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Lazy Libel: A Voice for Men “doxes” an alleged misandrist blogger — and ID’s the wrong woman [UPDATE2 w/ Georgetown response, notes from neo-Nazis]

A Voice for Men: The Gang that Couldn't Dox STraight
A Voice for Men: The Gang that Couldn’t Dox Straight

As I finished up my last post about Men’s Rights Redditors attempting to dox a so-called “conservative feminist” blogger who had confessed to trashing male applications when working in a university admissions office, I saw that A Voice for Men has run a post by Paul Elam identifying someone they’ve convinced themselves is the blogger, apparently using the information dug up by the Reddit doxers.

Their alleged culprit? “Arianna Pattek, a Georgetown grad student.” Other Men’s Rightsers have taken up the case, and the Conspiracy Subreddit is all aflutter about a post identifying her by name.

They’ve got the wrong person.

AVFM “proof” backing up their claims is that they have found a paper by Pattek that bears some vague resemblances to the blogger’s description of her thesis. But it’s clearly not a match.

Discussing her (then upcoming) thesis defense on her blog, the blogger refers to a number of topics, including men’s rights and paleoconservatism, that aren’t referenced at all in Pattek’s thesis. And roughly half the of her thesis deals with a topic — Holocaust Denial — that the blogger doesn’t mention. The blogger says her thesis is 120 pages; Pattek’s thesis is 95 pages.

But there’s an even bigger reason I know these two women are not one and the same:

The pseudonymous blogger claims to have gotten a doctorate in the spring of 2012.

Pattek got her bachelors degree from Georgetown in the spring of 2012. She’s not now, and has never been, a grad student.

Her thesis wasn’t a PhD. thesis, but a Senior Thesis that was a requirement for her minor in Justice and Peace, a program for undergraduates.

It even says so on the title page of the thesis itself: “A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Certificate in Justice and Peace, Georgetown University, Spring 2012.” A news article linked to in the comments on A Voice for Men notes that she was “the winner of the 2012 Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) Undergraduate Thesis Award.”

UNDERgraduate. UNDERgraduate.

They’re not the same woman.

All of this is clear from simply reading the “evidence” that AVFM has assembled.

Even without this smoking gun, even a cursory skimming of the blog and the thesis show that they were written by different people. The blogger, assuming she is even a real person and not the creation of a hoaxer, claims to be a “conservative feminist” and constantly bashes Muslims. Pattek, concerned about “marginalized groups,” seems to be anything but a conservative. The blogger’s writing style is crude and dogmatic, so much so that the blog reeks of hoax. Pattek, by contrast, writes smoothly and intelligently.

It’s almost as if we are talking about two different people.

Oh, wait.

A Voice for Men: not only shitty people, but shitty doxers as well.

Amazingly, someone who says he’s a friend of Pattek has gone over to AVFM to point out in the comments that she is clearly not the “conservative feminist” blogger — and has been dismissed by Wrong-Way Elam and the gang as a liar and “white knight.”

EDITED TO ADD: MarkyMark and The Elusive Wapiti have both climbed aboard the anti-Pattek bandwagon.

And Georgetown has officially clarified that 1) Pattek was an UNDERgraduate and that 2) she never worked in admissions.


Meanwhile, over on AVFM, someone called Disorderly Conduct has posted an appropriately critical comment:

I’m disconcerted by the certainty of other commenters that everything is true considering the amount and plausibility of evidence that currently exists. There’s nothing wrong with prodding the university for answers about Arianna and the website edits, but at the very least wait until more evidence comes in before you run off with your verdict.

It should be noted the credibility of the entire controversy is based on anecdotes taken from an extremely dubious and over-the-top blog. Anecdotes are NOT valid evidence of anything unless they are substantiated by additional solid evidence, and this anecdote has none. Evidence connecting the blog to Arianna suggests she might be writing the blog, not that what is being written is true. Additionally, there are serious discrepancies between the information provided about Adrianna on the cached Georgetown pages and the beliefs stated in the blog. Some commenters suggest this is to cover her identity, but there is no reason to believe this information was distorted or fabricated but the admissions blog post itself is not.
Mensrights reddit is not on board with this. One commenter who says they know about the Georgetown admissions process asserts that there is major gaps between their knowledge of it and how the blogger portrayed the process. This includes discrepancies between dates and the fact that admissions isn’t even run by a single person. Another commenter says there’s a committee involved in judging admissions. Putting this much effort into portraying your post as containing faulty information just so you can brag about seriously incriminating and illegal evidence is extremely implausible to me.

To recap:
– There’s no evidence the post about trashing admissions is factual, and other evidence indicates it wasn’t
– There is insubstantial evidence the blogger was Arianna
– It is advisable to wait until there is substantial evidence before you declare it as true

– I haven’t seen evidence Arianna was ever in charge of admissions (feel free to correct)
– The consequences of the conspiracy would have to be public or fabricated: the university publishes statistics about their admissions, and any number of people would have to cover it up or there’d be a suspicious spike in certain demographics
– The total number of people in the U involved in the conspiracy if all of it were true would be implausibly high
– Presumption of innocence has apparently gone to hell, and of all people to do it

Elam responds with this feeble bit of hand-waving:

I agree with much of what you post here, which is exactly why an affirmative response to the NCFM letter from GU is in order, vs the removal of information about Pattek from their website.

It is in the light of day where the lingering questions about this can be answered.

No, Paul, that’s not how journalism works. You get your facts straight BEFORE you publish. You don’t publish dubious — and in this case demonstrably false — information and wait for others to prove it wrong in the “light of day.”

This whole incident is shining a lot of daylight onto AVFM, and what it reveals is none too pretty — albeit not suprising in the least.

Thanks, Cloudiah, for bringing the Georgetown response and these comments to our attention.

EDITED AGAIN: The same Men’s Rights forum that thoroughly doxed the red-haired Canadian activst I wrote about earlier this week has also doxed Pattek, albeit less thoroughly; I’m not going to link to it. Some other sites that have wrongly trashed Pettek: ReyekoMRA, a conspiracy-mongering site ironically called What Really Happened, and Stormfront. Yes, THAT Stormfront, the hangout for white supremecists.

What’s amazing to me is that the discussion on Stormfront, despite being racist as fuck, actually shows more evidence of critical thought than the discussions of the AVFM regulars. Posting in the Stormfront thread, David Duke — yes, THAT David Duke — is critical enough to think that “feminist conservative’s” blog is bogus. Others are similarly skeptical. Meanwhile, another commenter there is able to figure out that whether or not the blog is bogus, there’s no way Pattek wrote it.

So it’s official: Paul Elam is dumber, and more blinded by hate, than David Duke.

I’m going to write Pattek a supportive email. (If you can’t find her email account, I can send you the email of hers I’m using.)

368 replies on “Lazy Libel: A Voice for Men “doxes” an alleged misandrist blogger — and ID’s the wrong woman [UPDATE2 w/ Georgetown response, notes from neo-Nazis]”

Also, look at our trolls. They’re obsessed. When you have folks who’ll create 50 socks and go to the trouble of hiding their IPs in order to force their way into spaces where they know they’re not wanted, you have to realize that the behavior of those individuals may well be making the number of people with those views look much bigger than it really is.

Muntyboy should probably apply to go live in AntZ’s all-male paradise on whichever side of the Mississipi (or was it Missouri?) River the dudes will hang out.

AntZ’s plan was to divide the continental US by the Mississippi River, with all men and boys living on one side and all women and girls living on the other. He never explained where non binaries fit into the plan. Recently, I realized that the duet with Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn perfectly describes living in the dystopian future predicted by AntZ.

Katz — lol, me too I suspect. I skimmed that thread again though and I didn’t see zir, I think I had DSC and Rutee mentally crossed. In any case, you’re welcome to use my complaints about it! (Dear gods that book was so terrible I want to put book in scare quotes!)

thebionicmommy — a floating island in the middle of the Mississippi, somewhere with bull sharks that can be trained as guard “dogs”…manboobzers are welcome of course! (Yes I just want a pet shark)

@Argenti Aertheri, that sounds like a good plan, especially the shark part. I think I would own a riverboat on the Mississippi where people of all genders would be allowed to mingle, at least until I get shut down by the AntZ loyalists in the government. My boat will be a lot like the Showboat Branson Belle, except without the Southern gospel music, and I would allow alcohol and gambling. Everyone from the floating island can have complimentary admission, too.

You’d need to work out some sort of trade or something with one/both side(s) for food and whatnot, but about the only thing I remember from Highlander is how much I wanted a houseboat! So that works by me!

Hi. Im the director of the Justice and Peace program at GU, though I was not directing when Arianna graduated. I just wanted to let folks knowm that her information was removed from some web sites at to protect her. This story was first picked up by and the white supremacists have been harassing and threatening her, including posting her home address, picture, etc. it was probably pointless, but the person who directed the program last year decided to remove the info. So, sorry, no conspiracy. Just an attempt to protect a young woman from vicious hate groups.

Which makes absolute sense. This is absolutely infuriating and I hope that woman gets some kind of retribution for what the MRA have done to her. I believe there was a poster who commented the damage done through doxxing lasts for years.

I don’t know Ms. Pattek personally, but I do know the director of the Justice and Peace program at Georgetown. He tells me that not only has she been receiving threats, but some of her professors have started getting “anti-Semitic denunciations.” Her info was removed from the JUPS site as a way to protect her.

Mark Lance, Thanks for letting us know that. Amazing how much all these hate groups act in the same way. I wish there was more we could do to go after them.

katz, I have sometimes been reluctant to highlight some contributions on my blog for the same reason. I don’t think there’s a real clear ethical line, and I definitely don’t think it would be WRONG to post it. It might be slightly better to write something separate, even quoting from the discussion, and then linking to it, so that you aren’t accused of appropriating it as a whole? (Says the person whose blog exists to appropriate other people’s artistry.)

Googling “Arianna Pattek” brings up that libelous crap on the first page. Well done, fucking assholes.

I have these fantasies where we coordinate with a bunch of feminist blogs to write stories clearing people like Arianna Pattek, and linking to each other, and encouraging feminists to link to them and post them on FB, tumblr, etc. in the hopes that we can do a kind of positive Google bomb. And then anyone who Googles her name will just see that in spite of the attempts of some members of hate groups to defame her, she’s just a totally innocent person who’s the victim of a campaign of lies.

Probably wouldn’t work. Leave me my fantasies, dangit!

I don’t recall where I first read of this but when I went to that so called blog I could see that it was a hoax immediately. I don’t want to write a long analysis here but let me just point out a couple of things. As you wrote, Pattek graduated with a BS in 2012 and she never worked in the admissions office. She is now 22 and working in Keyna.
Many colleges give out a number of awards and prizes to students who write articles. The so called thesis is just the Thesis Award that Pattek had won and probably had a prize of a few hundred dollars to go with it. It is not a thesis for a Doctorate, or even a Masters, in schools that still require it.
And btw, I believe that some of the papers and documents that Elam has used are just forgeries.
Furthermore, colleges don’t keep records open to the public about former students except perhaps in the alumni section that requires an ID and password that only an alumni could apply for. Nothing was suddenly purged from the Georgetown site and you’ll probably still find a picture or two of Pattek in relation to the Thesis Award she won;the same sort of thing you’d find on any college site.She made her Facebook private as a result of being annoyed by Elam and Reddit etc no big mystery or conspiracy there.

This stuff is just sickening. On the upside, when I googled Arianna the Lazy Libel 2 article from here came up third. Thanks David for giving a forum to expose how ridiculous the MRA story is. It’s also interesting how the third picture that comes up for Arianna is from the spoof blog and has a little Mensa badge. As far as I’m concerned Mensa is starting to get a really bad name for itself, what with all the rascist misogynists who are proud to be included in it.

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