a single number: 95. That’s the number of net upvotes the comment I took the following quotes from had gotten from the assembled Red Pillers (at least when I last looked at it). Let’s listen in as Whisper enlightens us on a variety of topics:

World History:

[M]en have never had an easy ride unless they were one of the aristocracy. We’ve always been the labouring sex, the risk-taking sex, the disposable sex.

Little known fact: Poor women throughout history have never had to work or suffer at all, having been issued comfy pillows and a lifetime supply of bon-bons at birth from the Invisible Matriarchy.

The Squeaky Vagina Gets the Grease:

[W]hen something unfair happens to a woman, her usual response to point this unfairness out to whoever appears to have power. But men, being less submissive, tend to blame ourselves, ask “What am I doing wrong?”, and try to change either our behaviour or our environment (by going elsewhere).

All that complaining you think you hear from Men’s Rights Activists? Not really complaining. It’s just them wondering what they’ve been doing wrong. Apparently they’re talking in a strange sort of code. When they refer to “feminists” and “bitches” and “sluts” behaving horribly and deserving blame for everything, they are in fact referring to themselves.

On Stabbing:

[W]hen a man sees someone doing better than him, his first impulse is not to stab, but to try to learn.

Good to know! It is generally considered impolite to stab unless someone else attempts to stab you first.

On Advice, Christmas Giving and Bananas in Ears:

[W]omen were certainly willing to give us advice. Oh, boy, were they ever willing to give us advice. Page after page, speech after speech, of what we should and shouldn’t do, who we should and shouldn’t be …

And, of course, when we followed this advice, things got worse.

And gradually we came to realize that when we asked these “new women”, empowered by feminism, what a man should do, they didn’t hear “What should a man’s life be like?”, they heard “What do you want for christmas?”.

This last bit seems a little puzzling. Are you sure these women you’ve been speaking to didn’t have bananas in their ears?

On Daddies, Ponies and Maternity Leave:

We woke up to the fact that women’s lists of what a man should do were the equivalent of a 12 year old girl asking daddy for a pony. She doesn’t worry about whether daddy can actually afford to buy her one …

Every feminist lobbying for paid maternity leave is a submissive asking daddy to care for her. Every “men can stop rape” poster is a woman admitting she cannot protect herself. Every woman complaining that we shouldn’t portray women like that in video games is a woman saying “I can’t make my own video games, please consider my wishes when you make them for both of us”. ….

Feminism was never about female independence. If it were, it would not require men to cooperate or even notice. They wouldn’t need us to give them jobs if they started their own businesses. They wouldn’t need us to give them “equal pay” if they were doing the hiring. They wouldn’t need laws mandating maternity leave and free birth control if they were the ones setting, and paying, employee benefits. They wouldn’t need “no means no” if they were the ones making the sexual advances. They wouldn’t need “men can stop rape” if they took responsibility for defending themselves from psychos.

So all we have to do is stop. Say no. You can have a slightly bigger allowance, but you cannot have a pony.

Did you hear that, ladies? Wanting equal pay, or maternity leave, or simply not to be raped – all those things are exactly like throwing a tantrum for a pony.

Also, apparently only men pay taxes, or work in the video game industry, or really anywhere at all. And no one deserves police protection because that means they’re some sort of wuss.

Who knew?

Thanks, TheRedPill subreddit!

EDITED TO ADD: I just noticed that Deansdale’s Blog, a Manospherian blog that’s previously defended some of the less savory utterances of assorted MRA and PUA celebrities, has reposted Whisper’s comment in its entirety under the headline “A gold nugget from Reddit,” with no sarcasm intended. I’ll agree that it’s some sort of nugget, but it’s neither gold nor chicken. And again, for those critics who think I mae a big deal of comments, well, this is a comment that MRAs and Manospherians are making a big deal of themselves.

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Well, yeah. You win nothing in karate (or Taek Wondo or Judo) by throwing someone as hard as possible. It’s counter productive to good practice, means losing control – not to mention sort of rude. That doesn’t mean you shoud hold *back*, it means strength isn’t the most important part of martial arts (of any kind). Your mother was clearly right 😀

So I guess a year in a dojo would teach MRA’s a lot? Huh.
… I can see that working.

So I guess a year in a dojo would teach MRA’s a lot? Huh.

Ooh, can they go to the one I was at? All the instructors are female, and all of them could easily hand a given MRA his ass without breaking a sweat. Also, then I could personally watch them suck at everything repeatedly while simultaneously kicking them in the kidneys. Mwah ha ha.

Wouldn’t they just say all that stuff about control was just feminizing of the disciplines?

Doesn’t the “men can stop rape” and the idea men need to be involved come from the idea that when women say “don’t rape” some men
“How dare you tell me what to do, you are like a little girl demanding her dad by her a horse even though he doesn’t have the money.”
I’m not saying this is many men but some men don’t take the message “don’t rape” well from women, and it is hoped they will take it better from men.

I really do think that many of the MRAs would benefit from a year in a dojo. I don’t think they would stay though because they do not understand the difference between discipline and punishment. Nor do they want to.

I remember watching that adaptation of Have His Carcase with my family recently and quite enjoying it. I should look up the rest of those episodes.

I bogged down in The Nine Tailors but I quite enjoyed Murder Must Advertise.

I love Sayers’ mastery of the language. I think my favorite line is one of the copywriters in Advertise talks about “casting nasturtiums (aspersions).”

I laughed my head off when I read “casting nasturtiums” there, because it’s been a catchphrase in my family since I was a kid. I see it’s listed as British slang, so I’m guessing Sayers didn’t make it up.

I’m just thinking I’d love to have seen Ian Richardson play Wimsey. Don’t think he ever did, but I can see him in the role.

I read and loved the Lord Peter Wimsey novels when i was a kid, and watched the tv adaptations on PBS, but i haven’t reread them in years.
Yes, yes to the manboobzers who pointed out that these books were written 80some years ago, and include beliefs and social conditions that no longer exist but were very real at that time. Sometimes people look at fiction from decades or longer ago and seem to forget the world has changed. A bit off topic, but as a science fiction fan, it annoys the bejabbers out of me when people say that science fiction from decades ago is ableist,sexist, et c when part of what’s happening is getting it wrong about how technology or politics would develop in what was then a somewhat distant future.

extraterrestrial biological entity princess: I think the trick is to strike a balance–you shouldn’t just ignore the social context, but neither should you give a complete pass on problematic elements. One option to grade on the curve–how does the fiction in question stand in comparison to the overall societal attitudes it came from?

By that measure, Dorothy Sayers is easily 60 years ahead of her time, and most of her stuff would still be intact today. Some sci-fi gets a similar strength; others don’t fare so well, at best being completely representative of the times when they were written (that is, they failed to even project forward at all).

Ok, the ‘maternity leave’ thing is stuck in my craw. Hello… parental leave (which is what we have where I live… men and women can take paid parental leave) is beneficial for THE BABY as well as for the parents. It’s supportive for the family as a whole, for chrissakes. Why is this a problem?

(maybe he doesn’t think women should be working at all… or that fathers would want to be at home with their kids? gahhhh)

One somewhat funny thing is how often you find these same people go on and on about the superiority of men’s logics.
So, too show how superior and rational their thought processes are they decided to equate “abstain from perpetrating a violent crime and also abstain from excusing it, please” with “gimme a pony”.

I think both the red pill community and the so called “hardcore” feminists who advocate eschewing “traditional” roles are harmful and drive people apart. Men need women and women need men; it would be nice to see men and women stop criticizing each other and try to find some common ground.

1) Eschewing traditional gender roles isn’t a “hardcore” feminist position. It’s one of the goals most feminists agree on.

2) Are you really arguing that the genders could get along if women just stopped complaining and got back in the kitchen? Fuck that.

“I think both the red pill community and the so called “hardcore” feminists who advocate eschewing “traditional” roles are harmful and drive people apart. ”

One side is made of bigots who want to oppress women, the other wants to make things comfortable for conformist and non-conformist alike – but not for bigots, that being the reason they protest. Enough of this “both sides” bullshit, okay? It doesn’t make you sound reasonable.

Wouldn’t eschewing traditional gender roles allow men and women to actually develop shit in common, since they wouldn’t be inhabiting mutually exclusive roles? This way, men and women can have common ground over shit like hobbies and sexual interests!

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