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300 upvotes apparently not enough for a racist, and possibly also a rapist, Redditor

Reddit: Where dudes get agnry when their "hilarious" rape confessions only get 300 upvotes
Reddit: Where dudes get angry when their allegedly hilarious rape “confessions” only get 300 upvotes

Today, another lesson in how to get yourself hundreds of upvotes on Reddit.

It’s really quite simple.

1) Go to the Ask Reddit subreddit. Find the post asking Redditors if they’ve ever “tried a crazy urban-dictionary sex move? (e.g. Alaskan Pipeline, Komodo Dragon, Donkey Punch, etc.) How did it turn out?”

2) Post a story about a hilarious little prank you (allegedly) pulled on a sex partner that instantly transformed consensual sex into violent rape.

3) Oh, and throw in a gratuitous racial slur while you’re at it.

4) Then whine about how your partner’s negative response to your (alleged) little rape prank gave you “blue balls” and complain that you might have to pay her damages for “emotional distress” in civil court (allegedly).

You might think that this might be a bit much even for the morally undeveloped manchildren (and occasional womanchildren) who populate Reddit. But guess what? The poster of the tale in question got literally hundreds more upvotes than downvotes for his whiny “confession.”

Here’s the screenshot to prove it. (I’ve partically obscured the racial slur; click on image to see full-sized version.)


There were, of course, those who reacted like normal human beings to Mr. Dick Pic’s story. (I’ve obscured the homophobic slur that made up the entirely of his reply.)


Mr. Dick Pic was so offended that anyone was offended by his shitty (alleged) behavior that he rage-quit the thread, deleting his comment and — living up to his name — leaving only a dick pic in its place.

Now, Mr. Dick Pic may just be trolling, and I really hope that’s all there is to his terrible story, but his ridiculously pissy behavior after he got called out makes me think that his story, or at least parts of it, may actually be true.

Just another day on Reddit, the internet’s largest and most influential asshat aggregator.

Thanks to an anonymous Reddit informant for the heads-up, and the screenshots.

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9 years ago

sorry for the typos. I lack sleep and even the orthographic correction can do so much. ^^’

9 years ago

“On which note, I must dad that my dad often joked that we lost WWII twice, and my favorite history teacher used to say that 99% of French people were ‘collabo’ (IDK how to translate that, collaborators, snitches? That a very pejorative word in French now) jut after we surrendered and 99% were resistance fighters when the Allies won. Our history is very messy.”

Collaborator would be the word, yes.

Losing the war twice reminds me of what’s said about (and in, IDK) Britain: it won the war but lost the peace.

9 years ago

“I mean, women are expected to shave their crotches nowadays, but it’s not like the skin there is sensitive, right? I, as a man, have to shave my face! Misandry!”

Wait, is that a thing? I’ve only had one girlfriend who shaved her crotch, and she made me shave mine (she said a hairy crotch was a “deal-breaker” for her).

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